simplisafe no link to dispatch center

SimpliSafe no link to dispatch center is an issue caused by a problem with the WiFi connectivity of your base station.

In this guide, we will get it all cleared up for you and provide you with the best troubleshooting solutions!

If SimpliSafe has no link to the dispatch center, reconnect your base station with the WiFi or cellular data. Reset the base station by re-inserting its batteries and performing a hard reset on your SimpliSafe camera.

Before we move on with the troubleshooting, let’s first learn more about what could be causing the issue in the first place.

Why SimpliSafe Warning No Link To Dispatch Center Appears?

If no link to the dispatch center message appears on your SimpliSafe device, it means that your camera has lost connection with the base station.

This is why you should first focus on your base station.

Here are the potential suspects:

1. No Connection

SimpliSafe cameras are usually connected to the web via your base station. If the operating device has lost connection, your camera will lose as well.

2. Glitch or a Bug

A problem caused by your camera or base station, such as a power fluctuation, could cause this warning message to appear.

3. Cellular Data Problem

The recommendation here is to use a WiFi connection on your base station for better performance.

4. Out of Range

If you’re using a cellular connection, after all, your base might be out of coverage, therefore causing the internet to drop.

5. Hardware Problem

Hardware failure is always a possibility. Those were the potential issues that could cause problems with your connection.

Let’s now proceed with the actual solutions.

How To Fix No Link To Dispatch Center SimpliSafe?

fix simplisafe no link to dispatch center

We assume that you have already tried restarting your device in an attempt to fix the issue. 

If that didn’t fix the problem, then you might be looking at a more complex issue to resolve.

The chance for this issue to lay within your SimpliSafe camera is close to zero.

In that regard, we will mainly focus on troubleshooting your base center and its connectivity.

Proceed with the solutions down below to fix the “no link to dispatch center” problem:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your Base Station

We suggest starting with a hard reset on your base station. This process will definitely clear out any bugs, preventing the station from connecting with the internet connection.

To execute a hard reset, follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug your base station’s power adapter from the outlet.
  2. Wait for ~5 minutes or until your base station feels completely cold on touch.
  3. Re-attach the power adapter and secure it tightly into the outlet.

Once you’re done, start your base station and check the internet connectivity.

If you’re concerned about the power outlet, it’s good to plug it into another one for the rest of the guide.

Solution #2 Re-Connect Your Base Station

Your base station is used to connect with an Ethernet cable to the internet source, regardless of whether the device is a router or cellular transmitter.

If something went wrong with the cable, your base station will lose connection and disconnect your SimpliSafe cameras.

We suggest reconnecting the Ethernet into the respective slot on your base station.

Also if you’re using a router, make sure that the other end of the Ethernet is plugged into one of the yellow slots on the device.

After re-attaching the Ethernet, check if your base station is reconnected and determine if the error message still appears on your SimpliSafe.

Solution #3 Re-Insert The Batteries

insert batteries

A great way to fix connectivity issues on your base station is to re-insert the batteries.

To re-insert the batteries of your base station, follow the steps down below:

  1. Grab a Phillips-head screwdriver and unplug your base station from the outlet.
  2. Turn the device upside down and remove the battery cover by unscrewing all screws.
  3. Eject the batteries and wait for 10-15 seconds.
  4. Re-insert the batteries and install the compartment back on your device.

Once you have the batteries inside of the base station, turn on the device and check if SimpliSafe would connect now.

Solution #4 Relocate The Base Station

If you’re using cellular data to connect your base station, then you should make sure that the device is discoverable by the network.

Connectivity drops could occur due to a nonexistent line of sight of your base station with the network.

We suggest relocating your base device close to a window in order to receive a better network and prevent any further connectivity drops.

In addition, ensure your base station is not being covered by any objects that could interrupt the signal.

Solution #5 Troubleshoot Your Internet

fix your internet

If the “SimpliSafe no link to dispatch center” message still shows up the problem may be with your base internet connectivity and the devices that are transmitting it.

Note: This solution is meant for users who have their base station connected to WiFi and not cellular data.

To troubleshoot your internet, try some of the following suggestions:

1. Hard Reset Your Router

Unplug your router/modem’s power cord and wait. After around 5 minutes, re-attach the cable and test the connection.

2. Disconnect Devices/VPN

Make sure to relieve your network out of excess usage, by disconnecting already connected devices that you don’t use frequently. Also, stop or remove VPN software from computers and browsers.

3. Prevent High-Data Usage

Prevent any high-data streaming, uploading, downloading, or seeding until the end of this guide.

4. Call Your ISP

If you have identified an issue with your internet speed or stability, don’t hesitate to reach out to your service provider for help.

Once you are sure that your internet is stable, you can proceed with resetting the camera to check if that will help.

Solution #6 Reset Your SimpliSafe Camera

Now when you’ve made sure the issue is not with the base station nor your internet, you can focus on the SimpliSafe camera itself.

The most efficient method against all sorts of issues is a factory reset.

To reset your SimpliSafe camera, press and hold the factory reset button on the back panel of the device for 15-20 seconds. The camera should start blinking and reboot after a couple of minutes.

Once the process has come to an end, reconnect it with the base station and check if it has the internet now.

If SimpliSafe has no connection with the dispatcher, hard reset your base station and troubleshoot the internet. Relocate the base station, re-insert its batteries and if nothing worked, factory reset your SimpliSafe camera.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why the “SimpliSafe no link to dispatch center” message keeps appearing, you know that it’s not, it’s not connected to the dispatcher.

Use our solutions to solve the problem in minutes and start using your SimpliSafe equipment smoothly.

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