youtube tv on fire tablet

Are you looking to install YouTube TV on Fire Tablet? Fire tablets are great due to their price and usefulness.

However, a few pitfalls include that specific versions of the device do not include official support for some Google services, such as YouTube TV.

Getting YouTube TV on your Fire Tablet will depend on your tablet’s model and software version. You might have to install Google PlayStore via unofficial ways to access the whole range of Google services and download YouTube TV.

Although we are talking about unofficial ways, you don’t have to worry. That is not piracy! After all, you will not enjoy something without paying for it.

Rather, what we will teach you is how to use the full potential of your Fire Tablet by breaching into blind spots of the software.

How To Access YouTube TV On Fire Tablet

how access youtube tv on tablet

Can you watch YouTube TV on Amazon Fire tablet? Yes, you definitely can!

However, suppose your Fire tablet doesn’t officially support Google PlayStore or is deemed incompatible with YouTube TV when you access it.

In such situations, you must proceed through unofficial ways.

Those unofficial ways involve getting the files of the apps you want to install and installing them without downloading them from the official app store. 

Below we will teach you a few methods you can use. Note that not all of them might apply to your device. In any case, we suggest you try each one until one works out.

However, they have worked for plenty of users across the Internet, so you can be confident!

Preparation Step

a preparation steps

We are going to deal with unofficial methods. That means you must manage your tablet’s settings.

Hence, it accepts the installation of apps not available on the official app store. Usually, phones and tablets are preset to only accept official apps.

Here is what you must do:

  1. Head to the Home page 
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select the Security & Privacy
  4. Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

Method #1: Install Aptoide On Your Fire Tablet

install the aptoide

How to get YouTube TV on Amazon Fire tablet? A few common methods for doing that involve installing third-party App Stores.

If you are unfamiliar with them, they are App Stores similar to Google’s PlayStore or even the app store you find on your Fire tablet.

Alternative app stores don’t stop you from downloading an app on the grounds that “This app is incompatible with your software/hardware.”

Rather, you can download virtually anything and see if it works. So there are two methods of downloading Aptoide, the app store we are going to install:

  • Find the Aptoide app on the Fire tablet’s app store
  • Go to and download the app manually

Ensure you have performed the preparation step. Otherwise, installing the app when downloaded from the site will be impossible.

The same will happen when you try to download YouTube TV from Aptoide.

Installing The Apps

install the apps

If you’ve found Aptoide on the tablet’s app store, you might have been able to install it automatically.

However, if it was downloaded from the site, it is not installed yet.

Here is how to install it:

  1. Locate the download folder
  2. Tap the Aptoide file
  3. Allow installation

After installed, you can search for the YouTube TV app:

  1. Open Aptoide
  2. On its search bar, type “youtubetv”
  3. Install

You must type “youtubetv” because sometimes if you type correctly (“YouTube TV”), the app doesn’t show up!

Note: Perhaps you can’t log in to YouTube TV because the app requires access to some Google service files. Then try the few steps below.

Install Google Play Store

install the google playstore

Sometimes your tablet truly requires Google Play Store to allow YouTube TV to function properly.

That is because YouTube TV is a Google service that carries plenty of user data once you log into it. 

Thus, after installing Aptoide, do the following:

  1. Open Aptoide
  2. Search for “Google Play
  3. Download the app and install

With Google Play Store installed, you should have no problem:

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for “YouTube TV
  3. Download it and install

Method #2: Google Play Store & Services Install

a google playstore

Method #1 might not work for everyone. In that case, you can try a different workaround, including installing the Google Play Store and its full range of auxiliary services.

There are four apps you will need to install: Google Play Store, Google Play Services, Google Services Framework, and Google Account Manager.

You must install them because the Google Play Store can’t manage data properly without them.

Even though Amazon Fire runs Android, it can’t download any of those from its proprietary app store.

Instead, you must do one of the following:

  • Download the files on a browser on your Fire tablet
  • Download the files on a PC and transfer them via USB to the tablet

How To Get The Apps

Don’t you know how to get the apps? APKmirror is an excellent repository that has all the apps you will need. Simply browse the site and find the versions you will need. 

There is one thing you must pay attention which is you can’t simply download any version of the apps. 
how get the apps

Google Account Manager versions:

  • Google Account Manager v7.1.2 for: Fire HD 10 (9th and 11th Gen), Fire 7 (8th, 9th, and 12th Gen), Fire HD 8 (8th and 10th Gen)
  • Google Account Manager v5.1 for: Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older), Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older), Fire 7 (7th Gen and older), Fire HD 6, Fire HDX 8.9

Google Services Framework versions:

  • Google Services Framework 10-6494331 for: Fire 7 and HD 8 (12th Gen) on Fire OS 8
  • Google Services Framework v9-4832352 for: Fire HD 10 (9th and 11th Gen), Fire HD 8 (9th and 10th Gen), Fire 7 (9th Gen) on Fire OS 7, Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) on Fire OS 7
  • Google Services Framework v7.1.2 for: Fire 7 (9th Gen) on Fire OS 6, Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) on Fire OS 6
  • Google Services Framework v5.1 for: Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older), Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older), Fire 7 (7th Gen and older), Fire HD 6, Fire HDX 8.9

Google Play Services versions:

  • Google Play Services (64-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 11+) for: Fire 7 and Fire HD 8 (12th Gen, 2022)
  • Google Play Services (64-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 9.0+) for: Fire HD 10 (9th and 11th Gen) Fire HD 8 (10th Gen)
  • Google Play Services (32-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 6.0+) for: Fire 7 (9th Gen, 2019)
  • Google Play Services (64-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 6.0+) for: Fire HD 8 (8th Gen, 2018)
  • Google Play Services (32-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 5.0+) for: Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older), Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older), Fire 7 (7th Gen and older), Fire HD 6, Fire HDX 8.9 for

Google Play Store version:

  • Latest Google Play Store version for: all models

How To Install

how to install it

Again, you must have activated permission to uninstall from unknown sources.

Also, ensure you have all four apps placed in the same folder. After that, you must install each one in the correct order.

Once you finish installing them, click Done but do not open them yet.

The device must have all four installed before you can access Google Play Store properly.

The correct order for installation is as follows:

  1. login
  2. Android. gsf
  3. gms
  4. com. Android. vending

The next step is restarting your tablet, so the changes take effect! After the tablet has been restarted, you should find the Google Play Store among its apps.


  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Find YouTube TV
  3. Download it
  4. Enjoy!
Note: This method might seem tiresome, but it is highly rewarding. Some Fire tablets don’t have access to a huge range of apps, so installing Google Play Store will make your tablet more enjoyable.

What We Learned

Is it possible to watch YouTube TV on a Fire tablet? Yes, it is possible!

However, sometimes YouTube TV might not be available directly on the tablet’s proprietary app store.

In such situations, you can install YouTube TV via workarounds.

Nicole B