are daybetter led lights good

When going through retailers looking for LED lights to buy, you have probably already seen the Daybetter brand.

That poses the question: are Daybetter LED Lights good?

Daybetter LED lights are definitely very good because of the music sync feature they offer, which is something different from other brands. And, on other aspects that other brands already deliver, Daybetter delivers just the same quality, if not better.

We understand you want to know more in-depth about the pros and cons of the Daybetter LED lights.

In that case, the review below is everything you’ve been looking for. You can check about the Daybetter LEDs in many different aspects. 

Are Daybetter LED Lights Good?

are daybetter led lights good quality

If you are considering buying some great LED strips to brighten your house, you have just found the perfect Daybetter LED lights review.

Briefly speaking, Daybetter LED lights are good, as none of their features leave much to desire.

However, let’s break down the matter into topics below.

Is The Music Sync Good?

The question here is complicated. The way Daybetter lights sync with music could be better, no doubt about that. 

The main method of music syncing is through the built-in mic. However, that already results in some issues:

  • If music is not close to the mic, the mic can pick up other sounds in the environment;
  • Even when the music is close, it is common for the mic to sync based on the music’s vocals rather than the background beat.

Alternative Options For Better Music Syncing

the options for music syncing

Fortunately, you can sync music differently, depending on your chosen app. 

You could, for example, import music from your phone into the app (that’s possible in the Apollo app) and play the music from the app while the LED lights blink in sync with it. 

If you are a techie, you can resort to other methods, such as using Spotify and Alexa with the Daybetter LED lights. That requires more work, though.

Compatibility With Smart Assistants

Nowadays, there is nothing better than a smart device compatible with whatever smart assistant you have at home.

That way, you can connect your devices and create immersive, convenient environments.

Fortunately, the Daybetter LED lights are also prepared to be connected to either Alexa or Google Home

Unfortunately, Apple HomeKit is left out of the equation because HomeKit is very limited in which devices can connect natively.

If you’d wish to connect any device to HomeKit, you need to buy a HOOBS Hub (but it is expensive).

Perks Of Connecting To Smart Assistants

perks connecting to smart assistants

Suppose you wish to connect your Daybetter LED strips to a smart assistant.

In that case, it must be possible to connect them to your Wi-Fi network or set them up earlier through Bluetooth via the proprietary app.

Afterward, it is possible to find the device connected through the Alexa app or Google Home.

Alternatively, you can make Alexa learn a new skill, which would be to control a certain app. 

Once you successfully connect the Daybetter LED strips to your favorite smart assistant, the following is possible:

Setting Up Schedules

You can make your Daybetter LED strips light up in determinate moments of the day, and they will blink according to your preferences;

Create Automation

create the automation

It is possible to create triggers for certain actions, such as your Alexa detecting that you’ve entered the environment and then lighting up your LED lights.

Create Scenes

If you have multiple LED strips in your house, you can set up every environment differently and control everything from Alexa or Google Home.

Daybetter LED’s General Characteristics

When discussing whether a LED light strip is good regarding its physical properties, two things are very important: the LED’s durability and the adhesive used.

But there are other points we must discuss too.

1. Durability

a durability

LEDs nowadays have taken the market by storm regarding durability because they can last years without replacement.

For example, the multiple little LED lights constituting the Daybetter strips can last up to 5 years. And that is five years turned on without pause!

2. Adhesive

Here is one of the low points of the Daybetter LED lights. As you might know, every LED light strip already comes with double tape, so you only have to peel off the protection. 

However, the double tape is not very good when you peel off the Daybetter’s adhesive protection.

  • Sometimes it won’t stick quite well to surfaces, even when clean and dry. 

Fortunately, this problem is easy to solve. You can buy a 3M double tape to ensure your LED lights won’t fall from the wall.

3. Waterproof

led lights are waterproof

Some sets of Daybetter LED Lights are sold and advertised as being waterproof.

However, it is necessary to have a good understanding of waterproof ratings.

The waterproof of such LED lights are IP65, which means the following:

  • Protection from low-pressure water jets;
  • Protection from condensation;
  • Protection from water spray;

So as you can see, “waterproof” in this situation doesn’t mean you can, for example, install Daybetter LED lights underwater to give your pool a nice look.

Also, the light strips will most likely be damaged if you place them on the roof or in any area where precipitation is constant.

4. Weatherproof

The point above brings us to weather resistance. You can see that the waterproofing of Daybetter LED Lights is only for occasional water getting sprayed on it.

led lights weatherproof

That means the Daybetter LED Lights will not:

  • Endure heavy rain;
  • Stand out to snow;
  • Survive in places where the weather is too humid.

Actually, that is not only deductible from the product’sproduct’s own description but from people’s experiences.

Many customers have bought LED lights to place them as Christmas decorations and found out that they failed only a few days or weeks. 

So if you buy Daybetter LED lights, place them indoors where they won’twon’t face harsh weather conditions.

5. Connectivity

its connectivity

Daybetter LED Lights have three connectivity solutions built-in: Infrared, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Certainly, models will vary, so you must check to be sure when buying. The Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal comes from the controller box/square, which is attached to the strip’s end and connects to the power adapter.

The ability to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is important because Daybetter LED Lights are made to support different apps.

Daybetter has its own proprietary app, but it has also partnered with Tuya, Magic Home Pro, and Apollo Lighting. Some of them use Wi-Fi.

6. Length And Price

its length and price

If you are only placing the Daybetter LED lights indoors, one big worry is about the length and how it relates to the price.

Fortunately, Daybetter LED lights are among the cheapest at retailers, in a way that reflects the fact that their quality is average but good enough.

Considering the price you pay for those LED strips, you are getting a lot of LED. Daybetter sells rolls of 50ft or 30ft. 

You can also choose to buy packages with more than one roll, which should ship for cheaper.

7. Accessories

Finally, let’s talk about the accessories available.

When you buy the Daybetter LED lights, you will find the following accessories in the pack:

an accessories
  • Remote (for infrared);
  • Power adapter;
  • Controller box.

There is also one accessory you can buy. If you cut strips and later reassemble them, you can buy Daybetter’s own manufactured mounting clips/connectors to help with that.

They are little plastic covers that will help ensure the connection between the cut copper tips.

Pros And Cons

After checking all about the Daybetter LED lights, we can say these are the pros about them:

  • Great durability (up to 5 years if constantly lit up);
  • Many options for music sync;
  • Easy to set up;
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth;
  • Cheap;

And these are the cons:

a pros and cons
  • Not so waterproof as advertised;
  • Bad for outer environments;
  • Music sync via built-in mic is lackluster;
  • The adhesive is not very good.

Final Verdict

If you were wondering, “Are Daybetter LED Lights good?” you now know the answer.

Daybetter LED Lights have great durability as long as you put them in a place where they won’t suffer too much from the weather. Thus, they are better suited for interior spaces.

If you want to put them around your house, they are likely to get damaged by too much cold or too much heat.

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