amana dryer squeaking

Wondering why is your Amana dryer squeaking? Keep reading to know everything!

Amana dryers typically don’t make any noise unless there is a problem with the appliance. However, if your dryer is squeaking, it must be inspected in order to fix the dryer’s defect.

Make sure to read our guide until the end to find the simplest and most effective solutions!

Squeaking sounds from the Amana dryer can be caused by a number of factors, such as grinding one part against another, uneven dryer leveling, or dirt accumulation. The Amana dryer requires a thorough inspection to find the actual problem and solution.

Now let’s find out a detailed understanding of dryer squeaking noise!

Why Is Amana Dryer Making Squeaking Noise?

why my amana dryer squeaking

Any unwanted sound coming from the Amana dryer not just annoys you but also alarms you of some defect in your appliance.

Over time, it is very common for electrical machines to produce different sounds because of different factors and that’s why it is very crucial to learn more! 

The following are the most frequent causes of a squeaking noise in dryers:

  • Worn-out Drum Bearings
  • Improper Leveling of Dryer
  • Unlubricated Moving Parts
  • Dirt Build on Pulleys and Belt
  • Worn-out Dryer Belt and Pulleys

It’s important to act fast when you start hearing the squeaking noise and possibly avoid using the machine until the problem is solved.

We strongly recommend immediately jumping into the solution guide below and finding and utilizing an effective approach against squeaking!

How To Fix When Amana Dryer Squeaking?

how fix amana dryer squeaking

We will now discuss some quick and simple fixes for your Amana dryer’s squeaky sounds! 

However, in order to get the most out of our guide, you must first ensure that you follow all of the solutions and instructions precisely and without skipping any steps.

So, let’s get started!

Solution #1 Level The Amana Dryer

The dryer will usually start to touch other components and make a squeaky sound if the floor it is positioned on is loose or not leveled.

In order to avoid this situation, go ahead and check the level of the floor underneath the dryer.

Also, remove any obstructions!

  • Ensure to clear the level of the dryer or replace the location of your dryer!

The next thing that you’ll need to check is that the dryer is not fully overloaded or very underload.

Sometimes when the dryer becomes overloaded or underloaded, it’ll begin to produce squeaking noise.

Note: Loose objects like coins often get stuck in the dryer line trap, causing the squeaking!

Solution#2 Vacuum The Moving Parts Build up

vacuum the moving parts

The lint in the dryer is not surprising to us because the fiber or dirt from clothes will move freely in the dryer environment.

The manufacturer created a trap that will stop clogs from entering the dryer’s internal workings, but some dirt will still get in there and form a thick layer.

The pulley and belt of the dryer are where this buildup layer often forms, and as a reaction, the coating causes the dryer to squeak.

So, you simply need to do a proper cleaning!

Here is how to clean the dryer pulley and belt:

  1. First, unplug the dryer from the Power Outlet.
  2. Then, use a putty knife to push the top cover of the dryer by depressing its springs.
  3. Next, unscrew the front panel of the dryer by unscrewing it.
  4. Make sure to disconnect all wires from the connectors.
  5. Simply lift the front panel and place it aside.
  6. Next, unscrew the front bulkhead in the dryer and take that out.
  7. Then, hold the drum and pull it forward to release the tension on the belt.
  8. Then reach to the top housing and try to release and remove the belt.
  9. Next, remove the housing and motor from the dryer and take them out.
  10. Locate the Circular Pulley and remove it from the housing.

When you’re ready, use a vacuum and properly blow the dirt from the belt and pulley, and then use a little brush to further clean the stuck clog.

The squeaking noise should now be gone!

Note: Before reassembling all the components make sure to check that the pulley or its shaft is not worn out, if it is then you need to replace it!

Solution #3 Lubricate Drum Bearing

lubricate the drum bearings

When the dryer is overloaded and running, it may often tumble to the ground and start to squeak, especially if the wheels underneath it are loose or excessively dry.

No worries, this problem is very easy to fix simply by greasing and tightening the dryer bearings. 

Here is how to lubricate the drum bearings:

  1. First, make sure to unplug your appliance from the Power Supply.
  2. Then, ask someone to help you carefully lay down the dryer.
  3. Next, carefully check the bearings!
  4. If they are totally worn out, then you’ll need to replace them.
  5. In case they are fine, tighten the bearings of the dryer.
  6. Next, use any lubricant and apply it to the wheels.

When you’re ready run a cycle to test if the squeaking sound comes from the appliance!

Solution #4 Replace Glide Bearings

replace glide bearings

The front bulkhead has glide bearings that will support the drum and allow it to move smoothly around the seal.

Like other parts, it often wears down and starts to rub against the dryer’s front panel door, hence the Amana dryer squeaks while running. 

All you need to do is simply replace those glide bearings from the dryer!

Alert: Before repairing the appliance make sure to cut it off from power!

Here is how to replace the dryer glide bearings:

  1. First, unscrew the front panel of the dryer!
  2. Then carefully look at all the connected wires.
  3. Disconnect all wires from the connectors.
  4. Simply lift the front panel and place it aside.
  5. Next, unscrew the Front Bulkhead in the dryer and take that out.
  6. Look for the glide bearing at the bottom of the bulkhead.
  7. Push it from one end to take that out.
  8. Place a new glide bearing there.
  9. Place the bulkhead back and screw it tightly.
  10. Then connect back the front panel and all wires to it.
Note: This should be enough to stop the squeaking sounds so perform a test cycle!

Solution #5 Replace Dryer Drive Belt

replace the dryer belts

Aside from the Amana dryer drive belt cleaning, it still wears out over time.

The component is made of rubber because of the constant tension due to the pulley.

This rubber belt will begin to lose grip slightly and the drum will no longer be well supported, which produces the squeaking!

Solution: You just need to replace that drive belt to fix this squeaking noise!

Here is how to replace the Amana dryer drive belt:

  1. First, unplug the dryer from the Power Outlet.
  2. Then, use a putty knife to push the top cover of the dryer by depressing it’s springs.
  3. Support the cover so it won’t go down.
  4. Next, unscrew the front panel of the dryer.
  5. Disconnect the wires from their respective connectors.
  6. Next, remove the front bulkhead by unscrewing it.
  7. Hold the drum and release the tension on the belt from the upper side.
  8. Reach the top housing and try to release the belt.
  9. Set up a new drive belt and make sure to fix it properly.
  10. Then simply reassemble all components back to close the dryer.
Alert: Be gentle with the new drive belt since damaging the component always produces squeaking sounds later.

Solution #6 Replace Dryer Pulleys!

replace dryer pulleys

If your Amana dryer is still squeaking, it’s possible that the dryer pulley or its shaft is worn out. The pulley supports the belt and releases tension on it constantly.

Unfortunately, over time they will gradually start to lose their efficiency and the belt won’t be supported well enough.

The solution revolves around replacing the pulley which will ultimately fix the squeaking noises.

Here is how to replace the Amana dryer pulley:

  1. First, unplug the Amana dryer from the electrical outlet.
  2. Disassemble the machine following the steps from the previous solution.
  3. Locate the Circular Pulley and eject the component from the housing.
  4. Besides replacing the pulley, check its shaft as well.
  5. Replace any surrounding components that are also worn out.

When you’re ready, re-assemble the Amana dryer and run a wash cycle to determine whether the squeaking sounds are still there.

In case they are, check the product’s warranty and reach out to Amana Customer Service for professional assistance from here on. Good luck!

Quick Recap:

To fix the Amana dryer squeaking noise, you’ll first need to level the drum, then lubricate and tighten the dryer bearings.

Moreover, clean the build-up from the dryer drive belt and pulley and replace the worn-out components in the appliance.

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Nicole B