why does my switch controller keep disconnecting

You might be asking why does my Switch controller keep disconnecting more often? This is a common issue with the console, and the good news is that you will be able to fix it.

Having this happen to you in the middle of your game is going to be frustrating, and this troubleshooting guide should help you resolve it.

If you have issues with your Switch controllers disconnecting, it should be a quick fix. Try manually disconnecting and reconnecting them through the Switch’s settings. This should refresh your device and the controllers and resolve the issue.

There are several reasons why your Switch controller keeps on disconnecting at random times.

Knowing the exact cause can help you perform the proper troubleshooting steps to fix it and allow you to play your favorite games uninterrupted.

Why Does My Switch Controller Keep Disconnecting?

Signal Interference

The Nintendo Switch’s controllers are usually connected via Bluetooth. One of the reasons why they keep disconnecting is signal interference.

This is especially true if you have lots of Bluetooth devices running. One of them might cause interference and cause your controllers to disconnect.

Software Bugs

Devices such as the Nintendo Switch can experience minor software glitches and bugs that can cause the controller to disconnect.

It’s usually nothing specific, and a quick restart or reconnecting should fix the problem.

A lot of controller issues are usually software-related, so you should be able to resolve them in no time.

Hardware Malfunction

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps and you are still experiencing controller disconnections, the problem is likely hardware.

However, this is rare, especially if you have a relatively new Switch.

How to Fix Switch Controller Keep Disconnecting

fix switch controller keep disconnecting

Now that you have an idea of the various causes of your Nintendo Switch controllers disconnecting, you are now ready to fix it.

You will need to do these troubleshooting steps so you can get your controllers to work.

These steps are all straightforward, and anyone should be able to perform these, even those without specialized hardware or software experience.

Solution #1: Disconnect and Reconnect Your Switch Controller

reconnect the controller

One of the most common fixes that you can try quickly is disconnecting and reconnecting your controllers.

This step should refresh the connections between your Switch and controllers.

If your problem is caused by connectivity issues and signal interference, these steps should fix it.

  1. Go to the Home Menu on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Select System Settings.
  3. Go to Controllers and Sensors.
  4. Choose Disconnect Controllers.
  5. Remove the controllers from the side of the console and slide them back in.

Note: If you are using Joy-Cons, sliding them into the side of your Switch will reconnect them automatically.

If you are using a different controller, you will need to manually pair via Bluetooth by going to Controllers and selecting Change Grip/Order.

Solution #2: Reboot Your Nintendo Switch

Another simple solution that you can try is rebooting your Nintendo Switch.

It’s a straightforward process that refreshes the software of your console. This process should get your controllers working again in no time.

Here are the steps you need to take to reboot your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Hold the power button for 3 seconds.
  2. Select Power Options and then choose Restart.
  3. Wait for your Nintendo Switch to power up and try your controllers.

Restarting your console can take some time.

Be patient and let it complete the power-up sequence as this refreshes the software and gives you the best chance to resolve the issue with your controller.

Note: If you have not turned off your device for quite some time, you can choose to turn it off by selecting Turn Off rather than Restart.

You will need to press the power button again for 3 more seconds to power up your Switch.

Solution #3: Recalibrate Your Controllers

recalibrate the controller

If none of the troubleshooting steps have fixed your problem so far, you can try recalibrating your Switch controllers.

This disconnects and reconnects the controllers to your console and should be enough to refresh the connection.

Here’s how to calibrate your Nintendo Switch controllers:

  1. Go to the Home Menu.
  2. Go to System Settings.
  3. Choose Controllers and Sensors.
  4. Click on Calibrate Control Stick.
  5. Select Motion Controls.

Note: This should calibrate your controllers and reconnect them to your console.

If your disconnection issue is due to a software fault, this should fix it and allow you to play your favorite game uninterrupted.

Solution #4: Update Your Nintendo Switch Software

One of the most effective ways to fix your Switch controller problems is to perform a software update.

It’s not going to be the most efficient one since it is going to take some time.

It’s not your first choice, but when you have tried almost everything, this is one step you need to take.

Here’s how to install the latest software on your Nintendo Switch:

  1. On your Switch, go to the Home Menu.
  2. Select System Settings.
  3. Go to System.
  4. Choose System Update.

If you have not updated your console’s software in a while, it will download the latest version.

This can take some time, so make sure not to turn off your Switch as it installs the update.

Note: Make sure to keep your Switch’s software updated to prevent problems like your controllers disconnecting.

It will also prevent other issues and resolve minor software bugs and glitches.

Solution #5: Reset Your Nintendo Switch

reset the switch

If a software update fails to resolve your Switch controller disconnecting problem, it’s time to reset your console.

The cause of your issue may be deeper, and this is one way to get it working again without bringing it into the store for repair.

Here’s how to reset your Nintendo Switch back to factory settings:

  1. On your Switch’s Home Menu, go to System Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select System.
  3. Look for Formatting Options and choose Restore Factory Settings.
  4. Read the information on the screen and select Next.
  5. Confirm the reset by selecting Restore Factory Settings.

Note: Resetting your Nintendo Switch will delete all your data. You will lose your saved data, screenshots, and personal settings.

Make sure to back up your game saves so you won’t lose them completely.

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Thus, if your Nintendo Switch controller keep disconnecting, the first thing you need to do to fix it is to reconnect the controllers. It is usually caused by interference, and this should restore the connection between the console and controllers. Rebooting your Switch should also help you resolve the issue.

Last Thoughts

Why does my Switch controller keep disconnecting? If you are always asking yourself this question, there is something wrong with your console.

The good news is that it’s not a major issue and following the troubleshooting steps described here should help you resolve it.

There are times when the cause is much deeper than just minor software bugs or signal interference.

If that’s the case, we recommend contacting Nintendo’s technical support as they will be able to help you better.

However, there’s no need to panic as a disconnecting Switch controller is a minor issue that could be fixed in a few minutes.

Nicole B