arlo camera won't sync

If your Arlo camera won’t sync no matter what you try, well, you’ve found the right post.

Here we’ll discuss the possible reasons why your camera would go off-sync and how to solve the issue as soon as possible.

If your Arlo camera refuses to sync, then you must check the battery status and ensure the camera is in close proximity to the base station (SmartHub). Next, you’ll need to re-install the application, reconnect it and perform a factory reset.

There is much more behind the solutions than just this. Keep reading as next, we’ll unveil ALL possibilities behind the problem and then proceed with the solutions.

Why Does Arlo Camera Won’t Sync With The Base Station?

If your Arlo camera refuses to sync with the base station, we might be looking at various causes in that case.

Everything from insufficient charge to internal battery issues could also be a possibility so you’ll have to inspect this as well.

Besides the battery/power issues here is what else might have happened:

1. Out of Range

If your Arlo camera is not close enough to the base station, it will lose its signal, therefore the sync will be disrupted.

2. Camera Not Synced in General

The sync button on your Arlo camera must be pressed, once connected to the base station in order for the device to sync.

3. App Issue

If you’re syncing through the mobile app, it is possible that something went wrong, thus the camera will not be able to sync with the base station.

4. Base Station Issue

Lastly, a problem with the base station itself might be responsible for the problem.

Your problem is most likely to be related to one of the above-mentioned causes and if so, we’re about to solve it.

How To Fix Arlo Pro Camera Won’t Sync?

fix arlo camera won't sync

To begin, we suggest taking your Arlo camera as close as possible to the base station.

The sync might be intact, but if the range is insufficient, your camera will fail in transferring the sync protocols and produce issues.

If relocating your camera didn’t help, here are the top-rated solutions:

Solution #1 Retry The Sync

As you probably know, your base station would have a sync button, responsible for pairing the cameras by itself.

The best way to sync all of your Arlo cameras to the base station is by pressing that button.

Press the sync button on your Arlo camera to retry syncing with the base station.

Keep in mind that your base station should be connected to the internet otherwise, the Arlo camera will not be able to discover it.

Note: If you still haven’t taken into consideration relocating your camera closer to the base station, now is the time to do so. 

Users report that this is the most frequent cause, preventing your devices to sync.

Solution #2 Hard Reset The Base Station

If your Arlo camera has trouble syncing with the base station, perhaps there is something wrong with the device.

This is why we suggest performing a hard reset on the device to fix out any potential power fluctuations or network outages.

To undertake a hard reset on your base station, please follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your base station’s power cord from both ends.
  2. Wait for ~5 minutes for the device to discharge completely.
  3. Re-attach the cable once that time has elapsed.

After re-attaching the power adapter, turn on your base station and retry the syncing with the instructions in Solution #1.

Solution #3 Re-Attach Base Station Ethernet Cable

ethernet to base station

In order for your base station to be able to connect with the internet, it must be connected to your router via Ethernet cable.

It is possible that something went wrong with the cable, therefore your base station will not be discoverable by any of your cameras.

We suggest re-attaching the internet source of your base station or the Ethernet cable if you’re using one.

Make sure the cable is in good health and ensure no hardware damage has been inflicted on it. Prevent any twists on the cable’s body, and make sure that the entry is blinking.

If the cable is not blinking at the port where it is connected, then there is no data transfer and you’ll need to identify the problem.

Note: You can track your base station’s internet status from the app and re-arrange the troubleshooting depending on the outcome.

Solution #4 Replace Problematic Arlo Camera’s Battery

If the issue doesn’t seem to be with the base station, then we suggest taking your Arlo’s battery out of the compartment and replacing it.

We will guide you through the entire battery-related process in the steps down below:

  1. Take your Arlo camera off the wall and place it upside down.
  2. Loosen the screws on the bottom of the camera and use the safety latch to eject the battery cover.
  3. First, re-insert the battery and try syncing with the base station again.
  4. If it didn’t work again, then replace the battery with a brand new one.
  5. Make sure to re-install the compartment before installing the camera back to the stand.

Once you’re done replacing the battery, retry the sync with the instructions in Solution #1.

Solution #5 Re-Connect The Base Station

If your Arlo camera won’t sync even after a battery replacement, we suggest re-connecting the base station to your mobile Arlo app.

This way any potential issues with the app connectivity should be gone and your Arlo camera will finally be able to sync.

To re-connect your base station from the Arlo app, follow the instructions down below:

  1. Open the Arlo app on your mobile phone. (We suggest reinstalling the app to make sure no issue is found in the software)
  2. Go to the Devices tab and locate your base station.
  3. Tap the “X” to remove your base station.
  4. Make sure the base station is attached to the Ethernet cable and the LED is blinking.
  5. Tap on “Add Device” in the Arlo app and follow the on-screen prompts to re-connect your base station to the app.

After you’re done, go over to the problematic camera and tap the Sync button again. If the process fails yet again, then proceed with our next solution.

Solution #6 Reset Your Arlo Camera

reset your arlo

If nothing has worked so far we have tightened the circle of possibilities down to the camera unit.

We suggest resetting your Arlo camera to default factory settings.

The reset process will differ, depending on whether your Arlo camera is connected to the cloud (through the base station) or not.

Down below we have prepared two separate guidelines depending on your case:

How To Reset Arlo Camera While Connected?

To reset your Arlo camera while it is connected to the cloud, follow the instructions we have displayed down below:

  1. Go to your Arlo app and enter the “My Devices” tab.
  2. Tap on “Remove Device”.
  3. Confirm the prompt that appeared.

Once you’re done, re-add the device by scanning the QR code in the “Add Device” tab in your Arlo app.

How To Reset Arlo Camera While Disconnect?

Here is how to perform a factory reset on your Arlo camera if it’s not connected to the cloud:

  1. Press and release the Sync Button on top of your camera until you hear a click.
  2. Grab your phone and hold the camera 4-8 inches away from the QR code.
  3. Wait for several minutes.

You’re done! Your Arlo camera has been reset to default settings so feel free to sync it with the base station.

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Bottom Line:

If your Arlo camera isn’t syncing with the base station, try hard resetting the station and replacing the battery. Take your camera closer to the base station to test and reconnect the station to your mobile app. If nothing works, proceed with a factory reset.

Now that you know why the Arlo camera won’t sync, you can at least try our solutions to see if they will help.

If however, you’re still not able to sync the camera, that might mean a faulty unit and you’ll have to get in touch with Arlo customer service to discuss further.

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