adt alarm beeping every 30 seconds

Your ADT alarm beeping every 30 seconds and you’re wondering why?

Wonder no more and keep reading this guide. Here we’ll describe the beeping patterns that your ADT alarm could emit and under what circumstances it would.

Then we’ll proceed with solving every 30 seconds beep and show you how to prevent it from appearing in the future.

One word. Battery. Your ADT alarm would be chirping every 30 seconds whenever the battery is running low and the system is not receiving any power. To solve the problem you need to attempt charging the alarm or eventually replacing the batteries.

There is an easy way to mute the beeping, but it may only be a temporary solution. Let’s learn how in the next part of this guide.

How To Stop The ADT Alarm Beeping?

Let’s say that your household is having a power outage and your ADT alarm is beeping every 30 seconds.

That could happen whenever the batteries are really worn out and can’t sustain the alarm active without a consistent flow of current.

That does not mean that the alarm is broken, it simply needs a power supply all of the time since batteries cannot handle the functionality on their own anymore.

This might be frustrating but the solution is really simple.

To stop the beeping completely simply press the OFF button on your keypad.

For some models, the“#” button on the keypad would mute the alarm so we suggest pressing both.

The beeping will now stop. However, in case there is no power outage and beeping appears suddenly, let’s proceed with some proven solutions to solve the problem permanently.

How To Fix When ADT Alarm Beeping Every 30 Seconds?

fix adt alarm beeping every 30 seconds

Remember that just because the beeping is now gone, the problem would definitely still be there.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the 30 seconds beeping indicates no charging, low battery, or internal power component failure.

We will put the hardware possibilities aside and proceed with what you can actually do at home to solve the problem:

Step #1 Recharge The ADT Alarm Battery

charge adt alarm battery

The very first thing to start with would be to inspect whether your ADT system is connected to the power and if that one power outlet is functional. Take another device and test the outlet.

In case the system is plugged into a power divider, remove it right away and use a standalone wall outlet and you’ve justified it working.

Allow your ADT alarm system to charge for at least 1 hour so you can be confident that the batteries are at full capacity.

Keep in mind that the main battery might not be the problem here. If you’ve experienced a power outage, the ADT alarm will rely on the backup battery.

If the backup battery is faulty the beeping will continue until the power is back, hence, the main battery is operational again.

Note: Make sure not to skip the next step!

Step #2 Restart The ADT Alarm System

To verify whether the beeping will continue on, now that you’ve fully charged the batteries you’ll need to restart your system.

The restart is not quite simple, but we’ve done our best to describe the steps as concisely as possible.

Alert: We strongly suggest flipping the circuit breaker to avoid electrocuting yourself!

Here is how to restart your ADT alarm system:

  1. Disarm the attached screw, holding the transformer into the power outlet.
  2. Be careful not to rip off the wires beneath the transformer’s head.
  3. On your panel, unhook the battery.
  4. Wait for about 5-10 minutes.
  5. Screw the transformer tightly into a (proven-to-work) power outlet.
  6. Plug your battery back in.
  7. Power on your ADT alarm system.

The bottom LED on your keypad should now be lit in green, which means that the alarm system is ready to go. The beeping should now be gone, and if it is still there proceed with the next solution.

Step #3 Stop The TEST Mode

stop test mode

The TEST or PRACTICE mode is surely not the mode you would want your alarm to be in, especially if you’re using it recreationally.

These modes are designed to cut off the alarm from the central monitoring system so you can perform tests and ensure its functionality.

It’s unclear what pattern of beeping you would be hearing if the ADT alarm is on TEST mode, but disabling it to start with is the way to go.

Here is how to exit TEST mode:

  1. On your computer, go
  2. Log in using the credentials aligning with your account.
  3. Head over to the My Alarm tab.
  4. Choose System Management.
  5. Choose STAY mode.
  6. Exit.

Another quick way to exit test mode would be by inserting the Security Code + [1] (OFF) on your keypad.

Make sure to justify since when test mode is on, the beeping would occur once every 60 seconds and this might be what you’re experiencing.

Note: If TEST mode is enabled it automatically turns off after 30 min. In the last 5 minutes, the beeping will double, hence, every 30 seconds.

Step #4 Replace Keypad Battery

If the ADT alarm keeps beeping every 30 seconds, even after all previous steps now undertaken, the possibilities are decreasing.

What’s left would be the keypad itself and beeping 30 seconds intervals could be caused due to bad keypad battery.

Here is how to replace the ADT keypad battery:

  1. Put your system in Test Mode (use steps in Step #3).
  2. Remove the keypad cover.
  3. Disconnect the wire that is hooked up to the battery.
  4. Take out the old battery package.
  5. Slide in your new battery in the same direction as it were.
  6. Re-connect the wire.
  7. Install the cover back in place.
Alert: Don’t remove the plastic cover that holds the batteries together!

Step #5 Reset The ADT Alarm System

reset the alarm

There is a pretty quick way to reset your ADT system back to default settings which will hopefully solve the beeping issue.

This method would help if your system’s functionality was impacted in some way due to a failure with the operating system (software).

Note: The factory reset will erase ALL current configurations and settings!

Here is how to reset your ADT alarm system:

  1. Turn OFF the TEST mode (use the steps from step #3)
  2. Enter your code on the keypad.
  3. Hit the OFF button twice quickly.

How To Reset ADT Alarm System Without A Code?

To reset your system without a code, follow the instructions below:

  1. Inside the panel, disconnect the battery.
  2. Unplug the transformer from the outlet.
  3. Turn OFF your system.
  4. Press and hold the(#) + (*)keys both together.
  5. If the keypad requires an installer code, press *20 and then a 4-digit code.
  6. Wait for a beep.
  7. Hit *99 to exit the developer mode.
Note: The 4 digit code you’ve just created would be your master code now.

Step #6 Get An Active Monitoring

get adt technician help

If your ADT system is not connected and not monitored by an active ADT plan, it might emit all kinds of different beeps related to connectivity and functionality problems.

If that’s the case, you would need to reach out to ADT customer service to send out an ADT technician to help you out.

This way you would also be able to report the beeping and discover an easy solution and a way to prevent it from appearing in the future.

Thus, to fix the 30 seconds beeping on the ADT alarm, recharge the batteries and restart the entire system. Next, exit TEST mode and replace the keypad battery package. Proceed with factory resetting your ADT system and if it does not help, seek assistance from ADT customer support.

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Last Thoughts:

If your ADT alarm beeping every 30 seconds you should definitely follow our steps to discover where the root cause of the issue is.

The solution would then be straightforward. We hope our guide was enough and if you’re experiencing other technical issues, make sure to check our blog.

Nicole B