arlo camera blinking orange

Your Arlo camera blinking orange all of a sudden? Well, the orange light often means a charging issue.

Besides charging there are quite a few other scenarios in which the orange light will blink so let’s dive deeper into the issue.

If your Arlo camera is blinking in an orange/amber color, it mainly indicates that the device is running low on charge. Try charging the camera and make sure it is connected to the base station’s WiFi.

Let’s now learn more about what the orange light means and then proceed with solutions you can apply at home.

What Does Blinking Orange Light On Arlo Camera Mean?

Continuous blinking of the orange LED on your Arlo camera, usually indicates low battery or general hardware problem.

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If the problem isn’t related to the battery, then your Arlo camera has most certainly disconnected from the WiFi.

Since low battery problems are specifically meant for wireless Arlo units, wired doorbell cameras shouldn’t blink in orange, as long as their cables are working properly.

Here are all possibilities in a list so you can familiarize yourself:

Low Charge

If the batteries of your Arlo camera are running low on charge, you must consider plugging your camera into a charger.

Depleted Batteries

A general problem with the batteries could cause the orange light on your device to blink.

Not Synced

Orange light could also indicate that Arlo has lost sync with the base station, therefore you must reconnect the devices.

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Hardware Damage

It is not excluded that your camera has been damaged lethally, therefore you must consult with a technician for a potential lookup and repair.

We’re going to exclude the hardware issue possibility for now and proceed with the occasions in which you can help.

How To Fix Arlo Camera Blinking Orange?

fix arlo camera blinking orange

Since there are not many fix methods you can apply, we recommend not skipping any of the solutions.

This guide will help you identify whether the problem is coming from the camera’s charge, connectivity, or hardware.

Solution #1 Re-Insert The Batteries

Before doing anything else, we suggest re-inserting the batteries of your Arlo camera.

This will circulate the electricity within your doorbell, therefore resolving any sudden orange lights.

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To reinsert the batteries out of your Arlo camera, follow the instructions down below:

  1. Eject your Arlo camera from the wall stand.
  2. Push the battery compartment button downward and remove the cover.
  3. Remove the battery defensive straps and eject the batteries.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes.
  5. Put the batteries back into their places as you mind the electric poles.
  6. Reinstall the compartment and test your camera.

Note: Some users admit that after reinserting the batteries of their Arlo camera, the device simply refuses to work.

This could happen if you’ve placed the batteries incorrectly.

Double-check if the battery’s position is correct and if the orange light is still blinking proceed with the next solution.

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Solution #2 Charge Your Camera

Reinserting the batteries might not work if your camera is running low on charge.

In this regard, we suggest plugging your Arlo camera into the charger to fill its batteries up and resolve the orange light.

Follow the steps down below to charge your Arlo camera:

  1. Eject the camera from the wall stand the same way you did on the previous step.
  2. Remove the USB cover on the bottom of the camera.
  3. Plug a charger into one of your wall outlets and connect a USB cable to it.
  4. Connect the other end of the USB cable onto the bottom of your Arlo camera.
  5. Wait for ~30 minutes.
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Let your camera charge for a while. If you haven’t plugged it into the charger lately, it might take longer than expected to fill your camera’s battery and resolve the LED light problem.

Solution #3 Resync With Base Station

Fixing the orange light on your Arlo camera might not always revolve around the device’s charge.

WiFi problems or more specifically sync problems with your camera might cause it to blink in orange.

This would happen if your camera has lost connection to the base station and is not currently syncing.

The best way to resolve this problem is to sync the camera back with the base station, via the sync button on its hardware.

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Press and hold the Sync button on the side of your Arlo camera to restore the connection with the base station.

Follow Arlo’s camera’s progress through the mobile app on your phone.

Solution #4 Reset Arlo Camera

rest the arlo camera

If you’re still asking, “why is my Arlo camera blinking orange?”, then you should definitely perform a factory reset by removing it from the app.

That would help resolve any problems related to the camera connectivity to the applications, which might help with the blinking orange light.

Follow the steps below to reset your Arlo camera:

  1. Open the mobile Arlo app.
  2. Go to Settings and choose My Devices.
  3. Select the camera you would like to reset.
  4. Tap on Remove Device.
  5. Confirm by pressing Yes.
  6. Go back to the Devices page.
  7. Press on Add New Device and select Cameras.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to re-add your camera.
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Once the camera is re-added, jump back to Solution #3 to sync it with the base station. If all went well, your camera should no longer blink in orange.

If it does, however, your batteries might be dead, so let’s replace them in the next solution.

Solution #5 Replace Your Camera’s Batteries

If your Arlo camera blinking orange light is still there, we suggest replacing the batteries inside of your unit.

The Arlo camera uses four CR123 lithium 3-volt photo batteries, lasting about 3-6 months of regular use. If you haven’t replaced the batteries in a while there is a high chance that they are dead.

To replace your Arlo camera’s batteries, follow the steps down below:

replace the arlo batteries
  1. Eject the camera from the wall stand.
  2. Remove the battery compartment and then the battery safety straps.
  3. Remove the old batteries and put the new batteries inside of your camera.
  4. Put the compartment back together.
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Once you’re done with these steps, your camera should be fixed and the orange light should no longer flicker. In case the light is still there blinking, well, you might want to call Arlo customer service to report your problem.

To solve an orange blinking light on the Arlo camera, re-insert the batteries and plug the device into the power for about 30 minutes. If it does not work, re-sync the camera to the base station and perform a factory reset. Lastly, you can replace the 4 batteries to see if that will help.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why the Arlo camera blinking orange, we hope that you’ve managed to fix the problem!

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In this post, we have confirmed that the problem is not related to the batteries or the Arlo connectivity. If your warranty is intact that would be excellent as if your issue gets approved, you can receive a replacement.

If this post was helpful, make sure to check our blog to discover many more Arlo camera solution posts.