seiki tv remote not working

Wondering why is your Seiki TV remote not working? Worry not! This guide is just for you!

A variety of factors, including your own television, might be the problem in this situation.

If we put the remote aside, inappropriate programming will definitely prevent you from interacting with the Seiki TV. Let’s learn more about what could be causing the issue.

Seiki TV remote might not work if the batteries are worn-out or there is any interference on the path to your TV. The problem could also be dirt on the “eye” of your remote or a malfunction on the hardware side.

Let’s first identify what could be causing the troubles with your Seiki TV remote and then move on to troubleshooting the cause.

Why Is Seiki TV Remote Not Working?

There are quite a few things that must be taken into consideration while identifying why your remote is not working.

Some of them might be caused by the television and the device’s functionality, while others are directly related to your own remote.

You will now learn more about the potential causes preventing your Seiki TV remote from working properly.

1. Worn-Out Batteries

One of the most frequent occasions with the Seiki TV remote is worn-out batteries. In that case, you would need a replacement pair.

2. Interference

There could be interference on the path between your Seiki remote and TV, preventing you from interacting with the unit.

3. Remote not Programmed

After certain system actions, your remote might have gotten unprogrammed from your TV and it will not work until further notice.

4. TV Problem

A variety of TV troubles could have occurred that can suppress the signal your Seiki TV remote sends.

5. Dirty Hardware

Dirt on the remote’s “eye” (IR transmitter) or battery compartment could also be the reason why it is not functioning anymore.

6. Hardware Damage

Lastly, lethal hardware damage might have been the end life of your Seiki TV remote.

Let’s exclude the hardware damage for now and proceed with the best solutions available for the causes we’ve listed above.

How To Fix When Seiki TV Remote Is Not Working?

fix seiki tv remote not working

Before we proceed with any of the upcoming solutions, we suggest rebooting your TV to determine if the problem is temporary and can be resolved via a restart.

Sometimes all it takes to solve an issue of this kind is a simple TV reboot, so make sure to try that.

If a restart didn’t help, however, then proceed with the solutions below in the order we’ve listed them for best effect at troubleshooting.

Solution #1 Discharge The Remote

Before changing the batteries, there is another quick fix you can try. That is discharging your remote out of any electricity.

This solution is proven in its effectiveness by a variety of users, reporting that they were capable of resolving their remote problems with a discharge.

Follow the upcoming instructions to power cycle/discharge your Seiki TV remote control:

  1. Uninstall the battery cover of your remote, using the latch.
  2. Take the batteries out.
  3. Press each button on the remote and hold it down for 5 seconds.
  4. Re-install the batteries and close the compartment.

Test if the Seiki TV remote would work now. If discharging was not helpful, then proceed with our next solution.

Solution #2 Replace The Remote’s Batteries

replace seiki remote batteries

A traditional way to solve remote troubles is by replacing the remote’s batteries.

It’s not recommended to proceed further without making sure that the issues are not related to the batteries.

We assume it is pretty familiar to you how to replace the batteries.

Since you already uninstalled the compartment during the previous solution, do the same thing now, replace the batteries with a fresh pair.

Once running with new batteries, test out if your remote is functional now.

Solution #3 Hard Reset Your TV

In case replacing the batteries did not help, the problem could be allocated to your TV’s own software.

In that regard, we could offer a simple, yet effective solution. Proceed with hard resetting your TV.

Follow the steps down below to perform a hard reset on your TV:

  1. Unplug the TV from the wall outlet.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes until the TV cools down.
  3. Re-attach the TV’s power adapter.
  4. Test.
Note: In case you’re worried that your TV has power troubles, relocate the device’s power adapter into an alternative wall outlet.

If that doesn’t seem to be solving the issue either, let’s proceed with identifying and removing any ongoing IR interference.

Solution #4 Identify And Remove Interference

remove interference seiki tv

Users reported that their Seiki remote was an object of interference, while this issue occurred.

In that regard, our next suggestion is to identify and remove potential interference blocking your remote IR signal.

We’ve covered the most frequent causes of interference with remote units:

Solid Objects – Remove any solid objects positioned on the way between your Seiki remote and TV.

Relocate TV – Some Seiki units might have shorter interactable distances, so make sure you’re close enough to your TV.

Remove Other TVs – More than one television in a single room might cause your remote to interact with the wrong unit.

Electronic Devices – Any sort of electronic device in close proximity to your TV could be impacting the signal and preventing your remote from functioning properly.

If the problem was not related to interference, let’s proceed with identifying if something else is blocking the IR signal.

Solution #5 Clean The Remote’s “Eye” And Hardware

The next thing you should take into consideration is the remote’s physical and hardware state.

Any dirt on the remote’s “IR eye” could prevent its signal from reaching your TV, therefore your remote will become as if it was broken.

We suggest carrying out complete maintenance on your Seiki remote;

  1. First, disassemble the battery compartment and take out the batteries.
  2. Blow once into the battery compartment.
  3. Using dry and wet tissue, collect all of the dirt inside.
  4. Using the wet tissue, go over the remote’s “eye” (the little bulb on the remote’s tip) and clean it firmly.
  5. Re-insert the batteries and assemble your remote over again.

Now you can test if your remote is working by walking over to your TV and pressing the power button. If cleaning up the remote didn’t work either, let’s try resetting your device.

Solution #6 Reset Your Seiki TV Remote

reset the seiki remote

Our last suggestion would be to factory reset your Seiki TV remote. This is a great approach to system problems with your TV and your remote.

Here is how to reset Seiki remote control:

  1. Turn ON your TV and press the menu button on your remote.
  2. Press 2947 in the exact same order and wait for the service menu to appear.
  3. Wait.

This will unpair and then automatically program your Seiki remote to the television and afterward, the device should be functional.

In case the problem is still there maybe your next best step is to contact Seiki customer support or replace your remote.

To fix a not working Seiki TV remote, first, try hard resetting your TV and clean the remote’s hardware. Try discharging the remote and replacing the batteries before resetting the remote to factory defaults.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know what causes the Seiki TV remote not working issue, with our guideline, you shouldn’t be facing any troubles on your way to resolve the problem.

If you still end up with the same problem, perhaps you should consider buying an alternative remote for your TV!

Nicole B