white-rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake

When the White-Rodgers Thermostat Blinking Snowflake, it generally means that the device is in a lockout mode which occurs only to prevent fast compressor cycles.

If your snowflake is blinking in most cases, it also blocks the fan from working, thus your thermostat will be generally unusable.

To stop the snowflake icon from blinking you’ll need to check if the thermostat is installed properly and if both internal switches are in their rightful position. Then you should take a look at the air filters and if they are dirty, replace them.

For most of you, the oversimplified guide above might not be enough, so we highly recommend reading more about the causes first and then proceeding with the detailed solution guide.

Why Is The White-Roger Thermostat Snowflake Blinking?

Here we’ll go over the most frequently reported causes for a non-stop blinking snowflake icon on your thermostat.

Depending on whether the snowflake started blinking after the initial thermostat installation or suddenly, you’ll be able to filter out the causes and apply only the case aligning solutions.

Here is what users report regarding the blinking snowflake:

1. Bad Installation

If wires or internal switches are not connected or set properly, you’ll be facing thermostat limitations, thus the snowflake will blink.

2. Dirty Air Filters

We’re speaking of extreme cases in which the airflow is no longer capable of delivering the expected results and endangering the entire HVAC system.

3. Worn-out Batteries

Replacing the batteries is always the perfect first step!

4. Thermostat OS Glitch

These devices have software on their own, which is just like many software, and sometimes it simply glitches. By performing a reset you’ll be able to exclude this possibility.

These are the most frequent causes, and your problem is most likely to be related to one of them.

Next, we’ll start addressing each possibility and by the end of the post, your snowflake icon should be gone!

How To Fix White-Roger Thermostat Blinking Snowflake?

fix white-rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake

We highly recommend executing the solutions one by one so you can cover as much ground as possible without having to apply unnecessary steps.

Also, it is extremely important to wear flip-flops or at least stand on your carpet while interacting with the wires of your thermostat to prevent being shocked!

With that being said, let’s start with the first solution:

Solution #1 Re-Install The Thermostat

The number one reason why the snowflake would be blinking is if the thermostat was not set up correctly in the first place.

Here we’ll help you check if everything is connected properly, especially the wires.

Here is how to properly set up your white-roger thermostat:

  1. Open the front panel to unveil the wires.
  2. Take both batteries out (if possible, replace them right away).
  3. Take a screwdriver so you can diss-attach the wires from their tunnels.

How Should Wires Be Connected?

You’ll be seeing 4 wires (yellow, green, white, and red). Each of them goes into a specific hole on the green terminal block.

There should be 10 holes in total on the terminal block, and here is how your wires should be connected:

Note: From left to right.

  • Yellow wire – In the fourth hole
  • Green wire – In the fifth hole
  • White wire – In the sixth hole
  • Red writes – In the 10th hole

Even if the wires are connected this way, make sure to take them out and reconnect them again paying attention to the screw.

Make sure that the wire is all the way in and the screw is squeezing it tightly.

Solution #2 Put Internal Switches In Correct Position

Inside your thermostat, under the terminal block (slightly on the left) there should be 2 switches in total.

Before you begin, make sure to take the batteries out again, so you can prevent getting shocked.

– The Left Switch

The switch has 2 positions, ELE and GAS. Make sure that it is on GAS.

– The right Switch

Again, two positions (O & B), it depends on how your wires are connected, in our case, it should be on O.

Once both switches are rightfully set, put the batteries back in and check if the snowflake will be blinking.

If the snowflake is still there, the problem might be in the system switch so let’s find out!

Solution #3 Set The System Switch To COOL

If outside is either too hot or cold, switching your thermostat’s mode suddenly might enable the lockout mode.

The lockout or also known as “delay mode” will instantly stop the compressor cycles which will result in a blinking snowflake and non-working fan.

You’ll need to check if the system switch is set on HEAT and if it is turn it to COOL.

If, however, the switch is on COOL position, simply switch it to HEAT, wait 5 seconds and go back to COOL.

Once done, the thermostat should make a clicking sound which means that it’s working and the snowflake should no longer be blinking.

Solution #4 Inspect The AirFlow

If you haven’t put your airflow under maintenance for a long period of time, it is possible that dirt in your air filters could eventually restrict the health of the airflow.

Users report that there is no effective way to clean the filters yourself and the only way out would be to replace them.

Take a look at your air filter’s conditions. If they are dirty, you will definitely need a replacement.

We suggest proceeding with the rest of the solutions first to exclude as many possibilities as possible before spending money.

Note: Airflows should be cleaned once per 2-3 weeks on average to avoid heavy restriction when it comes down to heating/cooling of your AC.

Solution #5 Reset Your Thermostat

In order to factory reset your thermostat, the system switch must be either on cooling or heating.

A reset will as well erase all current cooling/heating configurations you’ve made on your thermostat, so make sure to memorize anything you will be wanting to restore later.

Here is how to reset your thermostat:

  1. Make sure your thermostat is on.
  2. Locate the UP, DOWN, and TIME buttons on your thermostat’s hardware.
  3. Hold all of them for ~15 seconds until you see the LED blinking.
  4. Release the button and wait.

It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes until your thermostat is reset and ready to go!

To fix the snowflake icon on your White-Rodgers thermostat, first, re-install the whole thermostat and inspect the airflow’s condition. Next, you can set the system switch to COOL, put the internal switches in the correct position and factory reset the thermostat.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to fix the White-Rodgers thermostat blinking snowflake issue, we hope that with the help of our solutions you should have no difficulties fixing the problem.

In the end, you can always get in touch with your manufacturers to get this case enveloped even further!

If you find this post helpful but you’re facing other issues with your thermostat, make sure to check our blog where you’ll most likely find the exact solution you need!

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