amana dryer timer not working

Wondering why your Amana dryer timer not working? Let’s find out together!

When a dryer timer malfunctions, the cycle will probably continue for a long period until you manually stop the process or end early still wet clothes.

If the timer on your dryer is faulty and producing issues, be sure to follow the guide exactly since we’ll address the problem!

The Amana dryer time is not working because of different factors such as incorrect cycle timing settings, a faulty timer motor, or a defective heating element. Each of these components is interconnected, thus if one fails, the entire appliance will work poorly. 

Let’s find out more about the not working Amana dryer timer in detail!

Why Is Amana Dryer Timer Not Advancing?

why time not advancing

If your Amana dryer is operating normally but you notice that the timer is not advancing automatically, there may be a problem with the Timer Motor.

Furthermore, there are many other things that might affect the proper operation of the dryer and timer work. 

Therefore, to correctly repair the appliance, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding!

The following are the common possible causes of not working Amana dryer timer:

  • Less Ventilation In Dryer Location
  • Any Glitch in Dryer Timer
  • Faulty Cycling Thermostat In Dryer
  • Defective Timer Motor
  • Fault In Dryer Heating Element

Now, let’s quickly move on to discuss the easy solutions to fix your not working timer!

How To Fix When Amana Dryer Timer Not Working?

how fix the amana dryer

Now that we have covered almost everything you need to know about the Amana dryer’s non-functioning timer, let’s talk about some easy troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the issue.

However, in order to get the best outcomes from these steps, you must carefully follow the steps.

Let’s begin!

Solution #1 Check Ventilation Around the Dryer

The Amana dryers may run for a long period of time due to timer faults, however, this is not always the case.

The dryer requires sufficient air ventilation to process the air in order to function effectively, so there is a chance that the location of the machine is suffocated.

  • Simply open the room windows and give more space around the dryer!

If possible, also lower the room’s temperature to prevent some of the components from overheating and restart the cycle to test the timer.

In case the cycle does not work as expected and you still observe weird behavior, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #2 Reset The Dryer Time

reset the dryer time

Due to a low voltage or other small problems with the appliance, it is very typical for electrical machines to cause problems.

There’s a chance that your dryer isn’t getting enough electricity or that the Heating Element is taking a while to heat up, which is why the cycle is taking so long. 

Solution: Simply resetting your dryer by power cycling will address the issue!

Here is how to reset the Amana dryer time:

  1. Disconnect your Amana dryer from the A/C Line.
  2. (Optional) Flip the Circuit Breaker/Fuse ON/OFF.
  3. Wait for 10 minutes until the electric charge in the dryer will reset.
  4. Plug your dryer back into the outlet.
  5. Test your dryer timer by running a cycle and notice the cycle period.

If you notice that your dryer timer is still not working, then try the next solutions in the guide!

Solution #3 Test The Timer Motor

test the timer motor

Most of the time, the dryer itself is in good working order, but sometimes it does not advance automatically, which is caused by a Faulty Timer Motor.

When you set the timer, it will access the settings and monitor the heat levels until it reaches a specific level. That’s why your Amana dryer timer not moving!

Here is how to test the dryer timer motor:

  1. Unplug the Amana dryer from Power Outlet.
  2. Locate the Dryer Timer.
  3. The component is set up at the top of the panel with the numbering on it.
  4. Unscrew the dryer panel to get access to the Timer Motor.
  5. Then, use pliers and disconnect the wires from the timer.
  6. Then, disconnect the wires from the timer that’s coming from the timer motor.
  7. Take a Multimeter.
  8. Connect its two probes with the two wires coming from the timer motor.
  9. If the reading is between 2000 to 3000, then your timer motor is working fine. 
  10. If there is another reading then, the timer motor is bad.
  11. Replaced the whole timer motor assembly in your dryer.

After fixing the timer motor in your appliance, make sure to test your dryer next to check if the timer is working fine.

If not, then proceed to read the guide further!

Solution #4 Check The Cycling Thermostat

check the cycling thermostat

The next thing that you’ll need to check is the Amana dryer Cycling Thermostat

This thermostat helps the heater in maintaining a consistent temperature in accordance with the dryer’s requirements for regulation and control of the heat.

If your timer isn’t working, your dryer may have a defective cycling thermostat so, you need to check the cycling thermostat!

Here is how to check the cycling thermostat in the dryer:

  1. Remove your Amana dryer from the A/C Line.
  2. Unscrew the Back Panel of your dryer.
  3. Then, locate the Cycling Thermostat from the blower housing.
  4. Then, disconnect one of the red wires from the thermostat.
  5. Then, use a Multimeter and set it to a lower reading.
  6. Connect one red probe to the red wire you have disconnected.
  7. Connect the black probe to the other end.

Note down the reading, if there is no continuity, then the cycling thermostat is faulty.

Set up a new thermostat there and connect the wires and back panel to reassemble the dryer properly.

Tip: Consult with a technician before making any replacement purchases!

Solution #5 Inspect The Dryer Heating Element

inspect dry heating element

The Heating Element in your Amana dryer has to be inspected next.

The timer has a direct influence on the heater because it runs the cycle according to the temperature of the heater. 

Hence, the heating element in your Amana Dryer might be the culprit!

Here is how to inspect the dryer heating element:

  1. First, unplug your dryer from the Power Outlet.
  2. Next, unscrew the Back Rear Panel.
  3. Acquire access to the Heating Element.
  4. Remove the wires from the right side panel and note down the wire’s orientation.
  5. Take out the Heating Element from the dryer and test it using a Multimeter.
  6. If there is no continuity, then replace the heating element.

In case there is continuity on ALL components that we’ve tested, let’s check the timer!

Know When Amana Dryer Timer Is Faulty!

know when the dryer faulty

If your Aman dryer is running continuously for too long or the cycle ended very early as compared to the normal cycle, then this is surely a time for concern.

Prior to taking any solutions to the appliance, it is very important for you to identify the true problem!

Top 3 Signs of a Faulty Amana Dryer Timer!

Sign #1

Your timer knob gets stuck where you set it last time.

For example; if you have set the timer for 40 minutes and you go back, but when you came back after  40 minutes, you’ll see the timer knob in the same place as before.

Sign #2

When you notice that the dryer is continuously running for too long, although you have set the less time for cycle and now you have to end it manually.

Sign #3

the sign three

When you have adjusted the timer manually but the clothes are still wet even though the cycle ends properly.

Then there is something wrong with the heating element that’ll eventually affect the timer’s performance as well.

In case you notice any other anomalies with your dryer timer, we strongly recommend getting the Krooli Dryer Timer Replacement, compatible with Amana Dryer.

Purchasing the component is the easy part, but if you’re now knowledgeable, it’s better to seek some help!

Find Help!

For any inquiry related to your Amana Dryer, you can instantly contact Amana Support.

It’s always good to check your warranty before contacting so take care and good luck! Share what you’ve already attempted to save time troubleshooting.

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Amana dryer timer not working, you first need to Reset your dryer and make sure it is in a ventilated place.

Moreover, test the dryer timer motor, cycling thermostat, and heating element before replacing the faulty component in the appliance.

For more guides such as this one, check out our blog!

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