who pays for power surge damage

Your electronics are dead and you’re wondering who pays for power surge damage? You’ve come to the right place to learn everything you need to know!

In this post you’ll learn who pays for damage caused by a power surge, does insurance company covers that damage and how can you prove that the damage was caused by a surge.

In addition, you’ll learn how the power company fits into this image and what’s the best thing you can do in a situation like this.

The power surge damage in regard to electronics can be covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. Specifically, the personal property coverage may protect you, but it really depends on how the power surge happened in the first place.

Let’s learn more about the institutions that can actually help and then proceed with the most common questions that users in the same position as you are asking.

Who Pays For Power Surge Damage?

power surge damages

In overview, the electricity provider in your city, won’t be held responsible for any damage caused to your household or electronics during a power surge.

It would be close to pointless to call them and search for your rights.

The insurance on the other hand might recover what has been lost during the power surge, if not everything then partly.

It greatly depends on what caused the power surge and whether you’re anyhow responsible for the electronics that have been harmed during the surge.

Practically, if you don’t have insurance, there won’t be anything you can do.

The electricity provider company usually tells all of its customers to unplug all of the electronics whenever there is a power outage.

This way you can avoid some of your electronics getting burnt whenever the power comes in rapidly after.

Let’s learn more about the insurance company and whether you can seek responsibility and recovery of your damage.

Does Insurance Company Cover Power Surge Damage?

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Unlike the electricity provider, the insurance company might replenish some of what has been lost during the power surge.

As we’ve mentioned previously, it is really dependent on what actually caused the power surge.

In order for the insurance company to cover your power surge damage, you must prove that your electronics are actually malfunctioning.

Down below we have provided the most important points you must take into consideration whenever proving potential power surge damage inflicted on your devices.

What Are The Signs Of Power Surge Damage?

A visible power surge could be identified by taking multiple factors into consideration. The first and most important is the given electronics’ functionality.

If the device refuses to work after the power came in, then for sure it has been a victim of the recent power surge.

You must always take into consideration the acrid and the burnt odor around the device or the given power source.

If the device was connected to a strip or divider, it may also require resetting to give its functionality back.

To justify that your device is dead, try connecting the device directly into a standalone power outlet.

What Electronic Could Become Victim Of Power Surge?

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It is good to understand better what type of electronic might have become a victim of power surge damage.

In a variety of cases, devices & electronics that are directly connected to the power source may have become victims of the power surge in your household.

Smaller consumers, for instance, smartphone devices that are charging or other electronics around ~50 watts, will most likely be safe from power surges.

Larger consumers, such as computers, televisions, monitors, and so on, are most likely to be burnt after a power source if left connected to the power source.

Note: Most electronics these days, have their own power surge protection.

For example, the power brick of your computer is going to protect other parts by consuming the damage from the power surge.

Yes, the power brick won’t function anymore but at least the other hardware is safe.

What To Do With Faulty Devices After A Power Surge?

You might be wondering what’s your next step once you’ve identified the faulty devices after the power surge?

The right answer would be that you should contact your personal homeowner’s insurance.

Keep in mind that only with insurance, you will be able to cover any potential losses after a power surge. You will want to call your insurance company and invite them to take a look at your faulty device.

They will identify what’s the reasoning behind the device’s malfunction and provide you with further details upon refund acceptance.

If you’re anyhow responsible for the device’s damage, the insurance company won’t be covering any losses.

It is best to provide them with all details once they arrive at your household or when you simply bring them the faulty device.

Note: It’s not necessary for you to have all devices unplugged from the power for the insurance organization to cover your losses.

Is The Power Company Responsible For A Power Surge?

power surge damage who pays

Unfortunately, No. The power surge company doesn’t have anything to do with your devices.

As long as the electricity is reaching your house and you’re getting reliable power all of the time, they don’t have anything you do with potential power surges you may go through.

Sometimes weather can be responsible for a power surge, but there is nobody to blame in a situation like this.

Even if you call them as a result of a power surge that caused any of your household electronics to malfunction, they won’t recover anything.

The only audible thing you can do is get a homeowner’s insurance company.

As long as you’re not responsible for any damage caused to your household, they will take care, including whenever there is a power surge killed any of your electronics.

To cover losses in regard to a power surge that involves electronics, you must get homeowner’s insurance. Unfortunately, the power company won’t cover any losses and you’ll only be wasting your time. Inspect the problem, call your homeowner’s insurance company and get things over with.

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Bottom Line:

After learning who pays for power surge damage, we hope you were able to justify the damage the power surge has done and get a refund on some of your electronics.

Even if rarely, homeowner insurance could definitely come in handy in a situation where a power surge has caused damage to your household!

If this guide has helped you, don’t forget to check out more of our posts to find solutions to other inquiries you might have.

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