youtube tv nbc not working

Why is YouTube TV NBC not working? That can happen to every channel, to be honest.

However, since YouTube TV has multiple ways of watching shows, you must pay attention to channels not working.

YouTube TV NBC not working might be because the channel or YouTube TV is offline. Otherwise, your internet connection is failing to buffer the channel, your account has some blockage, or you must work the problem out on your device.

Finding out if YouTube TV is truly offline involves some tricks. 

The same is true for fixing other issues. We will teach all the correct solutions in the guide below.

YouTube TV NBC Not Working: Reasons

the youtube tv nbc not working

Is NBC not working on YouTube TV? Many different reasons might be affecting your ability to watch your favorite shows.

Sometimes, YouTube TV is the culprit. However, other situations have nothing to do with the main server.

Before proceeding to the troubleshooting section, we advise you to check the main reasons.

After all, a thorough diagnosis can help you reach the desired working status quicker. 

See below:

1. A Temporary Outage or Technical Issue

Perhaps either YouTube TV or the channel you want to watch is not transmitting the signal correctly to your region.

2. ISP Issue

the isp issue

Are you sure your ISP can provide the necessary connection? Sometimes the technical issues are on your ISP’s end.

3. Failing Router/Connection

There may be too many people in your house, or the router is failing for another reason.

4. Blocked YouTube TV Account

A few services of YTTV and the whole platform might become unavailable to you if any issue is detected with your account.

5. Overloaded Cache

Devices/software that uses cache as a way of speeding processes up will sometimes accumulate too much data.

When that happens, they can’t process new requests accurately.

How To Solve YouTube TV NBC Not Working

how solve youtube tv nbc

Have you read the probable causes of NBC on YouTube TV not working?

Then, now it is time to verify what solutions you can employ to eliminate this annoying issue.

Suppose you are unsure of what a problem is a place. In that case, you can apply all the methods below until one of them gets your NBC connection back. 

Needless to say, if YTTV or NBC is down, you will have to wait.

Step #1: Check If YouTube TV is down

The first thing you must ensure is whether YTTV or NBC is down. If they truly are, there is nothing you can do but wait. 

On the other hand, if they are up but you can’t seem to access them, you must proceed to the next steps.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated site where you can immediately check the status of YouTube TV.

For example, many online games have a dedicated page that shows if the game is running smoothly, whether there are problems for specific regions, etc.

Still, you can check the status of YouTube TV by checking the official Twitter account.

As you might be aware, Twitter is an efficient communication tool nowadays. 

Thus, if the service faces harsh problems, it will be announced on Twitter so customers know the problem is not on their end.

Here are the two Twitter profiles you can check and even tweet at when you want to know if there is any issue on YTTV’s end:


The first one is dedicated entirely to technical/customer support.

Note: Is YTTV truly down? Then unplug it a bit and wait for it to come back.

Step #2: Check Your Internet Connection

check the internet connection

Any time you are having trouble with software or hardware that relies on your internet, the standard procedure is checking your internet.

The first way of doing that is by checking how other apps behave.

For example, try to open other apps that need to load a ton of data. TikTok is one of them, as well as Instagram since those are mainly video apps nowadays.

Suppose they are loading slowly or not loading at all. Well, then, your internet is at fault. Sure enough, sometimes your router can manage a few routes but not others.

You could experience trouble with YTTV without necessarily seeing any issues with other apps.

Even so, an easy approach is resetting your router. Let’s do it:

  1. Find the reset button on your router
  2. Hold it until all the lights go out
  3. Disconnect your router from the power
  4. Wait a minute
  5. Plug it into the power again
  6. Turn it on

When you wait for your router to “cool down,” jammed data will be erased. Now your router is ready to process new requests. 

Once your Wi-Fi is back up, it is time to check if you can watch NBC on YouTube TV.

Step #3: Check Your Account Status/Info

check the account status

Certain channels require you to buy them separately. However, that is not the case for NBC!

Thus, if everything is alright with your account, you must be able to watch NBC. But how do you check if your account is fine?

Sometimes we miss our emails, or our phones fail to send notifications.

In that case, go to your email inbox and see if YouTube TV has sent you any notifications regarding your account.

For example, one of the following might be mentioned:

  • Your payment method is no longer working
  • Your account has violated the terms of service

If it is the latter, you must follow the instructions in the email in case it tells you how to recover your account.

How To Add A New Payment Method On YTTV

Now, if it is the former, adding a new payment method is quick:

  1. Head to the YTTV website
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. Choose “Settings”
  4. Click on “Membership”
  5. Now find “Payment Methods.”
  6. Choose “Add payment method.”
There are different payment methods according to the region/country you live in.

After you update with a payment method that works, your account will be ready to use again.

Step #4: Clear Cache

clear cache

This method will work if you try to access NBC via YouTube TV on your phone or computer.

First, check how to do it on your computer’s browser. Since there are many browsers, we will narrow it down to the most basic workings of any browser.

Follow the steps:

  1. Open the web browser where you watch YTTV
  2. Find “Menu” or “Settings”
  3. Find an option that allows you to manage data
  4. Choose to clear browsing data

Once you open YTTV again, you will notice it might take a bit more to load. However, it should load all channels properly.

Now here is how to clear cache data on the mobile app:

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on your profile picture
  3. Choose “Settings”
  4. Click on “Clear app data.”
  5. Confirm

Step #5: Use A VPN

use a vpn

Have you recently moved to a different country? If the answer is positive, you cannot watch NBC because the channel is not available worldwide. 

Even though YTTV is available in almost all countries, each country has a different package of channels and shows.

That is because of licensing, and this issue occurs with every streaming service. 

Perhaps you cannot even log into your American YTTV account because you are in another country. 

In any case, what you must do to circumvent the situation is sign in to a VPN plan.

In case you don’t know, VPNs help make your navigation more secure and let you access services unavailable in your country.

How To Watch NBC With Your VPN

You can choose any VPN service according to your taste.

After you sign up to it and have downloaded it on your device:

how watch nbc with vpn
  1. Open the VPN app
  2. Put it on “ON” mode
  3. Open YouTube TV
  4. Log in with your usual credentials
  5. Search for NBC and watch it!
Note: You must choose a VPN with a good speed for the country you just moved to. That is because VPNs sometimes make connections slower, plus you are accessing data from another country.

What We Learned

What to do when YouTube TV NBC not working? There are a few solutions you can work out, and we have disclosed them in the guide above.

It is strange when a single channel is not working, but it will work again after you go through the troubleshooting steps.

Nicole B