youtube tv library not working

Whenever the YouTube TV library not working, the solution does not require much!

The YouTube library contains everything from liked videos and personal playlists to account history, downloads, and more.

Sometimes when the YouTube library is not opening on our TV, we can suspect our internet connection, application cache, and TV performance!

In order to restore the YouTube TV Library functionality, we first need to Power Cycle the television and make sure that the application is up to date. In case that’s not enough to solve the problem, we can cleanly reinstall YouTube on our TV and test again!

Now that we have a basic idea of what we’re facing, let’s unwrap more!

Why is YouTube Library Not Working on TV?

youtube tv library not working

It’s important to test and understand more about the problem before attempting anything or drawing any conclusions.

First, we need to determine if the YouTube Library is the only thing that is not working, thus, go to the YouTube Homepage, and play a random video!

Does the video work? Okay good! 

Then try reaching into your Channel Settings to check whether this also works! If yes, we can confidently conclude that it’s only the YouTube Library that’s faulty!

Here are the most frequent reasons why YouTube Library is not working:

  • Temporal TV, OS Issue
  • YouTube App is Outdated!
  • Corrupted Application Cache
  • Slow or Lack of Internet Connection
  • Buggy Application
  • YouTube Server Outage

These are the reasons why the YouTube Library is not appearing on your TV, and luckily, we’ve managed to address each of the possibilities.

So without losing any more time, jump straight in!

How To Fix YouTube TV Library Issues?

fix youtube tv library not working

Based on the type of problem that you’re experiencing with the YouTube Library, the solution might require using all of the steps above or only a few.

This is why we strongly recommend following the solutions in chronological order and solving the problem as soon as possible!

Solution #1 Turn OFF and ON the TV!

It doesn’t really matter whether your TV is Android, Apple, or another foreign software that supports the YouTube TV application.

Our first move against the ever-loading YouTube Library would be to simply turn OFF and ON the television, which will restart ALL services!

  • Simply unplug your television from the electrical outlet for 60 seconds!

This approach allows you to refresh both the TV and the YouTube application at once.

This would be enough to completely discharge your TV and refresh all YouTube services including the ones responsible for the Library. 

In case the problem is persistent, make sure to attempt the next solution in this guide!

Solution #2 Sign Out/In YouTube!

sign out your account

Before we take our troubleshooting to the next step, we’re going to attempt signing off the YouTube application on your TV and then signing in.

This would be an on-point solution considering that the YouTube Library is the only thing that is not working in the application.

  • The YouTube interface is the same on ALL models of TVs!

Here’s how to sign out and in the YouTube application on your TV in easy steps:

  1. Go to YouTube, Home Screen!
  2. Tip: Use the Arrows on your remote to navigate.
  3. Go to the top-left of the screen, where your Profile Picture is.
  4. Go right past the Accounts tab, to the selected Profile Tab.
  5. Highlight Sign Out and use the OK button on your remote.
  6. You’ll be redirected to the Guest User Feed.
  7. Again go top-left and select the Guest Account.
  8. Select Add Account, then input your Email & Password.

When you’re ready, go to the left and then down, to find the Library and check whether the page will now load.

In case you’re still unable to reach your Account’s library, sign out again and check whether the Guest Account will have this feature enabled.

Note: In case the Guest Account can’t reach the Library either, proceed further!

Solution #3 Clear YouTube App Cache

clear the youtube cache

Skip this solution if your television is not Apple or Android.

Some of the operating systems that support the YouTube app, such as Philips TV do not contain an option for clearing the cache!

Let’s learn how to clear the cache data of the YouTube application!

Clear Cache on Android:

  • Open Settings > go to the Apps Tab > Storage > YouTube > Clear Cache!

Clear Cache on Apple TV:

  • Go to Settings > General > Manage Storage > YouTube > Offload App!

Once the cached data has been cleared for the YouTube application on your TV, we strongly recommend performing another restart using the remote.

Only turn OFF and ON the TV and when you open the YouTube application, the Library page should now work!

Tip: If you can’t find how to clear the cache data on your TV, simply go to the next solution!

Solution #4 Reinstall The YouTube App!

reinstall the youtube tv

The clean installation will help YouTube to restore missing or corrupted files on your TV, hence this is one of the most powerful solutions so far.

However, removing an application from a TV is different on all television models, hence the steps below might not apply to your TV!

Remove Youtube on Android:

  • Select YouTube > press and hold the ClickPad Center > Play/Pause > Delete

Remove YouTube on Apple TV:

  • From Settings go to Apps > Downloaded Apps > YouTube > Uninstall

Now, when the application has been removed from your device you can open the App Store or Google Play and download YouTube back on your TV.

In case you’re using any other non-Android TV, there should also be a dedicated application store from where to get YouTube.

Note: You’ll need to sign into your account before you can view the YouTube Library!

Solution #5 Inspect Your Internet/WiFi

inspect your wifi

In case you’ve attempted everything so far but the YouTube TV library not working still, it’s time to check the WiFi/Internet connection.

If all else in the YouTube app is working, but only the Library is not loading, chances are that your internet is intact.

  • To be sure, simply turn OFF and ON your router/modem!

The next step would be to wait until your internet kicks back in and then make sure that your TV is connected to the WiFi.

Then we can open the YouTube app and check whether the Library page will now load normally. 

In case the problem is persistent, proceed with the next solution!

Solution #6 Check For YouTube & TV Updates!

Well, nothing else helped, the next step is to check for updates for the YouTube application and your TV’s firmware.

Again, this operation requires different steps for the different brands of TVs and operating systems so we’ve made universal steps that might not apply to you!

Update YouTube App:

update the youtube app

On both Android and Apple TVs, updating the YouTube app happens through the respective application store (App Store or Google Play).

Open the store, search for YouTube and check whether there is an available update that you can install now and test the application Library.

Update TV Firmware!

Updating any TV happens through Settings > About > Upgrade > Software Update.

However, always keep in mind that the menu on your TV might have different labelings so search through the tabs to locate the update option.

Note: Not all TVs update automatically so make sure to stay up to date!

YouTube Library Still Not Working?

Well, if you’ve attempted everything in the guide and the Library is still not working, perhaps there is a temporal server outage.

This is why there are a few ways to understand whether the issue is with YouTube Tv or something on your side.

youtube tv still not working
  • Simply, use Another Device to open the YouTube Library!

This could be your smartphone, tablet, or even computer, where the YouTube platform will be under a browser or mobile app.

In case you can’t see your Library on all devices, perhaps your account has been impacted by a suspension or there is temporal server maintenance.

Tip: Try accessing the YouTube Library again after 24 hours and if it is still not working, contact YouTube Customer Service for more assistance!

Quick Recap:

Hence, whenever the YouTube TV library not working we first need to restart the TV in order to refresh all services and then sign out and in the YouTube app.

In case that doesn’t help, reinstall the YouTube application and check for any TV Firmware Updates!

We hope that this guide was useful so for more relevant content check out our blog!

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