sound not working on hatch restore

When the sound not working on Hatch Restore it could be quite bothersome!

That’s why we’ll go over the best measures you could undertake against the problem and provide you with all of the information in an organized guide of solutions.

All you have to do is make sure you stick around by the end of the guide to learn everything there is to know.

To fix when the sound on Hatch Restore isn’t working, turn up the volume and make sure that the Restore is connected to the WiFi. After that, play the next track in the sleep playlist, configure the Bedroom Routine and Factory Reset the Hatch device.

To identify the problem, we shall first learn what the issue caused in the first place!

Why Is My Hatch Restore Sound Not Working?

why hatch restore sound not working

When a particular solution is discussed multiple times throughout the community, a bunch of solutions are upheaving for the users to take advantage of.

After many users complained of sound issues with their Hatch Restore, we’ve been able to extract the most likely reasons!

 Here’s why Hatch Restore doesn’t output:

  • There’s a WiFi Connection issue with the Hatch Restore
  • A problem with the Hatch Sleep app on your mobile device
  • The Volume is turned too low
  • An issue with the Ongoing Track
  • Hardware Malfunction with the Hatch Restore device

Make sure to give all of the following causes some attention and once you feel ready, let’s move on to the troubleshooting guide!

How to Fix When Sound Not Working On Hatch Restore?

how fix sound not working on hatch

After reviewing which major factors could impact the sound of your Hatch Restore, it’s time to begin the troubleshooting.

Paying attention to everything that’s about to come is crucial, since missing out on an important step, solution or note may resolve further difficulties.

Let’s begin the troubleshooting!

Solution #1 Turn Up the Volume!

The first thing you should check is the output volume of your Hatch Restore!

Based on how increasing the volume of your Hatch Restore, the more audibly you’ll hear the alarm clocks and the sleep sounds you’ve set.

This is one of the reasons that your Hatch Restore will not output any sound, due to the volume being greatly decreased.

  • To turn up the volume, press the “Vol +” button on the panel!

The button is located on the top panel of the device and by pressing it multiple times, you’ll be able to increase the sound just enough to hear it audibly.

After that, you’ll be able to determine by ease whether your Hatch Restore outputs any sound or not.

Note: The volume button must be pressed 10-15 times to increase the audio enough.

Solution #2 Play the Next Track

play the next track

Using the panel buttons on your Hatch Restore, you’ll be able to play the next track in the playlist of your Hatch Restore.

There’s a system playlist with sleep sounds that’ll be able to move through, by pressing the “Next” button, on the top panel of the speaker.

In that set of thoughts, locate the “Next” button on the Hatch Restore, which has a little play icon and press it once or twice.

This will cause your Hatch Restore to play the next sleep sound in the playlist without you having to choose the upcoming tune.

Once the next track is played, it’ll take about 10-15 seconds for the song to progress enough, to be able to hear it audibly.

Alert: The volume of your Hatch must be increased enough when playing the next track.

Solution #3 Connect your Restore to WiFi

connect restore to wifi

If your Hatch got disconnected from the WiFi, the device will become temporarily unavailable and therefore interrupt the audio stream.

To settle this problem, as the solution suggests, you’ll have to reconnect the device to your WiFi network.

  • Make sure that your network device is up and running before proceeding!

Here’s how to connect your Hatch Rest to the WiFi in easy steps:

  1. Unplug your Restore.
  2. Press the Two Arrows Button (the Bluetooth button) for two seconds.
  3. Plug your Restore back into the power outlet.
  4. Launch the Hatch Mobile App.
  5. Head to the WiFi Settings of the speaker.
  6. Follow the instructions to re-add the speaker to your WiFi network.

Once the Hatch Restore has been connected to your WiFi network as a result of performing the wireless setup through the app, the sound will be restored.

Alert: Your mobile must also be connected to WiFi in order to connect the Reset.

Solution #4 Change the Sleep Sound

change the sleep sound

Perhaps the sound not working on Hatch Restore because of a problem with the currently selected sleep sound output during the Bedtime Routine.

To resolve this problem, we strongly suggest selecting an alternative sleep sound available in the Hatch Sleep application.

Here’s how to select a different sleep sound for your Hatch Restore:

  1. Launch the Hatch mobile application.
  2. Make sure that your Hatch Restore is connected.
  3. Enter the device settings for the Hatch Restore.
  4. Press the “Library” icon, once within the Restore settings.
  5. Select a Channel you want to experience.
  6. Press “Play”.
  7. (Optional) Head to Bedtime Routine and then choose “Select a Different Sound”.

Your Hatch Restore must have a sound output once a different sleep sound has been selected within the mobile application.

If bringing your device’s audio back was a success, you should immediately hear output from Hatch Restore once the new routine sound has been selected.

Note: Keep the alternative Bedtime Routine sound selected, until the problem is identified.

Solution #5 Power Cycle the Hatch Restore

power cycle the restore

A great way to deal with voltage issues regarding your Hatch Restore is to Power Cycle the device.

This is a standard way to solve issues with any electronic device that connects to power via a power cable. 

Therefore the power cycle on your Hatch Restore will not take longer than 2-3 minutes, based on how patient you are and keeping the Restore unplugged.

  • To power cycle your Hatch Restore, unplug it from the power for 5 minutes!

Keep the Hatch Restore unplugged for a minimum of 5 minutes as you’re not interacting with the device while it is disconnected from the power.

After the cooldown period has elapsed, feel free to connect the Hatch Restore back to the power and turn the device up.

Note: Once you’ve started up the Hatch Restore, its LED lights will immediately blink.

Solution #6 Reset the Hatch Restore

reset hatch restore

A quick way to settle all problems with your Hatch Restore is the Factory Reset process.

Essentially, this a quick solution to any troubles your Restore may experience, that involve software and hardware problems.

It’ll revert all settings of the device back to their factory defaults, so if you’ve messed up something within the software configuration of the device will be taken care of.

Tip: You could photograph the settings you wish to re-apply later in the 'Restore' settings.

Here’s how to Factory Reset your Hatch Restore in easy steps:

  1. On top of the Hatch Restore, locate the Power Button.
  2. Hold the power button for 5 seconds.
  3. Wait for the display to read “Rst”.

Once the Hatch Restore has displayed “Rst”, it means that the device has begun the reset process.

However, keep in mind that unplugging the device from the power will interrupt the reset process.

Note: Once the reset has taken place, the device will be unregistered from the mobile app.

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Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when sound not working on Hatch Restore, Hard Reset the device and play the next track as you increase the volume as much as possible.

After that, unregister the device from the app and perform a Factory Reset. Learn more troubleshooting solutions by contacting Hatch themselves!

Nicole B