xbox one not loading home screen

Whenever the Xbox One not loading home screen, all odds are against the device software.

If your Xbox One doesn’t seem to be loading the home screen, in most cases, you wouldn’t even be able to reach the menu.

Even if that’s what’s happening, we got you covered since we have included different ways to restart your device and all services.

To fix your Xbox One from being stuck on the home screen, hard reset the device and then perform a power cycle using the power button. Next, reboot your console using an alternative power brick and adapter.

Now when having a better insight into what we’re going to be doing, let’s start with identifying the cause before attempting to resolve the problem.

Why Is The Xbox One Home Screen Not Loading?

If your Xbox One doesn’t seem to load at all, then your only possibility is to troubleshoot the console through its hardware.

By hardware, we mean power supply, hardware controllers, and of course how the buttons affect the device.

Here’s what could have happened to your Xbox One to prevent it from loading:

1. Power Problems

An issue with the power supply of your console might prevent it from loading up the home screen.

2. Controller Interference

A faulty controller is capable of interfering with your Xbox One’s functionality and ability to boot up and perform tasks.

3. Hardware Issue

Potentially damaged hardware might prevent your Xbox One from booting all the way to the home screen.

4. System Failure

As with every other software, the OS of your Xbox could have experienced a catastrophic failure. These types of errors are usually fixed by a system restart.

5. Wiring Issues

Hardware damage on the power supply components of your Xbox One could also prevent the device from booting at all.

Alert: Check whether you can reach the options of your Xbox. If possible, you can just straight to Solution #6.

How To Fix Xbox One Not Loading Home Screen?

fix xbox one not loading home screen

Before you continue, try to identify if your console can recognize any sort of inputs or it’s completely frozen.

If you can input commands, make sure to close ALL open applications and games. That will relieve your console utilization and maybe the home screen will load.

In case your Xbox is frozen or the home screen cannot load at all, proceed with the following:

Solution #1 Try Rebooting With Button

If your Xbox seems stuck without loading the home screen at all, there is one easy workaround past this problem.

You can try rebooting your Xbox One using the in-built hardware button on the front panel of the console.

Simply hold the power button for 10 seconds, until your Xbox One shuts down. Then wait for another minute while your Xbox is turned off and turn it back on.

You will want to give the device a couple of minutes to boot before trying to interact.

Solution #2 Hard Reset Your Xbox

hard reset xbox

Unlike the regular reboot, a hard reset works a little bit differently, as it discharges the electricity out of the device.

This is done by unplugging the power adapter and then reconnecting it after a certain amount of time.

Here’s how to hard reset your Xbox One:

  1. Turn OFF your console using the power button.
  2. Unplug the power adapter.
  3. Standby for 5 minutes until the console is discharged.
  4. Reattach the power adapter.
  5. Test.
Tip: If possible, avoid using any power strips to supply your console with electricity. 

Instead, connect the device into a standalone wall outlet for sufficient power delivery.

Solution #3 Try Booting With Different Controller

We assume that you have multiple controllers available to control your Xbox One.

If possible, try booting your console with an alternative Xbox controller, to determine if that would also be the issue.

Fortunately, you won’t have to do anything for your currently connected controller, but just boot the device using your second controller unit.

It will automatically connect with the Xbox one if it is close enough. Lastly, press the Xbox button to start your console.

Note: If the second controller was connected to a different console beforehand, make sure that you have the other console away from your Xbox One when starting it with the new controller.

Solution #4 Troubleshoot Xbox Wiring

check xbox wiring

A major factor you must consider when troubleshooting your Xbox’s issue is the power supply. More accurately, the power brick and adapter that connects to your console.

Since these components are often exposed to environmental damage, we suggest inspecting them closely.

Focus on the power adapter and power brick since if the power is being cut during startup your Xbox wouldn’t load the menu.

You should unplug and inspect the cables and reconnect them after, if everything seems well.

Note: Remember to test if your Xbox One will load the menu after you’re done.

Solution #5 Boot In Safe Mode

An easy workaround for interface issues is to try booting your Xbox in safe mode.

The safe mode will disable/stop many services which could be responsible for your problem, which will allow you to interact with the console’s menu.

Here’s how to boot your Xbox One in safe mode in easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Ensure that your Xbox One is up and running.
  2. Press the and hold Xbox and Eject button.
  3. Hold them down for 10 seconds.
  4. Make sure to hold both of them down until you hear the second beep.

The second beep indicates that the safe mode has been successfully booted.

Make sure to not turn off your console before you hear the second beep to avoid unwanted complications.

Note: If you managed to boot your console in Safe Mode, the problem is half-solved so jump straight to Solution #6 and fix the issue permanently.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Xbox One

factory reset xbox

If you’re here, we assume that you can reach the settings of your console so let’s proceed with the steps to factory reset the system and solve the problem for good.

Here is how to factory reset Xbox One:

  1. Press the Xbox button and enter the guide.
  2. Choose Profile & System.
  3. Go to Settings > System.
  4. Select Console Info.
  5. Choose Factory Reset.
  6. Select Reset and Remove everything.

Once the console’s OS is reinstalled, the menu problem should no longer be there and should be able to interact with your device without an issue.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix your Xbox One home screen freeze, try rebooting the console with the power button and perform a hard reset. Next, inspect the wiring (both the power brick and adapter) and boot the console in safe mode. If you can reach the settings, perform a factory reset.

Now that you know why Xbox One not loading home screen, we hope you were able to solve the issue with our solutions.

After all, contacting Microsoft will provide you with special attention and in case the problem is still there, that should be your next step.

Nicole B