apollo group tv not working

Wondering why is your Apollo Group TV not working? Let’s solve this together!

We understand how much it is frustrating for you that the Apollo Group TV is freezing, or not working. Continue reading to find out more if you’re having the same problems or if the Apollo Group TV isn’t working.

The Apollo Group TV will not work when there is an ongoing internet or wireless network (WiFi) issue involved.

Furthermore, users experiencing issues with Apollo Group TV should check for IPTV server outages as well as account suspensions on their side! 

Let’s find out more detail about the Apollo Group TV for effective troubleshooting:

Apollo Group TV Down? Causes & Reasons!

Since Apollo Group TV can be installed on many devices, including mobile via the “Startup Show” app, there are quite a lot of different factors to inspect.

The main reason that we immediately can assume is the reliability and consistency of our internet connection.

apollo group tv down reasons

The following are the potential causes of not working Apollo Group TV:

  • Unstable Network Connection
  • IPTV Server Maintenance Issues
  • Incorrect App Login Credentials
  • Wireless Network Bandwidth Issue
  • End Of Apollo IPTV Subscription
  • An Activated Account Suspension 
  • Apollo Group TV Hardware Failure

Furthermore, there are a number of additional factors that frequently prevent Apollo Group TV from operating properly, so it’s important to proceed with the solution guide!

How To Fix When Apollo Group TV Not Working?

Tip: Follow the chronological order of the steps below!

1. Reboot The WiFi Router

Since Apollo Group TV is based on IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service, it is important that the device is connected to a stable and strong network connection.

Maybe your WiFi router is experiencing issues and that’s why the Apollo Group TV is not working.

Note: Be sure that the Internet Subscription on the router is active!

How To Reboot WiFi Router?

reboot wifi router
  1. Power off the WiFi router from the power button.
  2. Unplug the router from the electrical outlet.
  3. Wait for about 5 minutes for the device to discharge.
  4. Reconnect the router to power and power it on.
Info: The power circulation will resolve all temporary technical or electrical glitches in the wireless network and hopefully optimize the internet. 

In addition, disconnect unused devices from the WiFi to boost the speed even further!

2. Use a Wired Connection!

If you have previously connected your Apollo TV with WiFi wirelessly, then it’s best to switch to an Ethernet cable connection.

Since wireless networks are often unstable, they drop when the channel is overloaded, switching to a wired connection will exclude the internet as a possibility!

Note: If your streaming device does not support an Ethernet, jump to the next step!
use wired connection

Here is how to set up the Apollo Group TV with Ethernet cable:

  1. Power the streaming device and forget the WiFi connection.
  2. Connect your router to your device via an Ethernet cable.
  3. Tip: Use one of the *yellow* Ethernet ports on your router.
  4. Test whether Apollo Group TV will now work and stream.
Info: When the ethernet connection is working, the cable’s connectors should be blinking on both devices’ ports.

3. Refresh the Streaming Device!

If your Apollo Group TV streaming device is still not working, it’s likely that bugs, glitches, or other issues will affect the user’s experience.

One of the quickest methods to perform is the power circulation to clear any potential glitches on your device!

refresh streaming device
  • Power cycle ANY device by unplugging the unit from the power source!

This method will refresh both, the Apollo Group TV app as well as all services responsible for the proper functioning on your device’s side.

In case the power circulation doesn’t work the next best step would be to test downloading the app on a different device!

4. Update the Apollo Group TV

It is very important that the app version is upgraded because the Apollo works well and streams properly only with good compatibility with the IPTV servers.

The best course of action would be to manually check and eventually update the Apollo Group TV on the streaming device!

Here is how to update the Apollo Group TV app:

update apollo group tv app
  1. Open the Apollo Group TV app on the device.
  2. Tap on the Menu button from the top right corner.
  3. Look for the Update button and select Update.
  4. Wait until the update ends and restart the app.
Note: The time it would take for your device to update the application is based on the speed of your internet so be patient if the process takes longer.

5. Refresh the Login Session!

The next step is to refresh the Apollo Group TV’s login session by logging out and then back into our account.

Sometimes the server becomes unable to identify your account details or has another issue with your subscription plan that has to be refreshed, hence re-verified.

Note: Refreshing the login session doesn’t delete any of the app's settings!

Here is how to refresh the login session of Apollo Group TV:

refresh login session of apollo group tv
  1. Open the Apollo Group TV application.
  2. Tap on the Account button from the top.
  3. Log out from your Apollo Group account.
  4. Sign back in by inserting your credentials.
  5. Test whether there is any improvement.
Note: In case you can’t sign-in, tap on “Forgot Password”.

6. Clear the Apollo Group Cache!

Clearing the cache is one of the most beneficial methods but is different on almost all devices that support Appolo Group TV.

This is why we’ve prepared guides on how to clear the cache for various devices, but remember that on a mobile, you’ll be working with the Startup Show app!

How to Clear Cache on Mobile?

  • Android – Settings > Storage > Apps > Startup Show > Clear Data > Clear Cache
  • iPhone Go to Settings > Scroll Down > Select Startup Show > “Offload App”
clear cache on mobile

How To Clear Cache on Streamers:

  • Android TV Box – Settings > Apps > Apollo Group TV > Clear Data > Clear Cache
  • Firestick/Fire TV – My Fire TV > Apps > Manage Apps > Apollo TV > Clear Cache 
Info: When you’re ready, you’ll notice that you’re signed out from your Appolo Group TV account, which is normal so simply sign in to proceed.

7. Reinstall the Apollo Group App!

One of the most powerful solutions to attempt is to remove the Apollo Group app from your streaming device entirely and then cleanly download the software again.

Since on different devices, the setup instructions are different, we got you covered in any situation!

Reinstall Apollo Group on Mobile:

First, remove the Startup Show app from your device, on Android from Settings > Storage, and on iOS by holding the icon and tapping on the “” sign at the corner.

Then, respectively open the Google Play Store or App Store and download the Startup Show app cleanly.

reinstall apollo group on mobile

Next, in the field “Enter M3U URL” insert the link: “tvnow.best/api/list/email/password”, without the quotes. In addition, in the link, replace “email” and “password” with the login credentials!

Reinstall Apollo Group on Firestick:

Remove the Apollo Group TV app from Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Apps > Apollo Group TV > Uninstall.

The next step is to open the Downloader app, and acquire the Apollo Group TV back by inserting this link “https://apg.ooo/aptv.apk” – without the quotes.

The Firestick or FireTV will shortly install the Apollo group TV app automatically!

8. Use the Apollo Internet Tool

In case your Appolo Group TV app is still not working, you’ll need to perform a speed test, in order to conclude whether your internet is the culprit.

Any streaming app requires a speed of 5Mbps or more to effectively work, without interruptions.

Here is how to run an Apollo speed test on your device:

  1. Open your device. (Mobile, FireStick, Android Box, etc.)
  2. Open the browser on that device (for Firestick, open Amazon Silk).
  3. Enter https://speed.apollogroup.tv/ in the address bar.
  4. Wait until the tool scan for results and identify any issues.

If you won’t get the results, even if the network connection is having more than 20Mbit of bandwidth, then there might be a location issue at your end. Simply take a screenshot of the results and contact Apollo Group Support for more help.

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Apollo Group TV not working, reboot the WiFi router and your device, switch to the Ethernet cable connection, and update the app.

In case that doesn’t help, refresh the login session, clear the app cache, and use the Apollo Group internet tool.

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