what happens if you break contract with vivint

I’ve always wondered, what happens if you break contract with Vivint? Would the equipment still be functional or are they good as trash?

In this guide, I’ll be enlightening you as to whether it is possible to break a contract with Vivint or not.

Furthermore, I will also be walking you through what would happen after you cancel or terminate your contract with Vivint!

When you cancel your services or terminate the contract with Vivint, you’ll be able to keep the equipment. You can do whatever you want with it, however, you won’t be able to get monitoring services and other features that having a subscription has.

Can You Cancel a Contract With Vivint?

can cancel a contract with vivint

Many users report that canceling or ending a contract with Vivint is a total headache.

This is because their offers are flexible – you can get into the Vivint space on a month-to-month or via a 5-year contract.

However, there are certain situations and instances where Vivint allows contract cancelation:

  • Moving into an assisted living area
  • Medical discharge (active military service)
  • Deployment for military service
  • Bankruptcy
  • Death
NOTE: Vivint will require documentation as proof for any of these circumstances.

How Much is it to Cancel a Contract With Vivint?

how much to cancel contract

The cancelation fee for Vivint varies depending on which year you decided to terminate or close the services.

Recently, I was able to review that canceling in your 1st year, the cancelation fee will be $300.

This fee goes down in the 2nd year, staggering down to $150.

In addition to these cancelation fees, it’s clear that you also need to pay off whatever amount is left on the contract.

So, what would happen with Vivint equipment after cancelation? Do you return them?

After knocking down how much you’ll need to pay when you decide to terminate the contract, let me go over these details intricately so you know what to expect.

What Happens if You Break Contract With Vivint?

how much cancel contract with vivint

Many people claim to be able to use the Vivint equipment even after cancelation, but is that even true?

For one, after you terminate the contract or cancel your services with Vivint, you won’t be required to send the equipment back simply because the moment you pay for it, it’ll already be yours.

When you cancel your Vivint service/subscription, your billing will be divided into two: the monitoring (service or subscription), and the equipment.

Of course, when you pay your equipment off, that will automatically be yours already.

Think of it like a mobile plan. When you pay your contract out, the company will not anymore chase after you for payments – you can cancel and stop their services as you like!  

But what about usage? Would you still be able to use your Vivint equipment even without a service or a subscription?

Can You Still Use Vivint Equipment After Cancelation?

can still use vivint equipment

Good news, because, the answer is yes, you get to keep your Vivint hardware even if you don’t have a contract and yes, you can use it!

There’s actually nothing special about these devices when you place them beside other security cameras – they function the same!

They only become special, of course, when there’s a plan.

How Can You Use Your Vivint Equipment Without a Service?

Now that we know you’ll still be able to use it, the big question is – how? What limits are there? How would you be able to use it?

To break it down for you in the fastest and easiest way, a Vivint subscription gives you:

  • Free Installation
  • Activation deals, discounts, and promos
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Tech support
  • Mobile app integration

That says it all. If you decide to ditch the service but keep the Vivint cameras installed, all these things will turn to dust.

What you’re left with would be installed cameras with motion detectors and sensors, and a surveillance camera.

You wouldn’t be able to use the mobile app, though, and you’ll only be able to see it on the panel where the clips are saved.

NOTE: I typically use a hard drive to store all the video recordings. The new clips are always the ones recorded – older ones automatically get overwritten by the new ones.

What Can You Do With Your Vivint Equipment?

what can do with vivint equipment

In my personal and honest opinion, these are the following things you can do with your Vivint equipment even without a package or subscription:

Keep Them For Security

It’s not like your cameras will turn off without a package or a subscription. You’ll still be able to use them but with limited access.

They’ll act like an old-school camera where all the recorded clips and videos will be stored on a local device or drive.

TIP: Home intruders will most likely back off when they see security cameras all around the house. 

So, you can keep your outdoor Vivint cameras in place to add a fear factor for straying intruders.

Moreover, your cameras will still be functional!

They might not work like how they used to with the monitoring service, remote access, and all, but they will still work!

Sell Them

sell equipments

Another thing you can do is to try selling your equipment. This will be the best thing to do if you don’t have any plans of using it.

In case you’re doubting, check out eBay. You’ll see that Vivint routers and panels are selling really fast.

When you do so, though, remember to perform a factory reset of it so that the seller wouldn’t be able to see saved or stored data on it.

Transferring Vivint to a New Person

This will mostly work if you are selling your house and if it has Vivint services installed.

You can transfer your Vivint services to a new person for a $99 transfer fee.

Now, most of the time, new owners would want to sign up on their own, and that’s not a problem!

In fact, the $99 transfer fee will automatically be waived if the person you’re transferring it to chooses to sign up with Vivint!

Can Vivint Work With Other Companies and Service Providers?

work with different service providers

Yes and no – let me explain.

Vivint is a brand that’s known for its exclusivity.

In fact, two of the most important hardware won’t be compatible with other providers and software – the Vivint panel or router and the Vivint cameras.

They’ll work just fine (without the added features), but you can’t use them if you have their exclusive service.

On the contrary, sensors, locks, and thermostats will work just fine with other home security systems and service providers.

Quick Recap

Breaking your contract with Vivint cancels the service, but you will be able to keep the equipment. You can choose to use it plainly, sell it, or transfer it to a new person. You wouldn’t be able to use your Vivint cameras and panels with other systems, though, so take note.

The Bottom Line

Want to know what happens if you break contract with Vivint? Don’t be alarmed, it’s not like you would pay thousands of dollars!

Yes, you’ll have to pay a cancelation fee and you’ll need to settle the entire contract price.

But that gives you the flexibility of owning the equipment and devices and the decision on what further steps you want to do with them.

Nicole B