sony tv no picture but sound

Wondering why there is Sony TV no picture but sound can still be heard? Well, keep reading.

This is a problem that may require some advanced techniques to identify as it could sometimes represent a serious fault with your Sony TV.

However, this all depends on the behavior of your Sony TV and the conditions under which the screen goes black so remain invested to know! 

If your Sony TV doesn’t have a picture and only the sound can be heard, it’s usually an indication of a faulty cable connection.

It is also possible that one of the connected third-party devices is notifying you of a functionality problem through the TV display.

Let’s decipher the cause behind your Sony TV problem!

No Picture On Sony TV But Sound is There?

no picture on tv but with sound

When your Sony TV’s display turns black but you could still hear the sound of the ongoing broadcast or cable channel, it is an indication of a video fault.

The fact that the sound is there is a clear indication that the Sony TV content is playing, but only the video is what’s missing!

Here are all reasons why Sony TV video would be gone but the sound would be there:

  1. There’s a connection fault with a third-party device
  2. There’s a temporal cable TV problem or the coax cable
  3. Your Sony TV has a power problem/doesn’t draw power
  4. An issue with the ongoing live broadcast/on-demand
  5. A problem with an installed app or outdated app software
  6. Your Sony TV is running behind on firmware updates
  7. There’s a hardware fault with your Sony television
no picture on sony tv but sound is there

Important – Try This First!

Try to interact with your Sony TV by pressing all action buttons on the remote.

Attempt to switch the input by pressing the “INPUT” button or adjust the volume with the “VOL +/-” buttons to check if the Sony TV is frozen or the functionality is working and responding to commands!

7 Easy Solutions When Sony TV Has Sound But No Picture?

Tip: Make sure to follow the order of our technical solutions!

1. Unplug your Sony TV!

unplug your sony tv

An accidental malfunction with your Sony TV in the power or the hardware of the device could temporarily cause the screen to go black.

All issues of this nature will go away once a power cycle has been conducted on your Sony TV, which is a simple and effective technique.

Follow these steps to power cycle your Sony TV:

  1. Use the Sony remote control to shut down the TV.
  2. Unplug the power cable of the Sony TV from power.
  3. Wait for up to 60 seconds while the cable is unplugged.
  4. Reconnect your Sony TV to the electrical outlet.
  5. Turn on your Sony TV with the remote and check.
Tip: Power cycling occasionally helps with overheating so keep unplugged for even longer!

2. Switch to an Alternative Input

switch to an alternative input

One of the first things you should attempt when your Sony TV screen is black would be to switch the device on to another input.

This will quickly show whether the problem is with the TV itself or whether there was a video problem on the previously selected source of your Sony TV.

  • Press the “INPUT” button on the supplied remote to change the input!

Available Sony TV Inputs:

Some Sony TVs can have up to 4 x HDMI sources and other video inputs!

  • HDMI 1
  • HDMI 2
  • HDMI 3
  • HDMI 4/ARC
  • Video 1
  • Video 2/Component
  • Screen Mirroring
Info: Cable services are either connected to one of the HDMI inputs (cable boxes), sound devices are connected to HDMI4/ARC, and antennas to Video 1/Component.

3. Inspect All HDMI Connections

inspect all hdmi connections

If any external devices are connected to your Sony TV, you must make sure that all of the cable connections are snug.

Loose or unsecured HDMI cables can lead to video problems on your Sony TV, including image losses, all while the sound is still there!

A Fault With the HDMI Come In Several Types:

  • Loose connection of the HDMI (check both ends)
  • Problems with the HDMI port on your TV/device
  • Damaged HDMI cable or HDMI cable connectors

How to Treat All Sony TV HDMI Connections?

  • Tightly reconnect the HDMI cable on both ends!
  • Clean the HDMI ports from obstructions and debris
  • Use another Sony TV HDMI port to connect video
Tip: While the HDMI cable is connected, try to wiggle the HDMI connectors to check whether the Sony TV screen will flicker and partially show the video.

4. Software Update your Sony TV

software update your sony tv

Perhaps an outdated software version of your Sony TV is causing the display to go black.

If there are periods during which the display of your Sony TV is not black and you could use the device, you should update the firmware version to the latest available one!

  • Updating your Sony TV requires an active and reliable WiFi connection!

Here are the instructions to update your Sony TV version:

  1. Press the “HOME” button on your Sony remote.
  2. Navigate into the “Settings” tab using the remote.
  3. Press on “Product Support/Customer Supports”.
  4. Select “Automatic Software Update” > “ON”.
  5. Press the “Enter” button to start the firmware update.
Note: If the automatic update of your Sony TV has been enabled or there was no software available for uploading, then the TV is up to date!

5. Disconnect All External Devices

disconnect all external devices

When Sony TV no picture but sound remains, we need to test the standalone TV to check whether it’s an input issue or a TV screen problem.

The quickest way to test whether your naked Sony TV is having display issues would be to disconnect ALL connected video devices!

  • Unplug all HDMI, RCA, Coax, Component, and other video input devices! =

Important – About Streaming Sticks!

With the popularity of streaming sticks such as Roku and Firestick, you should keep in mind that a faulty HDMI connection causes any TV screen to go black.

If you have streaming players that are attached to your Sony TV, make sure to unplug them too!

Note: Keep all external devices unplugged from your Sony TV until the end of the guide!

6. Try to Increase the Backlight

try to increase the backlight

The primary cause for the sudden black screen of your Sony TV while the sound is still working, could be related to an issue with the backlight.

The backlight manages the brightness of the light underneath the display of your Sony TV, which makes the TV’ screen more visible.

How to Test for Reduced Backlight?

If the backlight of your Sony TV has really been reduced, the display will still be visible only when light is shined upon the surface.

To test your Sony TV’s backlight, point the flashlight of your mobile phone directly to the display from close proximity.

  • If you see the screen video, proceed with increasing the backlight
  • If you still don’t see anything on the screen, jump to the next step

How to Increase Sony TV Backlight?

Tip: Use your phone’s flashlight to move through the settings of your Sony TV!

  1. Press the “HOME” button on the supplied remote control.
  2. Head into the “Settings” tab and go to “System Settings”.
  3. Select “General Set-up” > “Illumination LED” > “85%”.
Note: If necessary, feel free to increase the backlight up to 100% to test with!

7. Reset your Sony TV’ Software

factory reset the sony tv

This is an action that will erase all content and settings on your Sony TV.

The factory reset is an effective solution against issues of the software nature with the TV and correspondingly to the data loss downside, it helps in almost all situations and different cases!

  • Factory reset is only possible if you can navigate through the menus!

Here’s how you could factory reset a Sony TV easily:

  1. Press the “HOME” button on the remote control.
  2. Navigate into the “Settings” tab and scroll down.
  3. Press on “Device Preferences” and tap “Reset”.
  4. Choose “Factory Data Reset” from the page.
  5. Select “Erase Everything” and insert the parental PIN.
Notice: The default value of the parental PIN is “9999” but if you’ve changed it in the past, you must insert the new 4-digit code.

Quick Recap:

When your Sony TV no picture but sound, the greatest resolution to the problem is to power cycle the device and unplug all externally-connected devices. In case that doesn’t help, update the firmware of the TV, check all HDMI connections, and do a factory reset.

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