trane thermostat blank screen

You’re getting the Trane thermostat blank screen and you don’t seem to be capable of fixing the issue on your own?

We’re here to help you!

A blank screen of your Trane thermostat has most certainly something to do with the device’s power.

There’s a chance that the problem is also related to software problems, therefore causing the blank screen on your Trane unit.

To fix the blank screen of your Trane thermostat, power cycle your thermostat by re-inserting the batteries and replacing the units if needed. Inspect the wiring of your thermostat and attempt a factory reset, through the circuit breaker.

Why Is Trane Thermostat Screen Blank?

The blank screen of your Trane thermostat can be caused by a variety of problems.

Some of them included wiring issues, battery faults, charge problems, and even an issue with the circuit breaker.

Let’s review the following problems in an even more detailed list before we move on with the troubleshooting:

1. Insufficient Charge

Your Trane thermostat’s power might be insufficient to support the function of the display, therefore it will go blank.

2. Wiring Issue

A problem with the wiring setup of your Trane thermostat and HVAC system responsible for the thermostat, will cause the device’s screen to go blank.

3. Software Problem

A bug or glitch with your thermostat’ software will cause the screen to go blank until further notice.

4. Tripped Breaker

You might have accidentally tripped the breaker of your HVAC system, causing your Trane thermostat to be temporarily disabled.

5. Broken Hardware

If you’ve caused a malfunction to your Trane thermostat, you may find that the device’s screen is blank.

Those were the possible problems causing the blank screen on your Trane thermostat. Keep reading to learn how to fix the issue easily.

How To Fix Trane Thermostat Blank Screen?

fix trane thermostat blank screen

In this guide, we’ve extracted the most truthful information for fixing the screen of your Trane thermostat.

Make sure that you follow our solutions consecutively to receive the best effects during the troubleshooting session.

Here’s how to fix the Trane thermostat’s blank screen:

Solution #1 Battery-Cycle Your Thermostat

There’s an easy way to fix the blank screen of your Trane thermostat. That is to perform a battery cycle on your unit by re-inserting the batteries of your device.

The batteries of your Trane thermostat can be exposed by removing the front panel of the device where you will see 3 batteries on the count.

Here’s how to battery cycle your Trane thermostat in easy instructions:

  1. Eject the front panel of your Trane thermostat.
  2. Expose the 3 batteries inside of your Trane thermostat.
  3. Standby for 5 minutes until the power cycle is complete.
  4. Re-insert the batteries back into your Trane thermostat.
  5. Test.
Note: Make sure to keep the batteries out of your Trane thermostat for at least 5 minutes, in order for the current inside of your thermostat to be discharged.

Solution #2 Reconnect Thermostat Wires

reconnect trane wires

You should reconnect the batteries of your Trane thermostat to determine if they are problematic and need replacing.

There are two general wires connected to your Trane unit and they can be exposed by removing the entire thermostat from the wall.

Here’s how to reconnect your thermostat’s wires:

  1. Take out the front panel of your thermostat.
  2. Undo the 2 screws that are holding the base of the thermostat onto the wall.
  3. Slightly pull the base forward until only the 2 wires are holding the thermostat.
  4. Unplug the wires from the respective slots and reconnect them.
Note: If any of the wires look damaged or cut somewhere across their body, you must replace them. 

Unfortunately, this process requires interacting with the entire HVAC system and you will have to contact a technician for the purpose.

Solution #3 Flip The HVAC Breaker

To fix the blank display of your thermostat, you should flip the breaker of your HVAC system.

That is located in a panel, somewhere across your house, and has a high chance of fixing the blank display on your Trane thermostat.

Here’s how to flip the breaker of your HVAC system:

  1. Go over to the circuit breaker’s panel.
  2. Locate the switch that is controlling the power of your HVAC system (should have a little HVAC label on the top).
  3. Turn it down for 5 seconds and then flip it again slowly.

This will entirely refresh the power of your HVAC system, fixing any issues your Trane thermostat has developed.

Note: Keep in mind that resetting the power of the HVAC systems acts as a factory reset for your Trane thermostat. 

In that regard, you won’t be bothered with any additional steps to perform a separate reset on your device.

Solution #4 Replace Blown Fuses

replace fuse

In this solution, you should examine your HVAC setup for any blown fuses. A blown fuse may cause a variety of issues with your system, ACs, and the thermostat.

Here’s how to examine your HVAC setup for blown fuses and replace them:

  1. Go over to your HVAC system setup room.
  2. Open the HVAC furnace and expose the motherboard.
  3. On the motherboard, there are little red or blue plugged components.
  4. Check the head of the fuse is split-open.
  5. Check the model of the blown fuse (written on the hardware).
  6. Get a brand-new fuse of the same type and insert it into the slot you’ve taken the previous one off of.
Note: If you’re not confident to replace the fuse, contact an HVAC professional to help you with that. 

If you tend to change it, however, make sure to flip off the circuit breaker when interacting with the furnace’s hardware to avoid the potential danger of electric shocks.

How To Fix Trane Thermostat Blank Screen No Batteries?

check batteries

If you’re having the blank screen problem on a Trane thermostat that doesn’t use batteries, there are several solutions to the issue.

Here are some easy fixes for the issue with your Trane thermostat that doesn’t use batteries:

1. Increase Brightness

There’s a chance that your Trane thermostat’s brightness is lowered all the way down. First, go to the Video settings of your Trane unit and search for a Brightness option.

2. Close Furnace Door

If your HVAC system furnace’s door is opened, your thermostat will be disabled. You must have the door of the furnace fully attached to the stand and only then check the screen.

3. Flip Safety SWITCH

If your system has a safety switch, ensure that it is not enabled, blocking your system.

You can find the safety switch on the pipe coming out of the furnace. Make sure that it is flipped to OFF.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix a blank screen on the Trane thermostat, power cycle the device then inspect your setup for faulty wiring. Disable the safety switch, close the furnace door and increase the brightness of your thermostat to see if any of this will help.

Now that you know why the Trane thermostat blank screen is shown, we hope you were able to resolve the issue with our guide.

It’s possible that the end-life of your Trane thermostat has come and you should either use your warranty or replace the unit.

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