how to connect daybetter led lights to music

How to connect Daybetter LED lights to music? That will depend on what sort of sync you want.

Daybetter LED lights are very convenient to connect with music to create incredible scenes.

Connecting Daybetter LED lights to music can be achieved in many ways, such as pairing the LEDs to the Daybetter app and using the product’s built-in mic. Alternatively, using the Apollo Lighting app, Alexa’s voice commands, or connecting the LED lights directly to an audio source via cable are viable options.

As you can see, many options exist to connect your LED lights to music. The simplest uses the built-in mic, but it has a few limitations.

On the other hand, you could put a bit more work into the setup and use Alexa or a different app that does things differently. 

How To Connect Daybetter LED Lights To Music

how connect the daybetter led lights

Using your Daybetter LED lights in sync with music is easier than you might think.

Daybetter LED lights are already equipped with everything you need to set up any environment for a party. 

Of course, Daybetter LED lights come with a convenient app that you can use to control how the lights work.

With it, you have multiple options to sync the Daybetter LED lights to music.

Sync Your Daybetter LED Lights To Music

Syncing your Daybetter LED lights to music requires you to set the LED strips correctly and pair them with the app. Daybetter has a proprietary app that can use the LED light’s built-in mic. 

Preparation Step: Install The Daybetter LED Strip

install the daybetter led trip

Once you have your Daybetter LED lights in your hands, you should install them in a place where they will be visible.

It is also important to position its built-in mic so it can truly pick up music whenever it is playing.

  1. Choose a clean and dry surface;
  2. Measure the length of the surface where you want to install the LED strip;
  3. Cut the Daybetter LED strip to fit (cut the strip only at the designated cutting marks);
  4. Connect the power adapter to the controller (the white box with a QR code); 
  5. Align the arrows on the strip and the controller;
  6. Connect the strip to the controller;
  7. Plug the power adapter and test the lights;
  8. Now use the adhesive to allocate the lights in the desired location.
Note: The remote control that comes with the LED lights does not need pairing. Testing it is a good idea, so you know that the controller box can receive signals.

Option #1: Use The Daybetter App

use the daybetter app

If you want to use the built-in app, you have to pair it with the Daybetter app or the Apollo app.

Any of those will readily connect to the LED strips’ music sync capability.

  1. Go to the Play Store;
  2. Search for “Daybetter”;
  3. Download the Daybetter app;
  4. Enter your e-mail address;
  5. Click “Send”;
  6. Enter the verification code you’ve received.

Pair To The App

Once you are logged into the app, you can do the following:

  1. Turn on the lights;
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone;
  3. Open the app;
  4. Tap “Add Device”;
  5. Select “LED Strip Lights”
  6. Once your Daybetter LED lights appear on the screen, tap on them to connect.

After that, your app will show a new section with a menu for all the features available on your LED lights.

Use The Music Sync Option

use the music sync motion

As already said, the Daybetter LED strips have a built-in mic. You can actually check such a built-in mic in its controller.

But, of course, the built-in mic must stay in an open area to capture music from the environment.

Once you’ve made sure the built-in mic can listen to the environment, do the following:

  1. Play some music in the environment (from any source);
  2. Open the app;
  3. Find your LED strip’s options;
  4. Find the “Mic/Sync to music” option;
  5. Activate it;

As soon as the feature is activated, you will see that the LED lights will change colors or intensity according to the music’s beat.

Therefore, placing the music source close to the system’s mic is better for maximum efficiency.

Alert: If you speak too close to the mic and your voice is louder than the music, the lights will blink closer to your voice's rhythm. 

So if you are throwing a party, ensure the mic receives the music rather than people’s voices.

Option #2: Use The Apollo App

use the apollo app

The Apollo app is a different app that supports Daybetter LED lights.

If you buy Daybetter LEDs through Amazon, for example, you can see a mention of the Apollo app on the product page. 

The Apollo app has even more support for music sync, so let’s see how you can use it.

Install The App

Look for “Apollo Lighting” in the Play Store/App Store to download it. Then, download it.

After that:

  1. Open the App
  2. Allow location access
  3. Power on the LED lights
  4. Open your Bluetooth configurations and pair the LED lights
  5. The LED lights will appear in the Apollo app

Sync To Music Through The Phone’s Mic

sync music through phone mic

The Apollo app is useful because it syncs your LED lights to music differently.

It ignores the LED strip’s built-in mic and instead will use your phone’s mic to capture music in the environment. 

Such an option is better if it is impossible to position the Daybetter’s controller in a place where it can capture music well. 

  1. Open the app
  2. Click the “three strips” icon
  3. Ensure the Daybetter LEDs are paired
  4. Click on the “Tape” option in the main menu
  5. It will capture music from the environment
  6. You can tweak the sensitivity

Import Music Into The App

A different option you could use to sync the LEDs to music is the Apollo app’s ability to import music.

Here is how it works:

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on “Music”
  3. Choose to search your phone for songs;
  4. It will find any mp3 or m4a files
  5. Choose a song to play 
  6. Adjust the sensitivity of the LED sync

Option #3: Audio Cable

use an audio cable

A third great option for Daybetter LED strips is using an audio connection directly from the LED strip.

If you’ve bought your Daybetter LED kit recently, it probably already has one attached to the controller. 

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Connect the audio cable to a source (phone, tablet, PC, etc.);
  2. Turn the LED lights on;
  3. Start playing music;
  4. Open the Daybetter app.

From the app, you should be able to control how the LED lights react to music if your LED strips have such capability. 

Option #4: Integrate With Alexa

Perhaps you would rather use a smart assistant to connect everything for you. But, of course, it will not automate all the steps.

Still, it can be a reliable tool to centralize all the smart processes, including syncing LED lights to music.

Pair The LEDs With Alexa

pair with your alexa

First, let’s pair the LED lights with Alexa:

  1. Turn the LED lights on;
  2. Open the Alexa app;
  3. Go to “Devices”;
  4. Tap the “+” icon;
  5. Select “Light”;
  6. Tap on “Other” if Daybetter doesn’t show up;

Make The Lights Dance

Making the lights “dance” through Alexa requires teaching Alexa a new skill.

Here is how:

  1. Open the Alexa app;
  2. Tap on “More”;
  3. Tap on “Skills & Games”;
  4. Search for the skill you want;
  5. Tap on “Enable skill”;

You can find skills for Daybetter Lights or the Apollo app and other options. Choose the one that you want to use.

After that, you have to turn the LED lights on, start playing music, and use a voice command to start Daybetter music sync.

For example, you could say, “Alexa, make the lights dance to the music.”

What We Learned

How to connect Daybetter LED lights to music? Syncing your LED lights to music is not difficult, and you can do it in many ways.

The guide above has everything you need to make your rooms feel alive. If one of the methods doesn’t work, you should check if you have the latest version of the Daybetter LED lights.

Nicole B