alexa app can't find my fire tv

Wondering why the Alexa app can’t find my Fire TV? The solution only takes 1 minute!

The Alexa app allows you to control your Fire TV with verbal commands. The only thing you need to do is link your Alexa app with your TV.

But sometimes Alexa’s app is unable to locate the TV and displays this message “Sorry, we couldn’t find a device to pair”.

The Alexa app cannot discover the Fire TV, because the devices that are involved are not connected to the same network or are in different time zones. Another reason could be outdated versions of the app or on the Fire TV that has to be updated.

Now let’s take a look at the correct way to connect Alexa to Fire TV!

The Correct Way To Connect Alexa To Fire TV:

the correct way to connect alexa

In case you’re concerned that you’re doing something wrong, try this:

  1. Turn on the Fire TV, and confirm that the TV is connected to the WiFi.
  2. Open the Alexa app on your mobile, and click on the three bars from the top left corner.
  3. Tap on Settings from the list and go to the TV & Video from the settings screen.
  4. After clicking on the TV & video, your Fire TV name is displayed on the screen.
  5. Click on the TV Name and pair the devices.

After following the above steps, if your devices still didn’t connect then click on your TV name and then tap on the manage devices option.

After that, unlink your device from the app and then re-pair your device again by following the steps again. 

How To Fix When Fire TV Not Working With Alexa?

how fix alexa app not connecting

The solutions below will help you out connect the Alexa app to the Fire TV in a matter of minutes.

The most important part is to follow the order of the guide and not skip anything!

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Connect To The Same WiFi

As you already know, to operate your Fire TV from the Alexa app, you need to link the devices.

But before linking you have to make sure that both of the devices are connected with the same and good internet connection.

Only then do both instances communicate with each other!

  • Connect the Fire TV and your Alexa App Device to the same WiFi broadband.

For instance, when your network router has both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi, you need to make sure to connect both devices to the same WiFi.

Some people always misunderstand this, by thinking that everything will work fine when both devices are connected to the network router. 


Tip: Test whether your WiFi is good, by connecting a third-party device!

Solution #2 Update The Fire TV & Alexa App!

update the tv and app

Sometimes, due to an outdated app or Fire TV firmware, the devices are unable to detect each other.

As a result, make sure to keep an eye on the updates and update the Fire TV and Alexa app as soon as new versions are available. 

Here is a way to manually update the Alexa App & Fire TV:

  • Go to the Play Store or App Store and search for Alexa. Check to see if there are any updates available, then tap on Update or for iOS the Cloud + Arrow button.

Here is a way to update the Fire TV:

  • Go to your Fire TV Settings and click on My Fire TV. Enter the About Tab and tap on Check For System Update. The update takes a few minutes!
Note: In case your device is up-to-date proceed with the next solutions!

Solution #3 Recheck Account On App And TV

recheck the account on app

To operate Fire TV by using Alexa, you need to sign in to the same Amazon account on both of the devices.

When the devices are on different accounts, they cannot be able to discover each other and connect.

This is why you need to relog from your Amazon accounts on both parties!

Here is a way how you can sign in Amazon account on the devices:

  1. Go to your Fire TV Settings.
  2. Look for the Account & Profile option and then go to your Amazon Account.
  3. Click on the Sign-out confirm to proceed.
  4. Next, Log in to your Amazon Account on both devices.

In case you’re disconnected from your Amazon Account and can’t log in on one of your devices, you’re not going to be able to discover the TV from the app.

Users should solve any potential account issues before re-attempting to pair with the Fire TV from the Amazon Alexa app.

Solution #4 Check Internet Connection!

recheck the internet

As we have already discussed, you have to make sure that both of the devices are connected to the same internet.

Otherwise, the Alexa App will not be able to discover and connect to the TV.

In case you’ve identified a problem with your internet, you won’t be able to pair the devices until the problem is solved.

Here’s the best and most efficient method to restore our internet access:

  • Unplug your network router from the power for 3 minutes!
Tip: In case the internet problem is persistent, contact your internet service provider!

Solution #5 Adjust The Time Zone 

Sometimes due to the different time zones on Fire TV and Alexa app, the devices are unable to connect.

Simply check the time zone of the devices and adjust them to align if necessary.

Here is how you can reset the time on the Alexa app:

  1. Open the Alexa app and tap on the Devices from the bottom bar. 
  2. Click on the Echo & Alexa and then tap on the Alexa on this phone.
  3. Look for the Time Zone option and adjust it as per your Fire TV.
Note: To change time zone settings on Fire TV, go to Settings > Preferences > Time Zone.

Solution #6 Reinstall the Alexa App!

reinstall alexa app

If you have tried all the above solutions but the devices are still not connecting, then reinstalling the Alexa application is what you need.

In case the cache got corrupted or something went wrong with the data of the application, there is a high chance that users will experience issues.

The reinstallation wipes clean ALL settings, configurations, and saved connections!

Here is how you can reinstall the Alexa App:

  1. Delete the Alexa application from your device!
  2. Open the App Store or Google Play, based on the OS.
  3. Search for “Amazon Alexa” and download the app.
  4. Sing in your Amazon Account.
  5. Use the steps at the start of the guide to connect to Fire TV.
Tip: Restart your router as well, then connect the Fire TV from the app.

Why is My Alexa App Can’t Find My Fire TV?

why my alexa cant find fire stick

In case you’ve attempted everything in this guide but nothing helped, we are going to try and answer the question “why?”. The short answer is –  you’ve missed something!

We’ve included everything in our guide so let’s take a quick recap:

  • Connected to the Same Network
  • Using the same Amazon Account
  • The Internet Connection is OK
  • Fire TV is not paired with anything else!
  • Both devices use the same Time Zone
  • Alexa App and Fire TV software are up to date

In case you’ve checked everything on this list, it’s time to seek some help. Since both the app and the Fire TV are owned by Amazon you can confidently head to the Amazon Support Page.

With a bit of luck, the problem will be identified and solved in a matter of minutes!

Tip: Always report what you’ve tried in this guide to save as much time as possible! 

Quick Recap:

Hence, when the Alexa app is unable to discover your Fire TV, ensure that both of the devices are connected to the same internet connection and are logged in to the same Amazon account. In addition, users should always keep both devices up to date!

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why the Alexa app can’t find my Fire TV we’re ready to solve the problem in no time.

Since we now know what’s the most important aspects to keep an eye on, there is nothing that we can’t identify.

However, we also learned that we can always seek help!

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