vivint thermostat keeps changing temp

The Vivint thermostat keeps changing temp and you’re looking for an easy fix?

In that case, make sure to stick around with our guide! If the Vivint thermostat keeps changing temperatures without you or anyone else doing it, there could be an active schedule.

Otherwise, the problem is most likely related to a software problem that we’ll review in-depth.

Vivint may be changing temperature due to dirt and dust on the anticipators. The problem could also be occurring due to an active schedule or someone else changing the temperature. Lastly, a software bug or glitch may also be the suspect.

However, there’s more to this issue rather than the overview above. Let’s learn more about the causes of this problem before we move on to solving it.

Why Does Vivint Thermostat Keeps Changing Target Temp?

Targeting temperature for the Vivint thermostat will make the device either blow hot or cold air, based on the setting.

Having an active schedule may be interfering with the target temperature, therefore make your thermostat change its mode or temperature of blowing.

Here’s a complete list of all issues that may have occurred to your thermostat and make it change its targeted temperature:

1. Dirt Within The Anticipator

Generally, dirt in the anticipator can generate if the thermostat was working for way too long and will cause temp issues.

2. Broken Anticipator

The anticipators or a single anticipator can go faulty over your thermostat’s course of life, disrupting the temperature settings along.

3. Inappropriate Location

There are environmental requirements for your thermostat, which if not kept, may cause the very same temperature changing issue.

4. Worn-Out Batteries

The batteries of your device may have worn out, resulting in the thermostat changing the temperature and other software bugs.

5. Active Schedules

Although you’ve targeted a temperature, a schedule is able to alternate the mode or current temp of the Vivint thermostat.

In short, this was everything you had to know about the problem. To fix the issue, keep reading our troubleshooting guide!

How To Fix When Vivint Thermostat Keeps Changing Temp?

fix vivint thermostat changing temp

The solutions we’re about to envelop towards the Vivint thermostat are designed to be executed consecutively.

In other words, make sure not to miss any of our solutions for a complete troubleshooting session on your thermostat that is capable of fixing the issue.

Here’s how to fix the Vivint thermostat when it keeps changing the temperature randomly.

Solution #1 Power Cycle Vivint

vivint power cycle

Let’s begin with something more simple. The power cycle process will discharge your thermostat’s entire hardware.

That can help with a variety of software blunders, and power potentially fixing the problem.

Here’s how to power cycle the Vivint thermostat:

  1. Grab ahold of your thermostat’s front panel.
  2. Gently eject the front cover to expose the batteries.
  3. Remove all of the batteries inside of your device.
  4. Standby for 5 minutes with the batteries taken out.
  5. Re-insert all of the units.
  6. Test.
Note: Ensure that you’re placing the batteries in the same way they were before you rejected them for the power cycle’s purpose.

Solution #2 Clean Anticipators

One of the major causes of this problem is dirty anticipators. This problem can particularly occur if your thermostat was working for way too long.

Most often, users have to deal with this very same issue whenever they are away on a holiday and their thermostat is running all of the time.

Here’s how to clean the anticipators of the Vivint thermostat:

  1. Take out the front panel of your thermostat once again.
  2. Expose the wheel-looking, which is the anticipator itself.
  3. Use a vacuum cleaner to entirely collect the dirt inside of the anticipator.
  4. Once you’re done with the cleaner, blow inside of the thermostat once or twice.
  5. Re-attach the front panel.
  6. Test.
Note: It’s important to test the anticipator’s ability to spin once you’re done with the cleaning.

Solution #3 Disable Active Vivint Schedules

disable vivint schedule

As we’ve mentioned, the targeted temperature can be disrupted by any active schedules you’ve enabled in the Vivint app.

For instance, having turned on a temperature change from cool to heat at around 8 PM, even if you fixated the temperature for the night, your thermostat will automatically switch.

If you want to prevent your targeted temperature from being changed any further, you must disable the schedules.

Do that from Vivint app > Devices > “Your thermostat” > Schedules > Configure > Delete.

Note: Re-adding schedules can be done from the “+” sign in the schedules config.

Solution #4 Replace Vivint Batteries

If disabling the schedules of the Vivint thermostat couldn’t solve the issue, perhaps the batteries are due for a replacement.

Chances are that due to the low charge of your thermostat, the device is constantly rebooting and each time it changes its temperature.

Here’s how to replace the Vivint thermostat’s batteries easily:

  1. Take the front panel off of your thermostat.
  2. Eject all of the AA batteries inside.
  3. Grab a fresh set of new batteries.
  4. Insert them into your thermostat.
  5. Re-attach the compartment.
  6. Test.
Note: Ensure to watch out for how you position the batteries in regard to the electricity poles of your thermostat.

Solution #5 Move Thermostat To A Different Location

move thermostat

A bunch of users reported that the position of the Vivint thermostat might be the cause of this problem.

That’s why we will require you to move your thermostat to a different place and test if the temperature would still change.

We leave relocating the device up to you, however, there are some factors for where to place your thermostat:

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Don’t put your thermostat exposed to sunlight for too long, since it could damage the anticipators and the hardware as well.

2. Place Near Affected Areas

Position your thermostat as close as possible to your ACs and the zones where the HVAC system is cooling.

3. Put Only On Walls That Are Dry

It’s important for your thermostat to be attached to a wall that’s completely dry.

Note: Most users put their thermostat either in their household’s main hallway or in the living room for extra comfort.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Vivint

Performing a factory reset will surely solve the problem with your thermostat’s temp if our solutions weren’t of assistance by far.

factory reset vivint

This will reset the software of your thermostat, along with any temp configurations, schedules, or other bugs and glitches.

Here’s how to execute a factory reset on the Vivint thermostat:

  1. Press and hold the button on the SIDE for exactly 3 seconds.
  2. Choose DOWN and highlight Installer.
  3. Press the SIDE button again.
  4. Highlight and choose RESET with the side button.
  5. Wait.
Note: Your thermostat may restart several times during the reset but make sure not to take the batteries out.

Thus, to fix a Vivint thermostat that randomly changes fixed temperature, power cycle the device and replace the batteries. Next, clean the anticipators of the Vivint thermostat and relocate the device. Finally, execute a factory reset to solve the problem.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that after finding out why Vivint thermostat keeps changing temp and throwing an eye on your solutions, you were able to fix the issue.

You can always trust Vivint that they will have your back at issues of this kind and do not hesitate to contact them.

Nicole B