add eufy camera to homekit

Wondering how to add Eufy Camera to HomeKit? In order to take your smart camera security to the next level, hook up your Eufy device with HomeKit and boost your operation and access!

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to exactly install a Eufy camera of any type to Apple’s HomeKit, in a matter of minutes!

To add a Eufy Camera to HomeKit, check if it has a HomeKit QR code and if it does, scan it through the Apple Home app.

If there is no existing QR code, go to eufySecruity App > Camera Settings > General > HomeKit Portal and follow the instructions.

Learn about the details behind the process and what’s about to come in our guide!

Must Know About Eufy Camera HomeKit Setup!

eufy camera homekit setup

Before we proceed with the guide, it’s important to mention that all models of Eufy Cameras have been made compatible with HomeKit.

This means that even if you have an older version of the Eufy Camera device, you would still be able to connect it with HomeKit.

HomeKit will allow for remote (wireless) access to your Eufy Security Camera and make the device’s configuration much more accessible and easier to set up.

You’ll be able to control the camera through an associated Apple HomePod that is also connected to HomeKit as well.

And the perks don’t even end there! You’ll receive periodic software updates for your Eufy Cam through HomeKit and get all of the security alerts from there as well.

Let’s find out how setting up Eufy Camera with HomeKit works!

How to Add Eufy Camera to HomeKit?

We’ll be splitting this guide into two different guides, since adding the standard series 2 Eufy Camera is a little different from adding the 2K series Eufy Indoor cam.

Based on your own Eufy device, proceed with the appropriate checkpoint in our post and follow the instructions!

how to add eufy camera

Let’s start with setting up the regular 2-series Eufy Cam!

1. EufyCam 2 Series HomeKit Setup

In the instructions down below, we’ll be setting up a Eufy 2nd series with Apple’s HomeKit!

To identify the camera type, check the sticker underneath the device or go to the “Software Model” page in the Eufy mobile application.

Let’s learn how to hook up your camera to HomeKit!

Step #1 Power the Cam & Connect to Internet

power the cam and connect to internet

To achieve a connection between your Eufy Camera and Apple’s HomeKit, the device must first be powered on and connected to the internet.

Only after that’s done, we could move on to the essential steps in the guide.

  • To power on the camera, install batteries within the device and set the power switch to the “ON” side on the camera’s side panel.
  • To connect Eufy to the internet, download and install the Eufy mobile app, go to “Add Device” and follow the instructions there.

After Eufy is added to the mobile app and connected to the internet, proceed with the next step!

Note: If the LED indicator on your camera is blinking, it means that the device is powered on.

Step #2 Locate & Scan the “Home” Logo

To easily add your Eufy standard camera model to HomeKit, you’ll have to scan the HomeKit QR Code on the bottom panel of the camera.

The sticker stands out, as it has a logo of a house on the top-left corner. This means that this code is used to add the camera to HomeKit.

locate and scan home logo

Here’s how to scan the “Home” logo on your Eufy Camera:

  1. Download (or Update) the Apple Home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Launch the platform and press the “+sign at the top.
  3. Press “Add Accessory”.
  4. Once the camera is shown, scan its QR code!
  5. Complete the follow-up instructions in the Home app…

There is No HomeKit QR On My Eufy

Even if your Eufy may not have a HomeKit QR, it could still be added to HomeKit, though it’s a little more complicated.

Here’s what to do if your Eufy does not have a HomeKit QR CodeL:

  1. Connect your Eufy Camera to HomeBase 2 within the Eufy mobile app.
  2. Press the SYNC/ALARM OFF button on the camera for 2 seconds.
  3. Wait for your camera’ sound wave.
  4. Launch the Eufy App.
  5. Go to “HomeBase Options” > “General” > “Home Setup”, for activation.
  6. Follow the rest of the steps in the eufySecurity to add the camera.
Alert: With no HomeBase and no QR code, your Eufy cannot be added to HomeKit.

Step #3 Configure Eufy’s HomeKit Settings

configure eufy's homekit settings

Once successfully recognized by the HomeKit app and added, you must create an activity profile for your Eufy Camera.

It’s a way of managing things and gaining easier access to your camera as well as controlling it more efficiently.

Upon adding the camera, you’ll be prompted to:

  • Add it to a “Home”
  • Add it to a “Room”
  • Give the camera a name
  • Create schedules
  • Set up preference settings
Note: The Apple Home app will guide you through all of the important steps to set up the camera.

2. Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Series HomeKit Setup

In order to add the Eufy camera from the 2K series, we’ll be following a different set of steps.

To identify the camera’s type, examine the delivery package of the camera and make sure that the device is the “2K” series and not the standard model.

turn on the eufy indoor 2k pan and tilt

Here’s how to hook up your Eufy 2K to HomeKit!

Step #1 Turn on the Eufy Indoor 2K Pan & Tilt

Same as with the standard Eufy 2nd series, you must turn on your 2K Pan & Tilt model, in order to add it to HomeKit.

The 2K camera is also powered on batteries, so you’re good as long as the power switch on the top panel of the device is set to “ON”.

As for the internet connection, add the Eufy 2K Pan & Tilt to the Eufy Security application and connect it to your home WiFi.

  • Adding Eufy 2K to the Eufy app is done by scanning its QR code!

Once you’re done with the following things, advance to our next step!

Tip: The 2K model also has a WiFi LED, that lets you know if the device has connected.

Step #2 Enable HomeKit Support in the Eufy App

enable homekit support in the eufy app

For our next step, you’ll have to launch the eufySecurity application on your mobile device and activate a particular compatibility setting.

Due to the technology of the Eufy 2K being more advanced than previous cameras, pairing the device to HomeKit is a lot easier.

Follow these instructions to enable HomeKit support for your Eufy 2K:

  1. Launch the eufySecurity app on your mobile.
  2. From the home screen of the app, go to Camera Settings.
  3. Tap on “General”.
  4. Choose “HomeKit Portal”.
  5. Press the “Got It” button at the bottom of the page.
  6. On the “Add Camera?” message, select “Continue”.
  7. Follow the instructions…

Once you have been forwarded to the HomeKit app, just follow the instructions to add the camera to the service.

Alert: For HomeKit to detect Eufy, your mobile, and the camera must be on the same WiFi.

Step #3 Finish the Insertion Process

finish the insertion process

And for the last step, all you have to do is finalize the camera’s adding to HomeKit.

Once you have been forwarded to the HomeKit application from the Eufy app, you’ll be given a chance to create a personal configuration for the camera.

Add your camera to a homeroom, and give it a custom name so it could find its place in the “Devices”!

Tip: To test if the camera has been added, try controlling it via a HomePod in your house.

Eufy Camera HomeKit Setup Not Working…

If the setup of your Eufy Camera has failed, there are multiple things to try in response to the problem.

Users who struggled with the same problem shared their troubleshooting opinions!

eufy camera homekit setup not working

Keep reading to find out the best methods to try when your Eufy doesn’t pair with HomeKit:

Power Cycle the Camera

Power off the camera, remove its batteries and then reinsert them. After that, reboot the camera and test the connection.

Check the WiFi

Verify that your network router is functional and that both your mobile and the camera are successfully connected to the network.

Reinstall the eufySecurity App

Uninstall the eufySecuirty app and then download it again, to flush any functionality/software problems with the service

If you require any further assistance regarding issues with your Eufy Camera or HomeKit service, do not hesitate to contact the appropriate merchant!

Quick Recap:

To add Eufy Camera to HomeKit, simply launch the HomeKit app on your mobile device, press the “+” sign, and go to “Add Device” > “Camera”.

Using the brought-up camera of your phone, scan the HomeKit QR code on the bottom panel of the camera.

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