vivint thermostat fan won't turn off

The Vivint thermostat fan won’t turn off no matter what you do?

Luckily, there are a lot of techniques to do that you definitely haven’t attempted yet.

Vivint has included a feature, that enables you to control the modes of the fan through the smart hub. If the feature doesn’t do anything to the fan, however, you may be looking at a technical problem.

To shut the Vivint thermostat’s fan off, go to the smart hub and tap on Settings > Temperature Icon > Fan settings > Fan modes > OFF. If the spinning doesn’t stop, power cycle the thermostat, clean its batteries and internally reconnect the fan.

Let’s learn how you can quickly disable the fan from spinning through the Vivint smart hub.

How To Turn Off Fan On Vivint?

The Vivint smart hub for your thermostat had included a feature that sets the mode for the fan inside of your device.

If you haven’t tried disabling the fan from there, this is the retail option that controls the mode of the fan inside the thermostat.

Essentially, you will be able to choose from 4 mods – heat, cool, custom, and OFF.

Yes, one of the modes is to disable the fan eternally and it will only work again after you manually enable it from the smart hub.

Assuming you haven’t tried this yet, here’s how to disable the fan of the Vivint thermostat through the Vivint smart hub:

How To Disable Vivint Thermostat Fan From Smart Hub?

  1. Go next to the smart hub and tap on options.
  2. Next, navigate to the temperature icon and tap it once.
  3. Once in the heating/cooling settings, select the fan icon at the bottom.
  4. The menu you will see is the modes for your fan.
  5. To shut the fan off, press the OFF button.
  6. Exit to the home screen of your Vivint smart hub.
  7. Shut the hub off.
  8. Check if the fan will stop spinning now.

If disabling the fan from the smart hub doesn’t solve the problem, you may be looking at a bug with the thermostat.

Don’t get discouraged yet, because you still have plenty of things to attempt in our fix guide coming up!

How To Fix When Vivint Thermostat Fan Won’t Turn Off Problem?

fix vivint thermostat fan won't turn off

If the fan doesn’t shut down even when disabled from the smart hub, this is most likely to be a problem with the thermostat.

Luckily, we’ve extracted solutions that will help you fix the problem at 100% and also identify what has gone wrong.

Here’s how to solve the fan problem with your Vivint thermostat:

Solution #1 Power Cycle The Vivint Device

Your beast approach against issues of this kind is to power cycle the thermostat.

This process will completely discharge the unit, shutting the fan off and fixing any bugs and glitches that are essentially causing the fan to spin uncontrollably.

Here’s how to power cycle the Vivint thermostat:

  1. Take the thermostat off the wall.
  2. Remove the back cover of the device.
  3. Expose the 4 AA non-rechargeable batteries inside.
  4. Eject all of the batteries inside.
  5. Wait for 5 minutes with all batteries taken out.
  6.  Re-insert all of the units.
  7. Test.
Note: Mind how you position the batteries inside the thermostat once the power cycle has concluded.

Solution #2 Reboot The Vivint Panel

reboot vivint panel

Chances are that the Vivint panel is giving you the most problems here. If that’s the case, you can solve the issue by rebooting the panel directly, through its settings.

Moreover, since your Vivint system is linked, you can reboot each panel from every panel in your household.

Here’s how to reboot the Vivint panel that your thermostat is connected to:

  1. Go over to the panel that the thermostat is paired to.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Choose your panel.
  4. Select Reboot.
  5. Wait for the panel to be automatically rebooted, which will happen after tapping the reboot button.
Note: Do not interact with the Vivint panel until the reboot is complete.

Solution #3 Replace Vivint Thermostat Batteries

The next thing you should do to fix the fan problem with the Vivint thermostat is to replace its batteries.

That will help with issues that are connected to the power of the device.

Note: Re-attempt disabling the fan from the Vivint panel after having the batteries replaced.

Here’s how to replace the battery units inside of your Vivint thermo-device:

  1. Once again, detach the thermostat off the wall stand.
  2. Remove its back cover just to expose the batteries.
  3. Once the batteries are shown, take all of them out.
  4. Grab a fresh set of 4 alkaline AA batteries for your thermostat.
  5. Insert them carefully into the thermostat, as you mind the polarity.
  6. Re-install the compartment of the thermostat, then put it back on the wall.
Tip: While you’re at it, check if there is any dirt inside of the battery compartment that you can clean up.

Solution #4 Reconnect Vivint To The Panel

If the fan doesn’t disable from the Vivint panel, it’s most likely that the thermostat got disconnected.

If that’s the case, there’s a quick way to get it connected to the panel and the fan setting will become working once again.

Here’s how to reconnect your Vivint panel in easy steps:

  1. On the Vivint thermostat, press the side button for 6-10 seconds.
  2. Wait for the screen to pop twice.
  3. The installer will appear, on which you have to press Network.
  4. Next, choose Connect.
  5. Wait for the thermostat to send a signal to the panel.
Note: If everything is successful, the thermostat will display a “Connected” message, otherwise it would be “Failed”.

Solution #5 Reset The Vivint Unit

reset vivint thermostat

If none of our solutions worked so far, the last thing you should attempt to repair the functionality of the fan inside your unit is to reset the thermo-device.

Keep in mind that with the reset all settings and configurations will go along and will be reverted back to their factory values.

Here’s how to execute a reset on the Vivint unit device:

  1. From the home screen of your Vivint thermostat, hold the SIDE button.
  2. Hold the side button for 3 seconds and then go to Installer.
  3. Press DOWN and select RESET.
  4. Hit the side button again and highlight CONFIRM.
  5. Wait for the thermostat to be reset.
Note: If you wish to save any of the settings that will be deleted as of a result of the reset, make sure to write them down.

Thus, to turn off the fan on your Vivint thermostat, go to the Vivint panel access your thermostat, tap fan settings and choose OFF. To fix fan issues, power cycle the device and reconnect it to the panel. Next, replace the thermostat’s batteries and execute a factory reset.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that now fixing the Vivint thermostat fan wont turn off the problem is nothing complex for you.

Of course, a hardware malfunction is never excluded, but make sure to attempt all of our fixes, before contacting an HVAC professional to check up on the device!

If you’re interested in more of our guides, consider checking out the online technical blog to discover solutions to all of your inquiries!

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