smart battery case not charging

Whenever your smart battery case not charging, you should focus on several well-known causes.

They include the cable, power source, obstructions, and input.

Here in this post, we’ll discuss ALL of the possibilities for your case charging problem and discover a solution that will work in minutes!

Your smart battery case is not charging because there is a problem with the USB cable or if your device is turned OFF. In case the case is fine but it won’t charge your smartphone there could be obstructions such as stickers, paper, or other flat objects in between.

Why Is My Smart Battery Case Not Charging?

Before you continue you need to understand whether your battery case is not charging itself or the battery case won’t charge your smartphone.

Battery Case Not Charging?

If your battery case won’t charge itself, make sure to test with a different lightning-to-USB cable.

You should also consider changing the power source that you’re currently using.

Battery Case Not Charging Phone?

When your battery is charging, but the smartphone won’t, the reason could be from both devices.

In that regard, keep reading to learn the solutions that have helped other users solve this problem.

How To Fix iPhone Smart Battery Case Not Charging?

fix smart battery case not charging

Before we begin, ensure that your iPhone is up and running.

The battery case might be active but it’s well-known that if your smartphone is OFF, the case won’t start charging.

In case your smartphone is turned ON and the case is still not charging proceed with the following solutions:

Solution #1 Re-Attach The Case & Reconnect USB

The first step should be to reattach the case and connect the USB to check if that would resolve the issue.

Sometimes you might have inserted the case improperly, therefore it won’t make clean contact with the iPhone.

Here’s how to reattach the case and reconnect the USB of your smart case:

  1. If the lightning to USB cable is still plugged, disconnect it.
  2. Remove the case carefully and re-insert it into your phone.
  3. Reconnect the lightning to the USB cable into the smart case.
  4. Test.
Note: Double-check if the lightning to USB cable makes good contact with the charging port of your smart case.

Solution #2 Troubleshoot Power Income

troubleshoot power

There are 3 general power income components you must take into consideration during this solution.

The first one is the lightning to USB cable, the power adapter, and the power source from where your battery case is connected.

Let’s begin with replacing the lightning-to-USB cable.

Replace Lightning To USB Cable

Acquire a proven to work lightning to USB cable. In case the problem is still there, proceed with replacing the power adapter.

Replace Power Adapter

The lightning to USB cable goes into a power adapter that withdraws electricity from the power source. We suggest replacing it if possible to determine if that’s the faulty unit.

Use Different Power Source

Lastly, plug the power adapter along with the lightning to USB cable into a different power source. Make sure to use a standalone wall outlet.

Note: It’s recommended to use Apple equipment (cables) along with the battery case.

Solution #3 Fix Case To iPhone Contact

fix iphone to case

If your smart case refuses to charge, it is possible that there is no good contact between the iPhone and the smart case.

In that regard, we suggest removing any stickers or labels on the back of your iPhone that are preventing the case from charging the device.

Make sure that the phone embeds into the case smoothly and there are no objects preventing or interrupting the connection.

Tip: The charging ring on iPhones is centered on the back (glass) panel. 

Make sure that both on your case and phone, the central part is clear of any obstructions.

Solution #4 Charge Your iPhone Separately

If your iPhone is out of battery, the case might not be able to turn the device ON and start charging it.

In that regard, we suggest charging the iPhone separately, until it’s eligible to start and connect with the smart charging case.

Remove the case from the back of your iPhone and put it aside temporarily. Insert your iPhone on the charging port and wait for around 5-10 minutes.

Make sure that your iPhone can start on its own and then connect it with the case to determine if that would fix the issue.

Note: It is important that your iPhone has at least 10-15% before you put it in the charging case.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Your iPhone

reset iphone

If the smart battery case not charging after all of these solutions, we suggest factory resetting your iPhone device.

A considerable number of users reported that resetting their iPhones managed to fix the non-charging battery case problem.

Here’s how to factory reset your iPhone in easy steps:

  1. Open the settings of your iPhone.
  2. Head to the general tab and scroll all the way down.
  3. Choose “Reset” and then select “Factory Reset”.
  4. Initiate the reset and wait for a couple of minutes.
Notice: Resetting your iPhone will erase all current system configurations and data that is not uploaded to iCloud. 

Make sure to save anything you want to prevent from being erased during the reset.

Still Not Charging After Reset?

If the reset didn’t help, maybe the smart battery case is not working well. Test the case on another iPhone, if possible, and determine where the problem is coming from.

In case you don’t have a device to test with, grab your warranty and reach out to the Apple support center.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix your smart charging case from not charging, first, reattach the case and replace the USB cable. Next, change the power source and remove any stickers obstructing the case’s contact with the iPhone. If nothing helps, factory reset the device.

Now that you know why smart battery case not charging and have learned how to fix the issue, the execution is on your end.

We hope that our solutions helped and that you can now charge both your case and iPhone without a problem!

Nicole B