sanyo tv hdmi ports not working

Whenever the Sanyo TV HDMI ports not working the problem might not even be in the ports, instead, you should focus on other possibilities.

In case ALL HDMI ports on your Sanyo TV suddenly stopped working, you should pay attention to the third-party device and HDMI cable you’re using.

To fix a non-working Sanyo TV’s HDMI port, select the correct source of the external device and power reset your TV. You should also connect an alternative HDMI cable to test with and if possible, hook up the external device to another TV.

In case you’re not able to identify the exact cause for the problem, proceed reading further as we’re unveiling all possibilities and how to solve them.

Why Are HDMI ports Not Working Properly On Sanyo TV?

To come up with accurate possibilities behind the problem with the HDMI port, you need to inspect the source device, the cable, and the Sanyo TV source settings.

Let’s learn more about everything that is involved in regard to the HDMI port problem:

1. External Device Blunder

Problematic external device could cause problems with the HDMI input, therefore it would look like the ports are not working.

2. Source Problem

Incorrectly selected source or input in your Sanyo TV’s menu can make the impression that the HDMI input is not functional.

3. Software Bug/Glitch

A problem with your external device or TV OS could be responsible for the non-working HDMI inputs.

4. HDMI Cable Fault

In case your HDMI is not in a good condition, it wouldn’t be recognized and it will seem like the ports are not working.

With that being said, let’s move on to fixing the issue with our proven solutions!

How To Fix Sanyo TV HDMI Ports Not Working?

fix sanyo tv hdmi ports not working

You should restart your Sanyo TV before applying any of the solutions below.

This is the first step to resolving bugs or glitches before bothering with more complex solutions.

If a restart didn’t help, here’s how to fix the HDMI ports of your Sanyo TV device:

Solution #1 Select Correct Source

You should first select the correct source of the external device you’re connecting to the HDMI port.

There’s a high chance that you’ve chosen the wrong input in the source menu and that’s why it seems like the port is not working.

Here’s how to select the correct source on your Sanyo TV:

  1. Examine your Sanyo TV’s back and upper panel.
  2. Locate the source button next to the inputs on the device.
  3. Press it 3 times and a menu will open up.
  4. Check where the HDMI device is plugged in and the label of the input.
  5. Select the respective source in the menu that opened up earlier.
Note: On many Sanyo TVs, the source button is on the top of the device. Rarely, you could find it implemented on the back panel next to the inputs.

Solution #2 Power Reset Sanyo TV

power reset sanyo tv

Performing a power reset on your TV is something you have to do whenever there is an issue with the HDMI inputs.

The problem could be related to a power shortage in the inputs and by power resetting your Sanyo TV, you will discharge the device.

Here’s how to power reset your Sanyo TV in easy steps:

  1. Grab your Sanyo TV remote and press the power button to shut off your TV.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of the TV.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes until the device is discharged.
  4. Reconnect the power adapter and test.
Note: Ensure to wait for no less than 5 minutes to appropriately power reset your TV. 

If you don’t provide enough time for your TV to discharge, the power reset will not be effective.

Solution #3 Inspect External Device

Whenever the Sanyo TV HDMI ports are not working, you should also target your external device.

There are quite a few things surrounding your device that you should need to inspect before continuing any further.

Attempt the following:

  • Restart your device – unplug from power and then reconnect.
  • Turn ON your device.
  • Use another HDMI output port on your device.
  • Switch HDMI ends.
  • Use another port on your TV
  • Choose that port in the Source menu.

Solution #4 Try With An Alternative HDMI

use alternative hdmi

A potential fault with the HDMI cable you’re using can make you think that something is wrong with the inputs.

In that regard, you should test with a different HDMI cable and check whether the inputs will be working or not.

Here’s how to replace the HDMI of your Sanyo TV and external device:

  1. Disconnect the HDMI cable from your TV first.
  2. De-attach the other end from the external device and put the cable aside.
  3. Take your new (proven-to-work) HDMI cableand connect it to the TV \
  4. Connect the new HDMI to your 3rd party device.
  5. Check the input’s label and access the source menu.
  6. Select the right HDMI input source using the remote.
  7. Test.
Note: At this point, you should test with ALL of the inputs and outputs of both your external device and Sanyo TV.

Solution #5 Use Different External Device

You should connect a different external device to your Sanyo TV. That would be the fastest way to exclude the Sanyo TV as a possibility in case your TV works with other devices.

In that regard, plug an alternative HDMI-supported external device and ensure you’re turning it on properly.

Check if the issue has been solved as soon as you plug the HDMI device into your TV.

Tip: If you don’t want to bother changing the source again, plug the device into the input your Sanyo TV source is already selected to.

Solution #6 Reset Your Sanyo TV

reset sanyo tv

After performing all of the solutions above, the HDMI inputs are still not functional, you should factory reset your Sanyo TV to solve the problem.

At this point we can conclude that your Sanyo TV is not recognizing inputs and re-installing the OS is just the right solution.

Here’s how to reset your Sanyo TV to factory defaults:

  1. On your Sanyo remote, press the Menu button and go to “Reset all settings”.
  2. Choose “Factory reset”.
  3. Use the directional pad on your remote to select “Reset”.
  4. Press the OK button on your remote and once again Confirm the reset.
Note: Your Sanyo TV is going to restart during the reset so you must make sure that its power supply is not interrupted during that time to avoid additional software issues.

After the reset, your Sanyo TV software will be reset to default and you should start seeing the broadcast of your 3rd party device.

In case the problem is still there, proceed with contacting Sanyo TV customer service for further investigation and help.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix the HDMI ports of your Sanyo TV, power reset the device and connect a different HDMI cable to test with. Then, turn on your external device and test with ALL HDMI inputs and outputs on both of your devices. Lastly, perform a factory reset on your TV to fix the issue.

Now that you know why Sanyo TV HDMI ports not working, and you’re aware of how to troubleshoot the problem, we leave the execution up to you.

The information in this guide is being taken from users with the same problem as yours, so you shouldn’t have trouble solving the issue in case the hardware ports are intact.

Nicole B