why is my arlo battery not charging

Asking why is my Arlo battery not charging? We will answer that for you in this guide!

Your Arlo’s battery might not be charging due to several factors, including a problematic USB cable or power source.

Fortunately, we will provide you with the best solutions available, to help you troubleshoot the battery and solve your problem in minutes!

Your Arlo camera might not be charging if there is a problem with the provided USB cable. There can be an issue with the charging port on your camera or the battery itself. Lastly, the problem could be in the AC power adapter connected to the wall.

If you’re looking for a guide that will not only help you solve the problem but also identify where the problem is coming from, keep reading along.

Why Is My Arlo Battery Not Charging?

The very first suspect of a non-charging battery on Arlo is the power supply of your camera.

Next will discuss ALL potential causes, which will definitely help you take the first step of the troubleshooting.

Here is what might be preventing your Arlo camera from charging:

1. Faulty/Un-original USB Cable

Using a problematic USB cable other than the one supplied with your Arlo camera, might result in problems with the charging.

2. AC Power Adapter Issue

There could be an issue with the AC power adapter that you use to charge your Arlo camera.

3. Electrical Outlet Malfunction

Even if it is a rare occurrence, there could be a problem with the electrical outlet that you’re connecting the Arlo camera in.

4. USB Port Fault

If there is dirt within your camera’s USB slot, this could greatly interfere with the device’s power flow.

5. Battery Fault

A hardware malfunction with your Arlo camera, more accurately, a fault with the battery itself, will also prevent you from charging the device.

Now that we have the issues mentioned aside, let’s proceed with the troubleshooting guide!

How To Fix Problems Charging Arlo Batteries?

fix arlo battery not charging

Our guide below is arranged in order to help you identify where the problem is coming from so make sure not to skip any of the solutions.

Having that said, let’s start with the original USB cable:

Solution #1 Use Original USB Cable

Many users are struggling with the inability to charge their Arlo camera through a USB cable. That could be a problem only caused by a faulty or un-original USB unit.

As you probably know, Arlo supplies each of their Arlo cameras with an original USB cable, designed specifically for their product.

In that regard, we suggest using only the original USB cable to charge your Arlo unit.

If you’re somehow obstructed from using the original unit, then at least make sure that you’re connecting a functional USB cable.

If charging your Arlo camera is still impossible, then proceed with the next solution.

Solution #2 Try With Different Electrical Outlet

use different outlet

We suggest using a different electrical outlet to charge your Arlo camera. Make sure to use a proven-to-work and standalone wall outlet.

In other words, avoid plugging your Arlo into any sort of power dividers.

Even if you’re already using an electrical outlet in your household to charge your device, it is recommended to use a different one, at least until the end of this post.

Simply relocate all of your camera’s charging equipment and the device itself with another wall outlet and try the charging procedure again.

If that doesn’t work either, then perhaps you will find how to solve the problem in the next solution.

Solution #3 Clean The USB Port On Your Arlo

The electricity flow reaching your Arlo camera might be disrupted somewhere along the way.

One of these locations would be when there is an issue with the Arlo camera’s USB port.

This is why we suggest cleaning the USB port of your Arlo camera device to resolve problems with the electricity supply.

Follow the instructions down below to clean the USB port of your Arlo camera:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from your Arlo camera.
  2. Grab a wet napkin and clean around the USB port of your camera.
  3. Using a dry cloth, collect all of the dirt within the port.
  4. Blow once into the USB slot to get rid of the remaining dirt within the port.
  5. Try charging the camera.
Pro Tip: Plug the USB cable using mild force. Try twisting the cable within the port reaching further in to check whether your camera will start charging or not.

If, however, there is no sign of charging proceed with the next solution.

Solution #4 Change AC Power Adapter

change power adapter

When troubleshooting the power supply of your Arlo camera, it is also important to diagnose the AC power adapter that your Arlo’s USB camera connects to.

We assume that the adapter you’re using for charging purposes is already connected to the source, so proceed with the steps below to change the adapter:

  1. Unplug the AC power adapter from the wall outlet.
  2. Disconnect the USB cable from the current one.
  3. Grab a different AC power adapter and connect it to the same working source.
  4. Re-attach the USB cable and connect your camera to it.
  5. Connect the camera.
Note: The camera should be charging well with almost any USB power adapter.

If you’re still unable to charge the camera’s battery even with a new power adapter, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #5 Troubleshoot The Charging Station

Some Arlo users prefer using a charging station, to supply their camera with electricity.

There is a possibility that the charging station has gone faulty, thus, your Arlo camera won’t be changing anytime soon.

It isn’t much you can do regarding troubleshooting the charging station, except for a power cycle.

In case you’re using a charging station, simply unplug the station for a few minutes and plug it back in. After the power cycle, your Arlo camera should be charging.

In case there is no improvement and the camera still does not want to charge, well, there is one more thing to try. Let’s find out what!

Solution #6 Replace Arlo’s Battery

replace battery

If nothing from the solutions so far managed to help you, you can replace the entire battery of your device.

Fortunately, replacing your camera’s battery is not complex at all, so make sure to follow the instructions we’ve provided below.

Here is how to replace your Arlo camera’s battery:

  1. On your Arlo camera, press the button next to the charging port.
  2. Pull the camera out of the stand if it is attached already.
  3. Remove the battery by pulling or sliding it down.
  4. Grab a replacement battery.
  5. Align your new Arlo camera’s battery into the slot and close the compartment.
If your Arlo camera still refuses to charge, even with a brand new battery, we fear you might be due for a replacement. 

Maybe you should contact Arlo customer service first for a few more suggestions, but if nothing so far helped, all odds are against you.

Thus, to fix the charging of your Arlo camera, replace the USB cable and clean the USB slot. Use a different AC power adapter and try with a different electrical outlet as well. Inspect the charging station if you use one and if nothing works, replace the battery of your Arlo camera.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why is my Arlo battery not charging, we hope that we were able to help.

In case the problem is there even after all of our solutions then you should start considering getting a new Arlo camera.

Nicole B