fire tv app won’t connect to fire tv

Don’t know why the Fire TV app won’t connect to Fire TV? Keep reading!

There are many things that could stop/block the connection. Let’s learn more!

When the Fire TV app can’t connect to the Fire TV, users need to power cycle both devices and make sure that they’re using the same WiFi broadband. In case the problem persists, users should clear the app cached data and perform a clean installation.

Let’s now go through the correct way of connecting the Fire TV to the Fire TV app:

How To Connect Fire TV App To Fire TV?

how connect fire tv to app

Just in case your TV has accidentally lost its connection to the Fire TV remote app, there is a simple way to get it reconnected.

We will now explain in detail how to properly establish the remote connection between your phone (Fire TV app) and the Fire TV. 

Follow these instructions to connect the Fire TV app to your Fire TV:

  • Step #1: Make sure that the Fire TV app is downloaded on your mobile device.
  • Step #2: Open the Fire TV app and ensure permission to the local network is granted.
  • Step #3: Turn on your Fire TV.
  • Step #4: Wait for the 4-digit code to appear on your TV screen.
  • Step #5: Insert the 4-digit code that appeared on your TV screen into the app.
  • Step #6: Once the Fire TV goes back to the home screen, the app is connected!

Test if the Fire TV is going to respond to inputs through your phone.

If the connection is stable and reliable there shouldn’t be any input delay and your TV should respond instantly.

In case this didn’t help, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting. Let’s move on!

How To Fix When Fire TV App Won’t Connect to Fire TV?

how to fix fire tv app

In case you’ve followed the steps above and the Fire TV app won’t connect to the Fire TV, obviously, there is a problem.

To solve the issue as soon as possible, we strongly recommend following the steps below without skipping anything. Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Restart Your TV & Phone

A simple and effective way to resolve the communication blunder between the Firestick app and your Fire TV is to reboot both of the devices.

This will cause the software of both devices to refresh, hence, a new connection can be paved.

To Restart Your Fire TV

Use the power button on the TV itself or use the physical remote. Also, unplug it from the power supply for 5 minutes to discharge it.

To Restart Your Mobile Device

hold the power button until the power menu appears and select “Restart”.

After restarting both of your devices, re-open the Fire TV application on your mobile smartphone and check if the connection is now supported. 

If the issue persists, move on to the next solution!

Tip: Waiting for longer while the television is unplugged is more effective!

Solution #2 Connect To the Same WiFi

connect to a same wifi

To connect the Fire TV remote app, both your mobile smartphone and TV must be connected to the same network.

The Fire TV app works on a WiFi-based technology that allows it to scan for Fire TV devices connected to the phone’s network.

  • Ensure that both instances are connected to the same WiFi broadband!

In addition, it’s recommended to turn OFF the cellular internet. Make sure that the cellular is temporarily disabled and go back into the Fire TV app after connecting your phone to the WiFi. 

Also, use a 2.4Ghz network since it’s more stable than the 5Ghz broadband.

Then, you can re-enter the code that your Fire TV will display and the app should connect.

Note: Now would be the best time to inspect whether the network device (router) is intact.

Solution #3 Update the Remote App

update your remote app

Your next step is to update the remote app to the latest version.

Chances are that you’re running an outdated script that has plenty of bugs and that is why you’re unable to complete the connection. 

Here’s how to update the Fire TV remote app on your mobile device easily:

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play on your device.
  2. Head to “Apps”.
  3. Open the “Manage Installed Applicationstab.
  4. From there, use the search field or manually locate the Fire TV app.
  5. Press on the app to open Settings.
  6. Choose “Check for Updates”.
  7. If a new update appears, press the “Update” button.
  8. Check if the issue is now resolved after installing the latest update.
Alert: Your mobile device must be connected to the WiFi in order to complete the update. 

Solution #4 Clear Fire TV App Cache

clear the app cache

Plenty of users and Amazon themselves have suggested that clearing the app cache on your Fire TV will resolve the problem with the remote app.

Piled-up app cache will cause poor TV performance and general issues with the applications. 

Follow these instructions to remove the stocked-up app cache in your Fire TV device:

  1. Head to the Settings of your Fire TV.
  2. Press the “Applications” option.
  3. Go to “Manage Installed Applications”.
  4. Select an app and then choose “Clear Cache”.
  5. Repeat for each app that you have installed on your Fire TV.
Note: To boost your Fire TV’s performance even further, uninstall apps that are no longer being used on the device.

Solution #5 Eliminate Interference

eliminate an interference

If you’re still unable to get the Fire TV remote app hooked up with the Fire TV, then there tends to be some wireless interference causing this problem.

Interference can be found in many objects and below we’ll learn how to completely eliminate such issues.

Objects of interference between your mobile phone and TV can be the following:

  • Solid/large furniture blocking the eye of your Fire TV.
  • Thick concrete walls between the phone and the TV.
  • Other TVs next to the Fire TV.
  • Radios, baby phones, Bluetooth, and other wireless devices near the TV.
Note: Make sure that none of the following objects is close to the Fire TV or your phone. 

Solution #6 Reinstall the Remote App

reinstall the remote app

Your next task is to reinstall the remote application that is giving you these problems.

An inappropriate version of the app or simple glitched data can be causing this bug and by reinstalling, you will refresh all software files regarding the platform.

To reinstall the app, go to Settings > Storage > Fire TV remote app > Uninstall

Once the app is completely removed, you can reacquire the platform from your mobile device’s Google Play or App Store (based on the device’s OS).

Then, follow the instructions at the beginning of the article to get the app hooked up to your TV.

Tip: While uninstalling the Fire TV remote app, free up some additional storage on your phone just in case this problem is storage-related.

Solution #7 Reset the Fire TV

reset your fire tv

In case the Fire TV app won’t connect to Fire TV even after all previous solutions, then most certainly you should perform a factory reset on the television.

This method will refresh the software of the device and cleanly install the operating system.

This is the most powerful method that has helped the most users!

Here’s how to factory reset a Fire TV:

  1. Go to the Settings of the Fire TV.
  2. Head to “My Fire TV”.
  3. Scroll down to “Reset to Factory Defaults” and enter the tab.
  4. Finally, press the “Resetbutton.
  5. Wait for the device to reset.

After the reset, ALL Fire TV settings will be reverted to default. This is a fresh start!

Notice: Do not unplug your Fire TV while the reset is ongoing. This will stop the reset process and could corrupt the software!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Fire TV app won’t connect to the Fire TV when the application has developed a data problem or the WiFi/internet is down. To solve the problem you need to re-install the Fire TV app and reset the Fire TV.

Last Thoughts:

Here we’ve learned why the Fire TV app won’t connect to Fire TV and how to solve the problem by using several simple solutions.

In case the problem is persistent, the best next step is to contact Amazon and inquire about the problem.

It’s important to share what you’ve tried already to save both instances time and jump straight to the solution.

We hope that this post was helpful and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B