who can i hire to install a tv antenna

In case you’re wondering who can I hire to install a TV antenna, this will be the most important read for you today.

Before hiring you’ll need to consider several essentials such as your location, terrain, building, and the nearest broadcast tower.

Paying attention to these things, you’ll have a good setup plan to share with the antenna company and hire them to perform the installation.

Users most frequently hire antenna installation services because it’s not safe. The contractors know the best place for your antenna and consider many factors such as facing direction, surface, obstacles, and reliability of your setup.

Why Hiring a Professional Antenna Installation?

Installing an outdoor TV antenna on your own always comes with pros and cons, where the downsides are not worth the money you’ll save.

Surely you’ll learn how a TV signal works but when your signal is not that great, you might regret not hiring a team to perform the installation.

installation by professional

The good side of installing the antenna on your own is that you’ll feel more confident to make changes when necessary.

However, the contractor would probably know the best place to optimize your signal and no changes will be necessary.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hiring a professional:


  1. A perfect antenna positioning.
  2. Reliable and installation.
  3. Optimized channel reception.
  4. No tools from the user’s side are necessary.
  5. Minimal surroundings damage.
  6. Covered by insurance.


  1. Small to no experience gained.
  2. Spending extra money.
  3. You may need to wait for your schedule.
Note: A professional antenna installation includes everything from setting up the cables to securing the antenna and mast.

How Much Antenna Installation Costs?

The price of the antenna installation depends on several factors.

Based on the type of your antenna (indoor, outdoor, or Attic), the price is different and reflects the necessary labor.

In addition, the antenna installation company would also consider other things such as the positioning of the antenna, and whether you need cable installation.

cost of installation

Users should expect to pay from $200 to $300 for professional antenna installation.

The cost does not include the antenna itself and the necessary cables for the installation.

This would be the flat price of only performing the installation process.

However, in this price are included other things such as insurance, guaranteed good signal and safety.

Note: The general price dependency is the type of antenna.

Who Can I Hire To Install A TV Antenna?

The antenna installation requires the professional team to come over to your home, inspect the terrain and building and create a plan to follow.

This is why you need to look for an antenna installation contractor in your local area.

You should hire only professional services and not an uncertified sole trader!

To locate an antenna contractor near you, feel free to check online by including the name of your city, state, or even country.

The installation can be scheduled for a day on which you’ll be home to welcome the technicians.

Before You Hire?

hire whom

When hiring a contractor, you should definitely describe your circumstances and what are your concerns in regard to the setup.

To schedule an antenna installation, the servicing company always acquires a bunch of information in regard to the surrounding circumstances.

This is why you’ll have to prepare this information:

  • Antenna type (outdoor or indoor)
  • Installation area (surface, obstructions, and height)
  • Existing cable installation (yes or no)
  • Possession of all necessary equipment
Alert: The presence of the owner in the home is required on the scheduled installation day.

What To Expect?

You should expect a good outcome. When you’re working with professionals you can count on a good installation, strong and tested signal as well a long-lasting operation.

In most cases, the contractors change the discussed installation plan to place the antenna in an even better place.

This is possible only when they arrive on-site and take a good look at the environment to determine where the best antenna location is.

Tip: Take any recommendations and ask about the installation process to acquire experience!

How Much You Should Pay For Antenna Installation?

pay attention

The antenna installation point price is usually on the scale. To determine the price of your installation you would need to calculate everything included in the setup.

Here are the three questions that determine your antenna installation costs:

  1. How many Antenna points do you need?
  2. Do you have the necessary cable equipment?
  3. How high and accessible is the installation point?

You may need add-ons such as inference filets to remove issues with the reception such as radio wave signals.

They typically cost about $10 – $20, based on the specific case. In some cases, you may have additional labor charges due to the installation process.

Who Do You Hire To Mount A TV?

For a TV installation prices and surrounding factors are different in a bad way.

The fragile nature of the newest smart TVs makes them hard to install in tricky locations.

Small mistakes such as panel damage could cost users quite a lot so the contractors need to be extremely careful.

You should hire certified TV mounting professionals.

Another recommendation is to hire a contractor that includes the mount for your TV to avoid compatibility problems.

TV Mount & Service Cost?

tv mount cost

These are two separate things. When you buy a TV you only receive the TV stand (legs), allowing you to position the TV on a flat surface.

You’ll need a wall TV mount, compatible with the TV model which contractors frequently offer to research and bring with them.

An average cost of a TV installation is between $160 and $370. You could pay as low as $90 and go as high as $1,200.

The price depends on your TV size, installation area, and possession of the TV mount.

Professional Vs Self Antenna Installation?

To wrap things up we can safely conclude that paying for a professional antenna installation is the best way to go.

The complexity of the project requires professional-level experience, good research about your location, and the necessary tools.

In addition, when hiring a professional you should keep your eyes open for promotions, and seasonal discounts.

The entire thing could turn out to be less expensive to hire a professional, instead of positioning the antenna on your own.

Note: The safety risk always comes first in determining the labor price and hassle price.

Quick Recap:

Hence, hiring an antenna installation contractor would be the best option for users to guarantee long-lasting performance. Users should research prices and discuss with more than one antenna installation service before hiring.

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Last Thoughts:

Now when we’ve answered the question “who can I hire to install a TV antenna?”, you can make the purchase and count on a good setup.

You will spend some extra money, but you won’t be bothered to reposition the antenna since you’ll know that it’s in the best possible place.

Users need to perform thorough research to find the balance between price and experience since this could be the difference between ALL your favorite channels or just some of them.

Nicole B