vivint doorbell sound not working

So, your Vivint doorbell sound not working and you can’t tell whenever someone is at your doorstep?

Worry no further!

Your Vivint doorbell’ sound should be audible all across your household whenever someone is ringing it. If any issues with the sound occur, you can easily fix them with the solutions we’ve prepared for you in this guide!

To fix a Vivint doorbell that doesn’t have a sound, reboot the doorbell and power cycle the unit. Increase the volume of the doorbell and restart the panel. Next, replace the doorbell’s battery and execute a factory reset to fix the issue.

However, there are still some things we must get reviewed before troubleshooting, so check out what are the most common causes of this issue.

Why Is Vivint Doorbell Audio Not Working?

If no audio is being heard from your Vivint doorbell, this issue is most likely due to a problem with the volume.

If that’s the case, you can attempt to increase the volume of the doorbell in order to solve the problem you’re experiencing.

Guessing isn’t really going to take us anywhere, so let’s review the concrete information about this issue’s causes:

1. Low Doorbell Volume

Even if your doorbell is not being muted (volume lowered all the way), it can still be too quiet for you to hear it when someone’s ringing.

2. No Battery in Doorbell

One of the most often causes of the no audio problem is whenever your doorbell doesn’t have a battery or power.

3. Temporal Software Glitch

The software of your doorbell may be glitching, therefore killing the audio of someone ringing the doorbell.

4. The Doorbell is Offline

See, your doorbell will not ring whenever it is offline, thus, disconnected from the router and the network’s WiFi.

5. Hardware Problem

Lastly, the doorbell might have just gone faulty and there’s nothing you can do about it except deliver it for repair.

Let’s exclude the possibility of a lethal hardware problem for now and check what are the easiest ways to get this issue solved.

How To Fix When Vivint Doorbell Sound Not Working?

fix vivint doorbell sound not working

To fix the issue sufficiently by following our guidelines, make sure that you execute each solution in the correct order.

We mean that not following the order of our solutions may take longer to fix the problem, rather than consecutive troubleshooting.

With that out of the way, here’s how to fix your Vivint doorbell sound:

Solution #1 Increase Doorbell Volume

The first thing you should do is increase the volume of the doorbell.

Having the volume of your doorbell decreased all the way will prevent you from hearing whenever someone is ringing on the doorbell and that’s exactly why this issue has occurred.

In that regard, here’s how to quickly increase the volume of the Vivint doorbell:

  1. In your household, go to the SkyControl panel.
  2. Tap on your Vivint doorbell camera from the home page.
  3. Then, locate the volume slider on the screen.
  4. Increase the volume to your own preference.
  5. Exit the configuration of your Vivint doorbell.
  6. Close the SkyControl panel.
Note: Although you can increase the volume of the doorbell as you like, set it to a higher volume level to exclude this possibility.

Solution #2 Power Reset Vivint Doorbell

power reset vivint doorbell

A quick way to solve issues with your doorbell, especially if the problem is hardware-related, is the power reset process.

Some users also call this power cycle or hard reset and it practically discharges your doorbell out of its current electricity.

Here’s how to perform a power reset on your Vivint doorbell in easy steps:

  1. Disengage your doorbell off of the wall.
  2. Slide the battery cover and expose the battery unit inside of your doorbell.
  3. Take the battery out but remember its position first.
  4. Keep the battery out of your doorbell for 5 minutes.
  5. Re-insert the battery.
  6. Test.
Note: Pay attention to how you insert the battery inside of your doorbell so it matches the polarity.

Solution #3 Reconnect Vivint To WiFi

Your Vivint doorbell may have gotten disconnected from the WiFi, which will result in the device becoming offline.

connect vivint to wifi

Whenever your doorbell is offline, it won’t make any sound until it is connected to the WiFi and can make contact with the SkyControl panel.

Here’s how to connect your Vivint doorbell to the WiFi in easy instructions:

  1. Open the Vivint app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to Device Settings.
  3. Tap the panel that your doorbell is connected to (the SkyControl panel).
  4. Select WiFi line.
  5. Choose your own home WiFi.
  6. Insert the password for that WiFi you’re connecting the panel to.
  7. Tap on Confirm.
  8. Wait for the panel and the doorbell to get connected.
Note: Practically, connecting the SkyControl panel that has your doorbell in itself will also pair the doorbell with WiFi.

Solution #4 Restart SkyControl Panel

An issue with the SkyControl panel within your household, that the Vivint doorbell camera is already connected to, will result in a variety of issues.

Even when the panel isn’t making contact with the doorbell, Vivint will lose its ability to ring and you will experience the same issues you’re currently going through.

In that regard, here’s how to restart your SkyControl panel to solve the problem:

  1. Go next to your SkyControl panel.
  2. Tap on Displays via the home screen.
  3. Select the SkyControl panel that your doorbell is connected to.
  4. Choose Reboot.
  5. Confirm the prompt that will appear by tapping on “Yes”.
  6. Wait for the panel to be rebooted.
Note: Once having your SkyControl panel reboot, it may take a while for the doorbell to get connected and start producing sound again.

Solution #5 Reset Vivint Doorbell

vivint doorbell reset

Finally, you shall execute the factory reset on your Vivint doorbell to solve this problem.

Our solutions so far should have helped you, but if they did not, the factory reset is your only way to go before taking in the doorbell for a technical check-up.

Here’s how to factory reset the Vivint doorbell in easy steps:

  1. Grab ahold of your doorbell.
  2. On touch, feel the reset button on the bottom of the device.
  3. Hold the reset button down and wait.
  4. Once your doorbell says “Release now to factory reset”, the doorbell will initiate a reset.
Note: Do not let go of the reset button until you hear the voice message from your doorbell.

Thus, to fix a Vivint doorbell that does not produce any sound on a ring, first increase the volume and power reset the device. Next, make sure it’s connected to a working WiFi and restart the SkyControl panel. As a last resort, perform a factory reset to fix the problem.

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Bottom Line:

Although solving the Vivint doorbell sound not working is a relatively easy thing to do, make sure to contact a technician if our solutions didn’t help.

After all, the speaker inside of your doorbell may malfunction, which will either require a repair or the use of your warranty.

Nicole B