how to reset ADT alarm after power outage

In this article, we will be looking at “how to reset ADT alarm after power outage”?

Whether due to utility repairs or a large storm, a power loss can disturb the monitoring of your home security system.

Your ADT alarm system will automatically switch to battery backup power if there were to be a power outage. Your system will continue to function normally in this mode, and you will have the same level of protection.

This simple guide will show you how to reset your alarm system at any time, so you’ll be ready to regain control of your home protection.

Points to Consider Before Resetting ADT Security System

Not all ADT systems are created alike. Naturally, they’re similar, however, depending on the model and design, the method for resetting them varies.

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If you need detailed methods on how to reset the ADT alarm system, check the manual.

Here are a few points to consider first:

1. The reset passcode that comes with the ADT system must be located. Examine the manual or any other papers. Nothing can be done without this code.

2. The alarm will inform the central ADT station if you enter the erroneous security code (to disable the alarm), and you may receive a call from them to check what’s going on.

3. If you do not answer the phone and thoroughly explain the situation, the central station will treat the scenario as a “break-in” and the police will be notified.

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4. After that has gone, press the “#” key to restart the process from the beginning.

How To Reset ADT Security System After Power Outage?

reset ADT alarm after power outage

1. Update the Battery of ADT Alarm

Though the ADT system is designed to switch to backup batteries in the event of the power going out, several assumptions come with that expectation.

This implies that your backup battery is fully charged and operational.

If that’s not the case, your panel will normally notify you or begin to beep, signaling a low battery.

Step #1. Set your computer to test mode. This ensures that your system does not send false alarms to the monitoring station.

Step #2. Remove the panel and open it. A key may be required for some panels.

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Step #3. Remove the old battery from the unit. Make certain to pay attention to how it was linked.

Step #4. Connect the replacement battery, paying great attention to make sure it’s connected exactly the same way the original battery was.

Step #5. Close the panel and double-check that everything is in place.

Step #6. Remove the system from test mode so that it is armed and, if necessary, send signals to the monitoring station.

Note: It may take up to 48 hours for the battery to charge after you’ve successfully replaced it.

Your system will continue to show a low battery warning while this is happening. If the problem persists after around 48 hours, call ADT for support.

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It is essential to remember that backup batteries have a limited operating period. If in a prolonged power outage, the system may cease to function if the batteries run out of power. They will not last indefinitely.

2. Reset the ADT Alarm System

The ADT alarm system can be reset simply by inputting the passcode into the keypad. Take the actions outlined below:

Step #1. The ADT’s reset code can be found here. The code can be located in the keypad’s user manual or in documents left by the installer when the job was completed.

Step #2. Input the reset passcode cautiously on the keypad and pause for the ADT alarm system to restart.

Step #3. To arm the alarm, turn the system back on and input the security code (This is the security code that you’re meant to have).

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Step #4. Turn off the ADT alarm.

We can confirm that the alarm system is in proper working conditions by simply resetting the ADT panel with the reset passcode and then activating or deactivating the unit.

3. Reset the ADT Alarm System to its Factory Settings

You must factory reset the whole panel if you’ve entirely forgotten or lost the user passcode.

It is suggested that you call ADT and get them to send a professional to your location for help to factory reset the ADT alarm system.

Alternatively, you should try to restore factory settings to the alarm systems panel by completing the instructions below:

Step #1. To access the alarms battery area, take off the backplate after turning off the electricity to the panel. The battery might be linked to a keypad, if it is, the reset must be done by a specialist.

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Step #2. Remove the battery then look for the black, white, and red wires located on the system’s motherboard.

Step #3. Take out the wires from the system’s motherboard without separating them.

Step #4. After 60 seconds, reverse the instructions (reattach the wires).

Note: If this does not restore factory settings to the ADT alarm system, the only other option will be to contact an ADT customer service rep.

4. Reset ADT User’s Access Code

You’ll need to know the master code to reset the user’s code on the ADT alarm system.

Take the actions outlined below:

Step #1. After pressing the “*” key, select the “5” digit. Then, using the keypad, input the master passcode.

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Step #2. Enter the user’s code number. This will be the user’s two-digit number; every user has a double-digit figure that highlights who they are on the systems panel, and it normally ranges between 1 and 32.

Step #3. Replace the old code with a new one. To complete, you might have to push the pound key.

Note: The master code is sometimes the same as the principal user passcode, and other times it is different.

It’s required for adding or removing new and existing users from any home security system.

After that, test the recently created user’s access code by entering it. That’s all there is to it. The user’s access code was reset. This is the code that can be used by others to get access to the ADT alarm system.

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5. Reset ADT’s Most Popular Alarm Systems

ADT sells a variety of alarm systems, and the technique for resetting them varies depending on the make and or model.

All of these systems have a shared characteristic: they all use an individual passcode.

To avoid a possible false alarm, and then reset this alarm, you’ll need this code.

The following is the technique for resetting common ADT alarm systems:

DSC ADT Impassa

Simply enter the password to reset it. Type whichever key on the keypad and afterward enter your passcode if the machine is in “sleep” mode.

Command Smart Security Panel by ADT

The touchscreen ADT variation contains several false alarms that may be turned off by pressing the shield icon that has an “x” on the center and entering your PIN.

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Ademco Vista Series from Honeywell

After entering your passcode, press the “1” or “OFF” button.

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Bottom Line:

We went over how to reset ADT alarm after power outage in this article. There are a variety of ADT panel makes and models that need different reset methods, however, the majority of the time, the one outlined above will suffice.

If you are still unable to reset the alarm or unsure how to reset ADT alarm after power outage, you should ring the ADT customer service team or the professional that installed it.

Ensure for certain you have access to the master passcode, and all of the necessary documents to establish your identity on hand.

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