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Are you frustrated and wondering why is my Arlo camera not charging? The problem could result from poorly connected adapter cables.

When your cables aren’t fully plugged into the right port, it won’t recharge, and your camera will begin to experience downtime in functionality.

You can correct this problem by ensuring that the power adapter cable is inserted into the right port. Additionally, check that you are using the right cable and that it is receiving an adequate power supply to recharge the Arlo camera.

You can also relocate the solar panel charging your camera to a location with better light exposure.

In this article, you will learn why your Arlo camera is not charging and the best solutions to this problem.

The fixes are quite simple and straight forward but first, let’s get to know the reasons why your camera isn’t charging in the first place.

Reasons why Arlo Camera Isn’t Charging

Several reasons could make your Arlo camera does not charge. When this happens, it will not power on or record any content.

These are some of the reasons for this;

Incorrect Cable Connections

When the Micro USB cable that charges this camera isn’t plugged in fully, it will not charge. This will also cause lesser power to reach the system for recharging.

Solar Panel Location

Arlo cameras can be recharged using a solar panel, and when it is not installed in the right location, they won’t receive enough sunlight to recharge the camera.

The Battery Could Be Dead

When the battery is dead or damaged, it will not recharge even when all its cables are connected correctly.

Poor Camera Maintenance

The Arlo camera has specific maintenance methods right from purchase. You could get charging challenges when these aren’t followed.

Now let’s get to the detailed solutions to the camera charging problem.

Why Arlo Camera Not Charging – Solutions

fix arlo camera not charging

Solution #1 Ensure Cables are Properly Connected

One way to fix the Arlo camera not charging problem is by checking the cable connections. You should always use the power adapter with your unit for the best results.

It is a Micro USB with a 9V power rating. This will power the device correctly and ensure it can recharge properly.

You can also use the recommended fast charging cables.

  1. Unplug the charging cable from the camera.
  2. Wait for about ten seconds before reconnecting the charging cable.
  3. Connect it fully until the lock pin is firmly in place.
  4. The charging light will turn on, and charging will begin.

Note: While charging your camera through the solar panel, you should ensure the special lock on the cable is firmly in place.

Check that the cable is fully plugged into the right port, and the recharging problem will be fixed.

Solution #2 Monitor Camera Usage

check battery use

You can monitor your camera usage to identify the reasons it is not charging. You should ensure it is facing the right direction for longer battery usage.

If your camera remains on continuously or when the sensor turns on often, the battery will drain quickly.

Continuous recharging cycles will damage the battery and the charging interface. The battery charging and draining times should be within those given by the manufacturer.

Additionally, you can turn the camera on only at designated times to keep charges for longer.

You can also configure it to record shorter videos. These solutions will ensure you don’t have to recharge your camera often, thus fewer charging problems.

Solution #3 Relocate your Panel for Sun Exposure

Solar panels require proper light exposure for proper performance. This is also the case with the Arlo camera panel.

If Arlo is at an incorrect elevation relative to the sun, it will not receive adequate sunlight to charge the camera.

  1. Remove the panel from the initially installed location.
  2. Identify a high place without sunlight obstructions, such as a rooftop.
  3. Ensure the location is close to the camera for easier transmission and charging.
  4. Elevate the panel to receive sunlight all day long.
  5. Fasten the panel in place.

Once you have reinstalled the panel, you can reconnect all the cables, and charging will begin. This solution can get technical, and some knowledge on installation will help.

Solution #4 Ensure Good Camera Usage

use camera in good condition

The condition in which you maintain your camera will determine its longevity. It will also affect its charging.

You will often get the Arlo essential spotlight camera not charging problem if done incorrectly.

Here is how to maintain the camera in good charging condition;

  1. Charge Arlo camera with the recommended cables from the manufacturer.
  2. Keep the cameras within the recommended 32 degrees.
  3. Always ensure it is fully charged before connecting it to the panel.
  4. Replace the camera batteries as soon as they get damaged.

This will ensure you don’t damage the recharging port. You should install the camera in a place that is well sheltered and away from the direct impacts of weather elements.

Note: These are ways to ensure good camera usage. You should also follow any additional guidelines from the manufacturer.

Your camera will last longer, and the recharging problems will be fewer.

Solution #5 Contact Customer Support

contact arlo support

Customer support is a reliable alternative when my Arlo camera is not charging.

They have the right experts for this, and they will guide you through more solutions.

Alternatively, they can also get you a technician who will better identify the cause of the problem and correct it.

You can contact manufacturers through;

  1. Call the number on your warranty and request technical support.
  2. Inform them of the charging problem and its duration.
  3. Try out the alternative solutions they offer.
  4. Correct the system errors and have a proper working Arlo camera.

If your warranty for the Arlo camera is still valid, you can turn it in for a replacement and thus get a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

arlo faqs

How Long Does The Arlo Camera Take To Recharge?

The camera takes about two hours to recharge fully. You can continue using it in the process.

You can recharge it using your house’s electricity without any challenges.

Can You Charge The Camera Using Supercharge?

One of the solutions to the Arlo camera not working is using a supercharger.

Its developers have made the camera compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge, which gives a higher voltage. It will thus charge faster than the average Micro USB charger.

Does The Panel Require Continuous Sunlight Exposure?

The Arlo camera panel is designed to handle extreme weather conditions, and you can install it permanently.

Yes, it must be exposed to the sun for the best performance throughout the day.

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Thus, to fix Arlo camera charging issues ensure that the power adapter cable is inserted into the right port. If this doesn’t work, try relocating the solar panel charging your camera to a location with better light exposure. 

Finally, check that you are using the right cable and that it is receiving an adequate power supply to recharge the camera.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that different Arlo camera models require different solar panels based on their power ratings.

You can check on the device guide or contact customer support for the correct information. Additionally, ensure it is installed correctly.

Arlo cameras are a good security addition for many, and the Arlo camera not charging problem will interfere with your security needs.

The above-mentioned solutions will have your camera charging correctly in no time.

Enjoy better camera functionality and great security!!

Nicole B