what to do if you lost your led light remote

Wondering what to do if you lost your LED light remote

This guide has all the solutions you need and only takes a few minutes to read.

When you’ve lost the remote control of your LED lights they can still be used to a certain degree, based on whether the lights are smart or non-smart.

Let’s learn more!

The LED lights can be turned ON/OFF without a remote but the color can’t be changed if the lights are non-smart, therefore they don’t have a remote application. In case you’ve lost the remote of your smart LED lights, there is absolutely nothing you can’t do!

Let’s learn more about how you can operate LED lights without having a remote!

I Lost My LED Light Remote What Do I Do?

i lost led light remote

There is no need to worry if you have lost your LED lights remote. We first need to identify whether your LEDs are smart or non-smart.

We can easily do that in just a minute!

Search for the LEDs mobile application in the App Store or Google Play!

The main thing to remember is that not all apps are compatible with LED lights.

Getting a model number from the manual will help you to check compatibility and whether your light device is smart or not.

Keep in mind that you cannot wirelessly control non-smart LEDs without a remote!

Note: The remote of non-smart LEDs only allows color change and mode selection!

What Can I Do With No Remote?

what can do without remote

It’s important to remember that when we’ve got our LED light connected to the mobile app, we don’t need a remote at all.

ALL of the functionalities including color/brightness, ON/OFF state, and everything else can be discovered in the app’s settings.

Let’s next learn what we can do with no mobile app and no remote:

  • Turn ON/OFF the LED lights
  • Change the brightness (dimmer switch)
  • Connect via Bluetooth (if supported)

The only downside of not having a remote or mobile app is that you won’t be able to change the color or enter, for example, pulsating mode or auto color change.

Let’s proceed further now!

Note: The LED lights need to connect with Wi-Fi to operate properly with the mobile app!

What To Do If You Lost Your LED Light Remote?

There are many alternative ways that you can use to operate your LED lights as you want.

This is because buying a new remote is not the best solution every time.

Next, we’ll discuss all the ways in which you can use any to operate your LED lights so let’s jump right in!

Method #1 Use the QR Code

use the qr code

One of the easiest methods to discover a compatible application with your LEDs is to scan the QR code which is on the device’s box.

This should redirect you toward the application of the lights and you’ll be able to download and install the software easily. Let’s learn more!

Simply open the Camera on your smartphone and focus on the QR code on the box!

After a few short seconds, you should be redirected straight to the compatible mobile app for your LED lights.

This should provide you with enough control to not need a remote anymore!

Note: When scanning the QR code, include the entire symbol on the camera!

Method #2 Use Magic Home App!

use the magic home app

When the LEDs remote is lost or damaged, then there is no need to worry because you can still operate LED lights without purchasing a new remote.

When you can’t find the QR code on the lights box or the application, simply download the Magic Home App and connect.

Let’s move forward to know how you can operate LED lights:

  1. Connect your LED lights to a power source. 
  2. Download the Magic Home app
  3. Turn ON the LED lights.
  4. Tap on the “+” icon on the top-right.
  5. Tap on Add New Device!
  6. Try to discover the LED lights in the application.
  7. Connect to the lights when they appear.

When your lights are connected, you’re ready to use them without having the remote control.

In case the application could not discover the LEDs, there are other methods that will provide you with enough control to be able to forget that you’ve ever lost or broken your remote!

Method #3 Install Dimmer Switch

install a dimmer switch

Another way to control LED lights is to install a dimmer switch in your home. It will help you to adjust the LED lights’ brightness.

Moreover, it will also prevent all your home devices from voltage spikes by keeping the current low and constant. 

In case you already have a dimmer switch, simply install the LED bulb that you’ve lost the remote into the lights socket to regain functionality.

This is the best you can do without having a remote or connection to the mobile app. We can’t do anything else with non-smart LEDs.

Let’s next learn more about what to do when I can’t find my led light remote!

Can’t Change Color Without Remote?

cant change without remote

However, in case the LED bulb is stuck on a certain color since non-smart LEDs’ color can be changed via the remote.

Then the bulb keeps that color even when turned ON/OFF from the switch, which makes it impossible to change the color without a remote.

  • To reset the bulb to the default color, disconnect the bulb from the power (socket)! 

Keep the bulb disconnected for at least 60 seconds to perform a power cycle, which should return to the default color (white or warm white). 

Alert: You cannot change the color of a non-smart LED without a remote!

So, as you can see that there are many ways still available to operate LED lights without the remote to a certain degree.

This is what happens if you lost your led light remote…

Feel free to test the methods above and enjoy your LED lightning!

How To Operate LEDs From Anywhere? (No Remote)

how to operate led

Due to technology advancements, you can handle most of your smart household devices from anywhere.

Fortunately, you can also operate your LED lights and even other devices as well from anywhere just by using the mobile application.

You can control the LEDs from anywhere as long as both devices are connected to WiFi.

Moreover, by using smart switches at your home, you can operate every smart device from anywhere.

You can even schedule when the lights turn on and off.

For all this process, just seek some professional for the installation and connect every device to their compatible mobile apps. 

Note: You need a good internet connection on your mobile to operate all devices from outside!

LED Lights Not Working Without Remote?

the led lights not working

In case you’ve attempted everything in our guide and you’re not able to operate your LEDs without a remote, then you’ll have to get one!

There are universal LED remotes that will restore the functionality of your lighting equipment so let’s learn more!

  • You can find Universal LEDs Remote on Amazon for as low as $10!

These remotes come with a full battery so you won’t need to worry about this.

They would include ALL the buttons, including colors, modes, and settings of your previous device!

Good Luck!

Quick Recap:

Hence, you can control your LED lights without a remote by pairing them to the mobile application that you can find by scanning the QR code on the box. We’ve also learned that the LEDs can be turned OFF/ON and brightness can be changed by a dimmer switch!

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have discussed what to do if you lost your LED light remote.

Now you should be aware of all the methods you can utilize to regain control of your device.

We hope that this post truly helped with controlling your LED lights with a remote of any variety!

In case you need a replacement remote for your LEDs we strongly recommend the Universal Wireless IR Remote Controller for LED lights.

This is exactly what you need to regain control over your device and comes really cheap! Don’t miss that out.

Nicole B