amazon smart plug blinking red and blue

Wondering why does Amazon smart plug blinking red and blue? This blinking pattern often indicates a software issue and a lost connection to the hub.

In this post, we’ll unveil all of the possibilities and some easy-to-apply solutions to fix the problem in a matter of minutes.

To fix the red & blue light on your Amazon smart plug, first ensure that the device is running the latest firmware. Next, re-run the setup process correctly and inspect the power supply. Lastly, you should troubleshoot your network and reset the smart plug to its factory defaults.

Let’s first take a look at the potential factors that could be making your smart plug blink in red & blue color and then move on to the actual solutions.

Why Is My Amazon Plug Blinking Red And Blue?

Your Amazon plug could blink in red & blue due to several reasons.

In most cases, an Amazon smart plug would blink red if Alexa is unable to discover it. In other words, the plug has lost connection to the hub.

Let’s summarize the rest of the causes in a small list before we move on with the troubleshooting:

1. Device Undiscoverable

A red light on your Amazon smart plug most often identifies as an inability to be discovered by other devices.

2. Outdated Firmware

A pending update could sometimes cause the red light to flash on your smart plug.

3. Software Issue

A bug or glitch in the device’s software could also cause a red LED to light up on your Amazon smart plug.

Those were the general issues that could cause these lights to blink and next we’re about to show you how to solve the issue with ease.

How To Fix Amazon Smart Plug Blinking Red And Blue?

fix amazon smart plug blinking red and blue

Resolving blinking red and blue light often revolves around multiple factors.

The plug’s power supply might be checked, the network state and the WiFi connectivity of the device, and lastly, the device’s software.

We will take care of each factor stated above in the upcoming solutions below:

Solution #1 Re-Insert The Plug

Before applying any solutions of greater complexity, the by far simplest approach you can try is re-inserting the plug.

This process is also known as a power cycle and it will actively discharge your device, in most cases, solving temporary issues.

Simply take your smart plug out of the power source and wait for several minutes.

Once some time has elapsed, reconnect the Amazon smart plugin in the power and check if the blue and red lights are still blinking. If yes, continue with the next solution.

Solution #2 Reconnect With The WiFi

reconnect wifi to plug

The next major suspect that you should review in your smart plug’s configuration is the WiFi connectivity.

Connect the smart plug to your Alexa platform, if you haven’t done it already, since you’ll need to interact with the application during this solution.

Follow the steps down below to diagnose the WiFi connectivity of your smart plug:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone and tap on “Devices”.
  2. Find the problematic smart plug and enter its configuration.
  3. Select “About” in the device’s settings and then click “Change”, next to the WiFi network label.
  4. Find your network and insert the WiFi security key.
  5. Confirm and get connected.

Go over to your smart plug’s position and determine whether the blue and the red lights are still blinking. Proceed with the next solution if the problem is still there.

Solution #3 Change The Power Outlet

Due to a power malfunction, your plug could sometimes rapidly blink in red light. We suggest connecting the plug elsewhere, in a different wall outlet.

If you cannot relocate the smart plug, perhaps the power outlet has two nests and you could connect the device to the other one.

Preferably you should target a wall outlet without a power strip or divider since there is a handful of issues that could occur.

In case changing the power source did not resolve the problem you’re now ready to proceed with solutions that will target the smart plug’s software.

Solution #4 Update Your Smart Plug

update amazon plug

Outdated software of your smart plug could cause major problems with not only the lights but with the functionality and performance.

In that regard, it is strongly recommended to update your Amazon smart plug to the latest firmware version available.

Unfortunately, updating the smart plug happens automatically, via a setup prompt from the Alexa app.

If you’ve canceled one of those in the past or post-forwarded it to another time, you have to wait to get the reminder on your device again.

Getting the update prompt usually pops up when you open the Alexa app, so make sure to accept the request and update your smart plug.

Solution #5 Relocate Your Smart Plug

Amazon states that it is recommended for your plug to be in close proximity to the network router.

This will help it work stable and you won’t get any troubles when it comes down to networking, WiFi & connection.

Make sure to move your router and smart plug closer to each other, so they won’t be more than 6 meters apart.

If you cannot find the sweet spot for your devices, you can set up a 2.4 GHz network frequency on your router, that will work for longer distances.

Note: If you’re interested in setting up an alternative WiFi with a different range of functionality, you can either advise with your provider or do it yourself in the router settings.

Solution #6 Troubleshoot Your Network

fix your wifi

If moving the smart plug closer to the router didn’t help, then perhaps the problem is with your network itself.

We suggest troubleshooting the internet to identify potential faults that could harm the smart plug’s connection to the network.

Here are some helpful fixes that will help in case of bad WiFi:

1. Restart your Router

Rebooting your network device is a quick-term troubleshooting act that will clear out problems harming the connection.

2. Reconnect all Cables

Re-inserting all of the cables in your network configuration will help when it comes down to trouble with the wiring.

3. Reduce Network Usage

You can relieve your network by disconnecting unused devices so you can prevent high-data downloading/uploading, and seeding additional files.

Once done with the above solutions for your network, make sure to re-connect the smart plug following Solution #2. If the lights are still blinking, proceed with resetting the device.

Solution #7 Factory Reset Your Smart Plug

reset the smart plug

If nothing helped out so far, perhaps a factory reset is capable of resolving your smart plug’s problems.

Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset:

  1. Make sure your plug is up & running.
  2. Press & hold the action button on the side of the device for 12 seconds.
  3. Release the button once the red light turns off and then on.

Resetting your smart plug won’t interfere with any of the configurations in your Alexa app, as long as you’re not changing any of the options.

Once the reset is done, the red and blue light should no longer be blinking and you should be able to use the device normally.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to resolve the red and blue blinking light on an Amazon smart plug, try reconnecting the device and reconnecting with the WiFi. Try troubleshooting the network, check the software version, and perform a factory reset if nothing worked.

If you couldn’t resolve the Amazon smart plug blinking red and blue problem by the end of this guide, perhaps you should reach out for further assistance.

Smart plugs rarely get errors, but when they do, it is best to hear from the Amazon support team for further troubleshooting.

Nicole B