apollo group tv no info on guide

Wondering why Apollo Group TV no info on guide? Well, stay invested throughout this guide!

Many Apollo Group TV users repeatedly reported that after scrolling down from the list, they don’t get any channel information or guide except for channel number and name.

In case you’re experiencing the same weird behavior, well, in this guide we’ll definitely be solving the issue!

When Apollo Group TV info and guide disappear, start by refreshing the playlist from the player and checking the network connection.

In addition, all users affected by this issue should inspect the EPG URL address and make sure that there are no recent changes!

Let’s unwrap more!

Why Is The Apollo Group TV Guide Not Working?

apollo group tv guide not working

If you are unable to access and load the info guide on your Apollo Group TV, there could be many reasons for this behavior.

We’ve summarized all suspects as consciously as possible:

  • Weak or unstable network connection
  • Technical and software-related glitches
  • An outdated software version of the device
  • Apollo Group TV server issues or outage
  • Spacing in EPG Address (misconfiguration)
  • Device incompatibility with Apollo Group TV
  • Insufficient storage on the Apollo device
  • Local or regional programming error fault
  • Apollo Group subscription or payment issues

Yes, there are quite a few possibilities so let’s jump straight into troubleshooting!

Apollo Group TV No Info On Guide – Top Solutions!

Note: It is important to implement all methods to get the best outcome from this guide!

1. Refresh The Playlist Guide

refresh the playlist guide

Sometimes the streaming player won’t load information properly and the guide does not show any information on Apollo Group TV.

Simply refreshing the playlist channels will resolve the issue because doing so reloads the channels and guide information in order to start fresh!

Here is how to refresh the Apollo Group TV playlist channels:

  1. Launch the MyIPTV Player app on the TV.
  2. Navigate to the app’s Settings menu.
  3. Tap on the Add new playlist and EPG source.
  4. Enter the URL of your Apollo Group TV playlist.
  5. Make sure that the current playlist is the Main Playlist.
  6. Then Save the changes and exit from the app menu.
  7. Scroll down from the playlist to check for the info.
Note: The info for the channel might take up to 10 seconds to fully appear!

2. Power Cycle the Streaming Device!

power cycle the streaming device

Sometimes the Apollo Group TV EPG source does not display all the information on the guide due to network bugs or device glitches.

However, there’s no need to worry because power cycling the streaming player and the used TV or monitor involved in the setup.

Here is how to power cycle the TV and refresh all services:

  1. Unplug the TV device from the power outlet.
  2. Disconnect the wires from the TV and TV box.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes and reconnect the wires.
  4. Turn on your TV and TV box and test Apollo Group.

In case the info guide is still loading indefinitely, proceed to the next step!

3. Reboot the Network (WiFi) Router!

reboot the network wifi router

A slow and unstable network connection prevents the Apollo Group TV app from properly loading information on the guide.

Therefore, the streaming player needs to be connected to consistent and reliable WiFi or via an Ethernet cable to your network router!

  • Rebooting the WiFi router is the fastest way to solve internet issues!

Here is how to reboot the WiFi router in easy steps:

  1. Turn OFF the network router via the Power button.
  2. Unplug the network device from the power outlet.
  3. Eject the power and Ethernet cables from the router.
  4. Wait for about 60 seconds for a power circulation.
  5. Re-assemble your network equipment and test.
Info: Once you're sure that the network connection is strong and reliable, restart your Apollo Group TV host device, enter the EPG source, and then check the info in the guide.

4. Double-Check the EPG Address!

double check the epg address

Incorrect EPG (Electronic Program Guide) URL address is perhaps the most common cause of no info on the Apollo Group TV guide.

However, to avoid this issue, all you have to do is make sure that you have entered the correct and accurate EPG source address to your Apollo!

Here is how to check the Apollo Group TV EPG address:

  1. Open the Apollo Group TV app on your device.
  2. Go to Settings and find the EPG or Channel Source.
  3. Check for address errors, spacing, or inconsistencies.
  4. Optional: Manually copy and paste the EPG address.
  5. Once you are done editing the EPG, Save the changes.
  6. Exit from the app settings menu to test the guide info!
Note: If you still can’t get access to guide info on Apollo Group TV, proceed with the next step!

5. Update the EPG Address!

update the epg address

The EPG address source (even if correct) doesn’t remain the same after every subscription and maybe you are using an older address.

In those cases, it’s almost certain why Apollo Group TV is not displaying the correct info on the guide and the solution is really simple!

Here is how to update the Apollo Group TV EPG address:

  1. Open the Apollo Group TV app.
  2. Go to the main menu of the app.
  3. Navigate to the app “Settings“.
  4. Scroll down and tap on “EPG Settings“.
  5. Select the “EPG source” > “XMLTV“.
  6. Enter the new EPG URL address (provided by Apollo Support).
  7. Press “OK” to save the changes.

If you’re not sure how to find the provided email address, simply open your mail box and use the search bar to find “Apollo Group TV”. Then the most recent email delivered will appear on top.

Tip: Restart the Apollo Group TV app to apply the new changes to the EPG source!

6. Inspect the Apollo TV Subscription

inspect the apollo tv subscription

In order to check your Apollo Group TV subscription you have to go to My Account Area and then sign into your profile.

Then you’ll be taken to the screen containing information about your account and you can check whether your subscription has ended or not.

In case your subscription has ended, it’s clear why the info does not appear and the streaming services would soon disable as well. 

  • You can renew your Apollo TV subscription by clicking “Choose Package”

Then, above this drop-down menu, you should be able to see the Start and End Date of your subscription.

In addition, any account holds or suspensions will also be reflected on this page so in case of any further trouble, log in and check.

7. Reinstall the Apollo Group App

reinstall the apollo group app

The correct installation process is the key that will determine whether the app will work normally or the info will not appear.

This is why, one of the most-powerful solutions is to cleanly remove and then install the Apollo Group software on our device.

How to Uninstall > Install Apollo Group (Firestick):

  1. Use the Firestick remote to go into Settings.
  2. From there tap on the Applications tab.
  3. Then select the Apollo Group IPTV app.
  4. Then, tap on the Uninstall button to remove.
  5. Then using the Downloader app, insert the .apk URL.
  6. Note: The URL should be delivered by email. 
  7. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the process.

How to Uninstall > Install Apollo Group (TV Box)

how to uninstall install apollo group

First, to remove the Apollo Group TV app, you have to reach the Settings from the home screen, go into the “Device” section, and select “Apps”. From there, tap on “Downloaded Apps” and select the app you wish to Uninstall.

On an Android TV box, installing the Apollo Group happens by opening the Google Play store and locating the “Startup Show”, which is the official app for Android.

Then you only need to open the app and check whether the fresh installation has solved the info guide problem.

Note: The clean installation removes all in-app configurations and settings!

Still Here?

If the no info on the guide issue persists, then you have to contact the Apollo Support team for further help because maybe the problem is coming from their end.

It’s also possible that the issue is related to your subscription or any other limitations on your account or services.

Note: Make sure to let them know about the troubleshooting you have already done!

Quick Recap:

Whenever you experience Apollo Group TV no info on guide, refresh the playlist guide, and restart the Apollo Group TV device and WiFi router.

In case that doesn’t help re-check and enter the correct EPG address and perform a clean Apollo app installation!

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