Alexa flash briefing not working

Alexa flash briefing not working and you’re wondering how to fix it? Keep reading!

Alexa’s flash briefing must be enabled from the settings of Alexa in order to hear any output of news. Make sure to check that first.

If that’s not the cause, by the end of this guide, you will know ALL causes and how to fix them!

To fix the flash briefing of your Alexa, first, make sure that the skill is enabled and increase the volume of Alexa or unmute it. Then, try hard resetting your device and updating its software. Lastly, make sure that Alexa is connected to the internet and factory reset the device in case nothing helps.

It’s recommended to first have an overview of what could possibly cause the issue.

Why Is Alexa Flash Briefing Not Working?

When enabled, the flash briefing will cause Alexa to narrate the most recent news during the day.

This feature, however, is dependent on several factors including, internet connectivity, software compatibility, and the volume of the device.

Here’s what could prevent the flash briefing on your Alexa from working properly:

1. No Internet

In order for Alexa to narrate the flash briefing, there must be a connection with the internet.

2. Skill Not Enabled

As you probably know, the flash briefing is a skill of your Alexa device that must be enabled in order to work.

3. No Volume

If your Alexa’s volume has been lowered or muted, you might not hear the flash briefing.

4. Outdated Software

Not running the latest firmware version of Alexa might impact the device’s ability to connect to and narrate the flash briefing.

5. An Issue with Settings

Potentially damaged firmware or software of your Alexa might prevent the flash briefing from functioning properly.

Now that we’ve listed all of the possibilities for this problem, let’s inspect the best solutions to the issues.

How To Fix Alexa Flash Briefing Not Working?

fix Alexa flash briefing not working

Resolving the problem involves several factors. The first one is your Alexa’s internet connection, Alexa’s software, and Alexa’s hardware state, thus, the sound output.

Proceed with the solutions below to troubleshoot your Alexa’s flash briefing:

Solution #1 Enable Flash Briefing

If the flash briefing is disabled, then you may find your Alexa restricted from narrating any of the news.

Since the flash briefing is a skill you must enable, you have to open the settings of your device and configure the feature from there.

Note: For that purpose, you must have the Amazon Alexa application installed on your smartphone device and be connected with Alexa.

Here is how to enable the flash briefing if you haven’t done it yet:

  1. In your Amazon Alexa app, go to the Settings tab.
  2. From there, scroll all the way down to “Alexa Preferences” and enter.
  3. Tap on “News” and then choose “Flash Briefing”.
  4. Tap on a feed you want to add.

Important: Make sure that you’re adding feeds you’re willing to listen to, cause otherwise, the flash briefing might not become active anytime soon.

Solution #2 Increase The Volume/Unmute

increase alexa volume

The flash briefing might be there, but you could be unable to hear it.

In that regard, we suggest increasing the volume of your Alexa or unmuting the device if its sound has been suppressed by accident.

There are two ways of increasing the volume of Alexa:

  • Using the hardware buttons – Press the “+” buttons on your Echo device to increase the volume of Alexa.
  • Using voice commands – For example, say “Alexa, increase the volume to 75%” so Alexa can turn up the volume.
You can mute/unmute Alexa from the Amazon Alexa application. Then you need to find the sound and haptics tab.

Solution #3 Hard Reset Your Alexa Device

If the volume wasn’t tempered, yet, you still can’t hear the flash briefing of your Alexa, we suggest hard resetting the device.

This process will completely discharge your Alexa device out of any electricity and resolve problems you may have with the flash briefing.

Here’s how to hard reset your Alexa device:

  1. Unplug Alexa from the power supply.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes until the device is unplugged.
  3. Re-attach the power adapter into the source and test.

Once you’re done with the hard reset, check if the flash briefing is enabled and that you have feeds added to it.

You should hear Alexa narrating anytime soon if everything is working correctly.

Solution #4 Connect Alexa To The Internet

connect alexa to internet

As you probably know, the flash briefing is only possible whenever Alexa is connected to the internet.

The information from the feeds added to your flash briefing are transferred through the internet, thus, Alexa must be connected to WiFi in order to narrate.

Follow the instructions below to connect Alexa to the WiFi:

  1. Open your Amazon Alexa application.
  2. Tap on the “Devicesbutton and then choose your own Alexa speaker.
  3. Select “Connect to a new WiFi network” and wait for the WiFi scan to complete.
  4. Locate your own WiFi network and press on it once.
  5. Enter your WiFi password key and then tap on “Connect”.

This should connect your Alexa to the WiFi for sure and enable the flash briefing on your device. If you can’t hear the briefing yet, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #5 Update Alexa

Not updating your Alexa device might be the problem why the flash briefing isn’t working.

In that regard, our next suggestion is related to updating your Alexa device.

Here’s how to update the firmware of your Alexa device:

  1. Open the settings of your Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Go to “Device Options” and choose “Check For Software Updates”.
  3. Wait for the checker and if any updates are available, you’re able to apply them.
  4. Click “Download & Install” if any updates are found.

Your Alexa may restart during the update, at which time you shouldn’t unplug the device from the power or restart it.

In case the issue is there even when the devices are up to date, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Alexa

reset your alexa

If you still seem to be stuck with Alexa flash briefing not working problems, we can suggest performing a factory reset on your Alexa device.

This is by far the most recommended solution against any type of software issue and it is almost guaranteed to solve the issue.

Here’s how to factory reset your Alexa easily:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa application and go to “Devices”.
  2. Choose your own Alexa speaker device.
  3. Scroll down to “Factory Reset” and confirm your choice.
  4. Wait for the reset to complete.
If everything was successful, Alexa should be ready in a couple of minutes! If you still can't hear the briefing try using a different source feed.

Thus, to fix the flash briefing on your Alexa device, first, perform a hard reset and make sure that there is a connection with the internet. Then, update Alexa and try factory resetting if nothing worked. Lastly, check if the issue would be there with a different feed.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Alexa flash briefing not working, fixing the problem should be the easy part.

The flash briefing is one of the features that require active content to be narrated, so you might have to wait for several hours in the worst-case scenario!

Nicole B