sony sound bar won't turn off

Sometimes the Sony sound bar won’t turn off through the usual methods.

That will raise the question: what is wrong exactly? The remote control? The sound bar’s buttons? Or maybe the soundbar itself?

When the Sony sound bar refuses to turn off, you must first assess its software and the remote control to ensure everything is fine. It might also be necessary to reset the sound bar or even dislodge its physical buttons, but at other times you only need to configure some settings correctly.

It is necessary to proceed very carefully when you try to troubleshoot your sound bar. That applies when you handle its physical buttons, especially.

So in the guide below, we will tell you which steps you can take and which situations call for hardware intervention.

Sony Sound Bar Won’t Turn Off – Reasons

reason why sony sound bar won't off

Are you trying to turn the Sony sound bar off without success? Such an occurrence makes you wonder about a lot of things.

However, learning what is causing the situation is necessary before trying drastic solutions.

Here are some probable causes behind it:

Firmware Issues

The most likely cause preventing the sound bar from turning off is that the firmware is at fault. 

Remote Control

The remote control can be defective or with low batteries. One of those issues is making some commands ineffective.

Automatic Standby

If this feature is enabled and the sound bar isn’t being used, it may appear as though it won’t turn off.

Malfunctioning Buttons

If you are trying to turn the soundbar off through its buttons, it is possible that they are lodged, or their internal components are loose.

How To Fix A Sony Sound Bar Not Turning Off

how fix the sony soundbar

So how to fix this weird issue? When the soundbar is not turning off, there are many troubleshooting steps you can try.

Below we will show you the top-rated methods to get the Sony soundbar back to work. Follow the instructions closely.

1. Check The Remote Control

Are you trying to turn the soundbar off through the remote control? In that case, you must investigate if something is wrong with it.

First, it is a good idea to try and clean it:

  1. Remove the batteries;
  2. Grab a dry cloth;
  3. Wipe all of the dust;
  4. Clean inside the battery compartment too;
  5. Use a toothpick to remove filth;

Check The Buttons

Next, check if any buttons seem to be lodged. Pay special attention to the power button.

✅ The toothpick can be useful for dislodging it. However, it is important to do it carefully so you don’t damage the button.

Finally, reassemble the batteries and test. If nothing has changed, you might want to replace the batteries and test again.

2. Update The Firmware

update the firmware

After checking the remote control’s condition, it is time to check the soundbar’s firmware. It might be at fault and needs an update to get back to work.

Here are the steps that will help you update the firmware on your Sony soundbar:

  1. Enter the soundbar’s on-display menu;
  2. Find the “Settings”;
  3. Find the option to connect it to the wireless network;
  4. Inform your credentials and ensure the soundbar is connected;
  5. Find the soundbar’s “Setup” menu;
  6. Select “Software Update”;
  7. Choose “Update via the Internet

You must wait a bit until the update is complete. It might take a while, and the soundbar may restart during the process.

If it restarts, that’s a good sign since restarting means it can turn off!

3. Reset The Soundbar

reset soundbar

If so far checking the remote or updating the firmware didn’t change anything, it is time to try resetting the soundbar.

You must pay attention to the fact that the resetting method varies across the many Sony soundbar models.

Below we cover all of them.

Reset Procedure #1 

This procedure works for HT-S100F:

  1. Press the following buttons for 5 seconds: volume up, power, input select;
  2. Disconnect from power;
  3. Wait a bit;
  4. Connect it again and turn it on.

Reset Procedure #2

This procedure works for HT-CT290/HT-CT800/HT-G700/HT-S2000/HT-S200F/HT-S350/HT-X8500/HT-X9000F/HT-Z9F/HT-S400:

  1. Press the following buttons for 5 seconds: volume down and power;
  2. Disconnect from power;
  3. Wait a bit;
  4. Connect it again and turn it on.

Reset Procedure #3

try reset procedure 3

This procedure works for HT-RT3:

  1. Press the following buttons for 5 seconds: volume down, power, and input;
  2. Disconnect from power;
  3. Wait a bit;
  4. Connect it again and turn it on.

Reset Procedure #4

This procedure works for HT-S40R:

  1. Press the Menu button (on the remote);
  2. Choose Reset;
  3. Wait for “All reset” to show up;
  4. Press Enter;

Reset Procedure #5

This procedure works for HT-A3000/HT-A5000/HT-A7000/HT-A9:

  1. Press the Menu button (on the remote);
  2. Choose “Setup”;
  3. Go to “Advanced Settings”;
  4. Enter “Resetting.”

4. Deactivate Automatic Standby

deactivate the automatic standby

Some Sony soundbars have a feature called Automatic Standby.

That function will make the soundbar enter standby mode after a while of inactivity or when prompted to turn off.

Then it will seem like it hasn’t turned off. Most models allow you to deactivate Auto Standby.

Here is how:

  1. Enter the soundbar’s on-screen menu;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Enter “System Settings”;
  4. Choose to toggle to “Off.”
Note: If your soundbar is the HT-CT80, turning auto standby is not possible. Instead, you will have to turn the soundbar off completely by unplugging it from power.

5. Inspect The Soundbar’s Buttons

inspect the sound bar buttons

Do you suspect that the issue is hardware-related? Before calling Sony support, you must try some home solutions.

Unplug the soundbar from power and do the following:

  1. Grab a dry, soft cloth;
  2. Wipe all dust from the soundbar’s surface;
  3. Grab a toothpick;
  4. Remove dirt from the buttons’ sides with it;
  5. Test to see if the power button is lodged.

Try To Dislodge The Power Button

If the power button is lodged, you might have two courses of action, depending on whether your warranty is still active.

If it is, you must get in touch with Sony. If not, do this:

  1. Long press the button and release it;
  2. It is possible you feel it dislodge inside;
  3. Use the toothpick to try and get the button in the right place.
Note: It is always important to remember that using a toothpick or other tool for such procedures must be done carefully. Otherwise, you risk damaging your soundbar even further.

6. Configure To Shut Down With TV

configure shut down the tv

Perhaps the problem is that your Sony sound bar won’t turn off with the TV. That is probably because the two are not configured to shut down together.

For that to work, your TV must have HDMI-CEC, Bravia, or anything similar in its settings. 

Set Up On The Soundbar

You first must allow the soundbar to be controlled via HDMI.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Select the “Function” button on your soundbar’s remote;
  2. Choose “Setup”;
  3. Go to “HDMI” settings;
  4. Locate “Control for HDMI”;
  5. Choose that option;
  6. Set to the “On” option;
  7. Select “Return” to leave the menu.

Set Up On The TV

Next, it is necessary to find the settings on the TV and complete the setup:

set up on the tv
  1. Push the “Menu” button on your TV remote;
  2. Choose “System”/”Settings”;
  3. Choose “HDMI Control” or “Bravia Sync” (it can vary between TV systems)
  4. Toggle “HDMI Control”/”Bravia Sync” to “On.”

✅ Usually, that will already make the soundbar turn off when the TV turns off.

On the other hand, some TVs have an additional option:

  1. Find “Device Auto Power Off”;
  2. Turn it “On” if you want the soundbar to turn off with the TV.
Note: If your TV has more than one HDMI port, selecting "HDMI control" for the correct port is important.

What We Learned

When the Sony sound bar won’t turn off, you become very puzzled about what is happening to the device.

The guide above deals with all possible causes and suggests multiple solutions.

Your sound bar will most likely function without issues from now on.

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