tivo hdmi connection not permitted

Wondering why the TiVo HDMI connection not permitted error appears? Stay with us to find a solution that only requires a minute of your time.

In this guide, we’ll cover ALL possible variations of TiVo digital recorder to TV connection, including an A/V receiver. 

The TiVo HDMI connection will not be permitted whenever the box can’t receive an HDCP key from the TV, especially when you try to record copy-protected content. There is also the possibility of a misconfiguration in the settings or a simple HDMI cable problem!

Let’s first learn more about the possibilities and how to recognize different TiVo setups!

Why HDMI Connection Not Permitted TiVo?

why tivo hdmi connection not permitted

Since there are multiple reasons why the HDMI connection would appear “not permitted”, we need to discuss some important factors first.

We’ll start with the most important first!

Copy-Protected Content Can’t Be Captured!

Some TiVo recorders will require an HDCP key whenever you attempt to record copyright content.

This is why the first step is to test recording a different program!

If you’re able to use the TiVo box to record other channels and the HDMI appears to be permitted just well, the answer might be clear already.

Test several different channels to understand more about the problem and proceed to read further.

Different TiVo Setup Connections:

The HDMI “not permitted” problem on your TiVo box could be caused by different pieces of your setup, based on what’s included.

This is why, for better orientation throughout the guide, take a look at the different setups and try to recognize yours:

  • The TiVo is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable
  • The TiVo is set up through a DVD or VCR recorder
  • The TiVo is connected via A/V receiver + HDMI

The solution guide below includes solutions and methods that will cover each and every piece in any possible TiVo setup.

Now that you’re familiar with the TiVo setup let’s jump right in!

How To Fix When TiVo HDMI Connection Not Permitted?

how fix the tivo hdmi

Now that we’ve discussed the possible scenarios of your TiVo setup, based on the components and cables involved, follow the steps below.

Skip any of the content that does not apply to your setup but make sure to follow the guide until the end.

Let’s go!

Check System Information

The very first step is to check the System Information tab on your TiVo digital recorder to check whether the HDCP setting is enabled.

This is important because whenever the keying is disabled, you won’t be allowed to record even permitted content. 

Follow the steps below to check the TiVo box system information:

  1. Navigate to the TiVo HOME or Central.
  2. From there go to Settings & Messages.
  3. Then, tap on Help > Account & System Info.
  4. Lastly, go to the System Information Screen.
  5. Use the Down/Up Arrows to navigate.

The option we’re looking at is called HDCP or HDCP Status, and we need to make sure that it’s “ENABLED”.

It’s quite important to make the changes now, otherwise, you won’t be able to record any sort of content. The “HDMI Connection Not Permitted” error should be gone!

Note: On TiVo Experience 3 (OS 20.X or more recent) go to Devices > System Information!

Reconnect ALL Video Cables!

reconnect all video cable

In case you were previously able to record content with your TiVo box but out of a sudden the HDMI is not permitted, perhaps it’s a cable problem.

This is why, based on your TiVo recorder setup, you would need to disconnect ALL video cables and reconnect them with caution!

  • Simply disconnect the TiVo recorder to AV and AV to TV on both ends!

In case you’re only using an HDMI connection from the TiVo box to the TV, simply disconnect from both ends and switch the cable’s sides.

This sometimes helps and in case it doesn’t make any difference, test connecting the HDMI to another HDMI port of your television.

In addition, you should inspect the entry ports for any obstructions, debris or breakage that can ultimately lead to a faulty HDMI connection.

Also, inspect ALL video cable ports as well.

Note: Don’t forget to select the corresponding HDMI Source from your TV’s settings!

Inspect the A/V Receiver

inspect the av receiver

Whenever you’ve got an A/V receiver in your setup, the video signal has one more destination to travel through, hence more roots for the “not permitted” issue.

The first step is to completely bypass the A/V receiver and connect the TiVo directly into your TV HDMI input.

This will suggest whether the problem is with the TiVo box or with the A/V receiver.

In case the problem does not appear when connected directly to the TV, check the following:

  • The A/V Receiver is Connected To the Power
  • The Correct Input is Selected
  • The A/V Receiver is Powered ON

These are the mandatory factors behind the successful TiVo box to A/V receiver to TV connection so be cautious.

In case everything appears to be working well but the “HDMI Not Permitted” message continues to appear, proceed with the next step in the guide!

Power Cycle TiVo Equipment!

power cycle the equipment

Sometimes the “HDMI not permitted TiVo” problem simply appears because of a software bug that is impacting the HDMI connection.

This is why the next best step is to perform a power circulation on the entire TiVo equipment, regardless of what your setup involves.

  1. Disconnect your TiVo recorder from the power for 3 minutes!
  2. Unplug the TV from the power source for 3 minutes!
  3. Disconnect your A/V receiver from the power for 3 minutes!
  4. Remove any third-party devices in your TiVo setup. (temporarily)

Once your TiVo recorder setup has been restarted, hence refreshed, we can attempt to record and check whether the “not permitted” message would continue to appear.

If unfortunately, the error is still there, we’re going to take measures and attempt more harsh solutions!

Let’s keep reading!

Use The Troubleshooter!

use a troubleshooter

In case the HDMI connection continues to be “not permitted’ we’re now ready to perform a troubleshooting session.

In case you didn’t know your TiVo box can identify and solve problems on its own, you should really attempt this before going any further in this article.

  • From the Central Screen > Settings & Messages > Help > Troubleshooting!

The TiVo recorder will now go into troubleshooting mode and in the next few minutes, the device will attempt to identify what’s wrong.

Do not cancel the process and be patient, because based on the results you might need to take a different direction of troubleshooting.

Note: The TiVo box troubleshooter shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to conclude!

Reset TiVo Digital Box

In case nothing is managed to help, there is a way to Factory Reset the TiVo box and revert ALL settings to their default values.

It’s important to know that the reset will wipe clean the entire TiVo data, hence locally stored recordings, settings and configurations will be permanently lost.

reset the digital box

Whenever you’re ready to perform the TiVo box reset, follow the steps below:

  1. From the HOME/Central Screen go to Settings & Messages.
  2. From there go to Help.
  3. Then select Reset To Default.
  4. You will be prompted to confirm the TiVo box reset.
  5. Tap ENTER to proceed.

The TiVo box might require a few minutes to reset, but you will know that the process has finished when the device restarts.

It would take at least 3 minutes so be patient and when the process is over you can test whether the “HDMI not permitted” message is still there!

Note: Do not interact with the TiVo digital box during the reset to avoid canceling the process!

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Problem Is Still There?

You’ve tried everything in this guide but nothing managed to help?

Replace the HDMI cable! If you have one at home, go right away and test with a different cable and in case that works, we recommend getting Warrky 4K DisplayPort to HDMI Cable.

With a fast connection of up to 4K, you won’t have any further trouble with your TiVo recorder!

Tip: Also contact TiVo Customer Service to report your issue and review even more solutions!

Quick Recap:

Now that we’ve learned why TiVo HDMI connection not permitted , we can solve the problem by enabling the HDCP keying and reconnecting the video cables. Further solutions involve power cycling and resetting the TiVo box to solve the HDMI issues!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more relevant content check our blog!

Nicole B