what does red light on ring camera mean

Have you ever wondered what does red light on Ring Camera mean? If you ever came across this and you’re not sure what it’s for, don’t fret!

In this guide, we’ll be discussing everything connected to it, from what it is, what it’s telling you about your Ring camera, as well as how you can get rid of it!

If you have a blinking or solid red light on your Ring Camera, it could mean a few different things and to get rid of it, turn the VPN off from the device you’re using to control the camera. Then, go through the setup process again and proceed to reinstall the Ring app.

Before fixing it, let us first try to unravel the causes of the red light on your Ring camera.

So, What Does Red Light on Ring Camera Mean?

red light on ring camera

You’re here simply because the manual that comes with your Ring Camera has nothing to say about what these light indicators mean. The company expects that the red light is something that’s a no-brainer.

However, we have determined four (4) of the most common reasons as to why you may see solid or blinking red lights on your Ring Camera.

These include setup problems, password errors, infrared sensors, and lastly, LED errors.

The Setup Has Failed

One of the most common would be because the setup of your Ring camera has failed.

The flashing red light means that the setup wasn’t successful and that you need to perform or go through the setup process again.

An Incorrect Password Was Input

Another common reason for the flashing red light on your Ring camera is that the password input was incorrect.

This simply means that the Ring camera was not successful in connecting to the network.

Therefore, the features that work or function via WiFi wouldn’t work.

The Camera is in Low Light or Dark

The red light could also turn on when you hear an audible click. This is when a Ring Indoor Cam’s infrared sensor turns on.

The PIR sensor turns on the infrared sensor on a Ring Indoor Cam when the room has low light or becomes dark.

Then, the camera turns on night vision because there’s not enough light to detect.

The light will come on even if it is in [HOME] mode and not set to record or send motion notifications.

Then, the red light will turn off when you turn the light on. If you have a Ring Spotlight Camera, the red lights will turn off when the floodlights are to go and turn on.

The LED Failed (Contains Errors)

Last, but most definitely not least is that it could be an LED error indicator. What this means is the LED on your Ring camera/s failed.

Since the LED light on Ring Doorbells indicates the status or the action your cameras are on, it’ll be difficult for you to determine what’s happening.

It could give you misleading errors, it can be due to misinformation, and many more!

So, what can you do to overcome this? What steps should you take to get rid of the red light on your Ring Doorbell?

How to Get Rid of Red Light on Ring Doorbell?

red light on ring camera meaning

Regardless of the reason why the red light on the Ring Doorbell is showing, there are a few troubleshooting steps to follow to help you get rid of it.

Here are the steps to take if your Ring Camera will not complete the setup.

Step #1: Temporarily Disable Your Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs have been known to be a solution for most connection problems.

But, since Ring Doorbells function in accordance with location, you might want to try it out.

Follow these steps to temporarily disable your VPN:

  1. On your phone/tablet or PC/laptop, access the VPN service you’re using.
  2. Navigate to the switch or where you turn it off or turn it on.
  3. After that, toggle the VPN and turn it off.
  4. Wait for your device’s connectivity to reset.

NOTE: You’ll want to remember to turn your VPN back on after setup. This is to keep your internet connection private or if you are using it for something else.

Step #2: Restart the Setup Process

Then, what you want to do is to restart the setup. To do this, press the Camera’s setup button, and then complete the process in the Ring app.

For this step, you’ll have to reconnect your camera to the network again.

This is where you have to ensure that you are linking or connecting to the correct one and ensure that you’re inputting the correct password.

If the red light turns off, then that means the setup is complete. Instead of red light, you should see a solid blue light.

However, if the red light is still flashing or turned on, proceed to the 3rd step, which is…

Step #3: Reinstall the Ring App

If the red lights are still flashing after you go through the setup process again, try to uninstall and reinstall the Ring app on your device.

The uninstall process will depend on what device you’re using. Therefore, you’d have to follow the guide particular to it.

But the standard way on how you can do this would be:

  1. On your device, go to All Apps.
  2. Press and hold the Ring app until you see More Options.
  3. After that, tap Uninstall or X on the app to remove it from the system.

Once you get the confirmation that it’s been uninstalled, proceed to download it again.

Step #4: Reset the Camera

If the red light is still blinking after reinstalling the Ring app, try resetting the camera.

To do the reset, press and hold [SETUP] on the camera for about 20 seconds.

What this does is erase and reset all settings back to their original state.

How Do I Turn Off Infrared Sensing on My Indoor Camera?

The Indoor Camera’s Modes feature allows you to change some behaviors of your Ring Camera based on its Mode.

However, these options do not include turning off the infrared setting while in Home Mode.

However, if the clicking sound and red light are bothersome when you are home, you can always turn it off.

How to Turn off the Infrared Light in the Ring App:

  1. Go to the menu at the top left of the screen in your Ring phone app.
  2. Click on Devices and choose the Ring Indoor Camera for which you want to change settings.
  3. Click Device Settings > Video Settings.

Use the toggle to turn Infrared Lights for Night Vision off.

Note: Turning the ring light off will reduce the camera’s vision in dark and low light. You will also need to remember to turn it back on again when you leave home.

There’s Still Red Light on My Camera, What Should I Do?

In the event that the red light on your Ring Doorbell camera is still present even after doing all the troubleshooting steps we mentioned, the next best thing is to contact Ring.

Inform them of the steps you have done so they can give you a better, more accurate, and more urgent resolution.

If your Ring Camera has a solid or blinking red light, it indicates a setup failure, a wrong password in the app, night vision activation, or that it has an LED error.

So, disable VPN, try going through the setup process again by resetting the camera and uninstalling the Ring app, and make sure that you’re inputting the correct password for the network.

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Bottom Line

What does the red light on Ring Camera mean, you may ask? A red light – regardless of if it’s solid or flashing/blinking signals that there is something wrong with the device.

It could be with how it was set up, it could be due to an incorrect password – worse comes to worst, the hardware could already be the problem.

With our guide handy, you wouldn’t be troubled by it any longer! Even if this is your first time owning a Ring Doorbell, you’ll find our guide/tutorial simple and easy to understand!

Nicole B