vivint doorbell not ringing inside house

Asking what could be causing the Vivint doorbell not ringing inside house problem?

No worries! Instead of only answering your question, here we will provide you with the best solutions to fix your Vivint doorbell’s ringing in easy steps.

Moreover, we will also get you familiar with what the users have said about the problem and what their recommendations are.

Your Vivint doorbell is not ringing inside the house, it could happen due to muted sound or too low volume. The device might not be properly connected to the SkyControl Panel or your camera got disconnected from the internet.

Let’s answer the question “why?” before we proceed with the troubleshooting guide.

Why Vivint Doorbell Rings Outside But Not Inside?

If the doorbell does ring outside but not inside, then most certainly you’ve lowered the volume too much.

This issue is often observed whenever your bell has issues with the sound and respectively the outside speaker is active, but the one inside your house doesn’t ring.

Here are the causes that are preventing your Vivint doorbell from ringing inside your house:

1. Vivint Is Muted

You could have muted the sound of your Vivint doorbell and therefore it won’t be ringing inside your house.

2. Too Low Volume

Lowering the volume of your Vivint results in sound in the speaker outside, but not inside.

3. SkyControl Panel Problem

A connectivity problem with the SkyControl panel might be preventing your Vivint doorbell inside.

4. Application Problem

An issue with the Vivint application could be causing problems with the inner ringing of your device.

5. Hardware Issue

If your doorbell is broken or has gone through lethal damage, you have to consider contacting a technician or replacing the entire unit.

Those were all of the causes that could have inflicted the functionality of your doorbell. Keep reading to learn what are the best causes to solve the issue.

How To Fix Vivint Doorbell Not Ringing Inside House?

fix vivint doorbell not ringing inside house

To fix the problem with your Vivint doorbell, we’re going to start from the minor suspects and build our way towards more complex troubleshooting.

By the end of this guide, you will know what exactly is causing the problem and what is the next step for you.

Solution #1 Increase Doorbell Volume

You should first attempt to increase the volume of your doorbell.

When having the sound levels are lowered too much, you won’t be able to hear your doorbell inside whenever someone is ringing.

Here’s how to increase the volume of your doorbell:

  1. Go over to your SkyControl panel.
  2. Open the device and locate the volume icon.
  3. Next, tap the volume icon to increase the sound of your doorbell.
  4. Log out of the SkyControl panel.
Note: Press the volume button around 10-15 times to ensure that you’ve increased the volume to its maximum.

Solution #2 Reboot Your Vivint Doorbell

reboot vivint doorbell

You should attempt a system reboot on your Vivint doorbell. It will restart ALL services, and reboot the OS which in most cases turns out to be helpful.

Here’s how to perform a reboot on your Vivint doorbell in easy steps:

  1. Go over to your Vivint doorbell device.
  2. Hold the doorbell camera button for a period of about 15 seconds.
  3. Release the doorbell camera button once the LED light switches colors.
  4. Hold the button again for a second time.
  5. Release the button once you see the yellow light.
Note: Don’t hold the button for 15 seconds since you may reset the camera. If the yellow LED turns red, it means that a factory reset has been initiated.

Solution #3 Hard Reset The SkyControl Panel

If rebooting your doorbell didn’t help, you should perform a hard reset on your SkyControl panel.

That’s going to refresh the connection with the doorbell, hopefully fixing the problem where your doorbell does not ring inside.

Here’s how to hard reset your SkyControl panel in easy steps:

  1. Go over to your panel and open it.
  2. Click the Armed Stay button to perform a disarm on the panel.
  3. Enter the PIN for your SkyControl panel.
  4. Tap on the Devices button and then choose the feature called Display.
  5. Observe the list that contains all of the panels and choose the one that your doorbell device is linked to.
  6. Click on the Reboot button to restart your SkyControl panel.
Note: Give your panel an average of 1-2 minutes of wait time to complete the reboot session and afterward, it should reboot.

Solution #4 Replace Vivint Batteries

replace vivint battery

There’s a chance that your Vivint doorbell is running low on batteries. By replacing the battery units, you can fix the sound problem from the inside chime.

Here’s how to replace Vivint batteries:

  1. Go over to your doorbell.
  2. Slide the cover-up of the doorbell.
  3. Hold the battery pack to prevent it from falling damage.
  4. Pull it out of the unit and add the same set of two AA batteries.
Note: Make sure that you’re inserting the new batteries correctly when replacing them inside of your doorbell.

Solution #5 Choose Different Chime Sound

There’s a high chance that you’ve chosen a corrupted audio file for your chime.

Luckily, Vivint has thought of that and has added a feature that lets you adjust the chime sound from the SkyControl panel.

Here’s how to choose a different chime sound for the inside of your house:

  1. Go over to your SkyControl panel.
  2. Tap Security and go to the Menu.
  3. Enter the 4-Digit PIN and tap on Chime setup.
  4. Choose the specific inside sensor that should let you know that someone is ringing.
  5. Select a chime from the menu that is provided.
Tip: Test with an alternative chime several times to determine if you will hear something whenever someone is ringing.

Solution #6 Reset Your Doorbell

reset doorbell

If none of our solutions were of any help to you so far, you should perform a factory reset on your Vivint doorbell.

This will erase all features and configurations for your doorbell back to the default, making it easier for you not to repeat any setup mistakes.

To reset your Vivint doorbell, hold the button on the doorbell for 15 seconds until the light turns red. Release at once after the red light and wait.

Once reset your Vivint doorbell will be reverted to factory settings and the ringing problem should no longer be there.

However, in case the issue persists, regardless of what you try, you would need to check your warranty and eventually contact the Vivint support team.

Note: Do not eject the batteries or shut down your doorbell during the reset to avoid an even more complicated situation.

If the Vivint doorbell is not ringing inside, reboot the chime along with your SkyControl panel. Replace the batteries of your Vivint and make sure that the volume is increased. Choose a different chime sound and if it doesn’t work, perform a factory reset.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Vivint doorbell not ringing inside house, we hope that you were able to solve the issue with our guide.

If you hesitate at any point, reach out to Vivint for additional assistance regarding the case!

If you find this post helpful, keep in mind that you can always find more solutions in our online technical blog.

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