samsung tv freezes periodically

Asking why does Samsung TV freezes periodically? We’ll get that answered for you!

The frozen screen you’re seeing might be related to a variety of factors. Solving the problem on the other hand requires small to no effort so let’s get started!

Your Samsung TV might be freezing due to power troubles or outdated software. The problem you might experience could also be with the source or broadcast you’re watching. Lastly, problematic software (OS) or corrupted data is not excluded.

Just assuming is rarely effective, so let’s take a better look at what could be causing the problem before we get on with troubleshooting.

Why Does Samsung TV Freezes Periodically?

There are four general and well-known causes for freezing on Samsung TVs. Read the description for each of the possibilities before you continue any further.

1. Power Problems

The issue with the power flow of your Samsung TV might be the issue for constantly freezing OS.

2. Hardware Damage

Although it’s rare to come across hardware damage that will make your TV freeze, it is not excluded.

3. Software Problems

Lost connection with the WiFi or corrupted data might cause the TV to freeze.

4. Source Problems

A broadcast, a third-party device source, or an online stream you’re viewing might be problematic and make the impression of a freezing TV.

There is a high chance that the freezing issue is related to your Samsung TV software so let’s now learn how to resolve the issue in an easy step-by-step guide.

What To Do When Samsung TV Freezes?

fix samsung tv freezes periodically

There are plenty of things you can try to resolve the freezing screen of your Samsung TV.

However, following our guide you will not only be able to solve the problem but also identify where it was coming from so make sure not to skip any solutions.

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your TV

The first and most easy thing you can try to resolve the frozen screen on your Samsung TV is to apply a hard reset.

This process will power refresh your device, therefore discharging all of the electricity and cooling down the hardware.

Here is how to perform a hard reset on your Samsung TV:

  1. Shut down your Samsung TV using the power button on your remote.
  2. Disconnect the power adapter of your device.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter.
  5. Test.

Pro Tip: If the frozen screen is related to power malfunctions, make sure to change the power outlet to where your Samsung TV is plugged in.

In addition, avoid using any power strips, since they can be an origin of a malfunction.

Solution #2 Change The Online/TV Broadcast

change the broadcast

An ongoing issue with certain online streams and TV broadcasts can make the impression that your Samsung TV is freezing while only the feed does.

In that regard, we suggest changing the online or TV broadcast you’re watching.

For instance, if you’re watching television through a cable box, make sure to switch to a different available broadcast.

If the holders of the given stream are having troubles, you may think that the freezing screen problem is with your Samsung TV, while the issue is not on your side.

For online broadcasts, try a different one if available.

Solution #3 Disconnect All Third-Party Devices

Considering that the source was not the problem, the next step would be to disconnect ALL of the third-party devices connected to your TV.

That includes consoles, computers, laptops, soundbars, headphones. In addition, unplug ALL HDMI, AUX, or component cable connections.

Once your TV is left off standalone, restart the device and check if the problem would occur.

Solution #4 Update Your TV And Apps

update samsung tv and apps

There are plenty of reports involving frozen screen issues due to outdated Samsung TV firmware or an outdated app.

In that regard, we suggest updating all of your applications and then updating your television.

Note: You can update your app by going to Settings > Storage to search for the apps and then go to your Samsung TV app store to initialize the update.

Here is how to update the firmware of your Samsung TV:

  1. Go to the settings of your device.
  2. Select “Support” and then choose “Software Update”.
  3. Highlight “Update Now” and wait for a couple of moments.

In case the problem was with corrupted data on your applications or bad files within their directory it should now be gone.

If that didn’t seem to resolve the problem, let’s diagnose the WiFi connection in the next solution.

Solution #5 Reconnect With WiFi

reconnect with wifi

Users admit that having your Samsung TV not connected to the WiFi could often be the problem behind the frozen screens you’re getting periodically.

In that regard, our best next step would be connecting your device to the WiFi, to determine if that would solve the problem.

Follow the steps down below to reconnect your Samsung TV to the WiFi:

  1. Go to the menu of your Samsung TV and enter the Settings.
  2. Head to General > Network > Open The Network Settings.
  3. Locate and choose your WiFi and enter the password.
  4. Press OK and wait.

If you were already connected to the WiFi or connecting didn’t resolve the problem, let’s try resetting your Samsung TV.

Note: Make sure that the WiFi that your TV is connected to does not have downtime which can cause your devices to disconnect from the network.

Solution #6 Reset Your TV

If nothing worked out so far and you still seem to be getting random freezing screens, your way-to-go is definitely performing a factory reset on your Samsung TV.

If it’s a software problem, then perhaps resetting the system settings will resolve it for good.

Here is how to reset your Samsung TV:

  1. Open the settings of your device.
  2. Go to General and then press the “Reset” button by highlighting it.
  3. Enter the PIN of your TV (the default is 0000).
  4. Finally, choose Reset and wait.

The reset shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes before completing the update, your TV would restart as an indication of a successful firmware installation.

Once your TV is back up it would be running a clean OS, and the freezing screen should no longer be there.

Samsung TV Freezing Continues…

If you’re still having the freezes even after applying all of our solutions, then what’s left is to contact the official Samsung tech support and report your problem.

Depending on how bad the issue is, your feedback waiting time might increase.

To resolve a frozen screen on your Samsung TV, try hard resetting the device and changing the online or TV broadcast. Then, exit the current source and reconnect your device with the WiFi. Finally, reset your TV to factory defaults.

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Bottom Line:

Now that we’ve answered why Samsung TV freezes periodically in detail, we hope you were able to resolve your issue.

Keep in mind that a hardware malfunction is not excluded, so if the problem persists, it is best to advise the Samsung support team first.

If this post was helpful but you’re having other issues with your smart devices, make sure to check our online blog to find many more helpful solutions.

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