roomba keeps docking and undocking

When Roomba keeps docking and undocking, you should inspect ALL possibilities to determine where the problem comes from.

In most cases, the Roomba’s sensors and filters are dirty, preventing the robot from performing the cleaning session.

Let’s learn more about the solution and learn how to fix the problem!

The solution when the Roomba robot keeps docking and undocking includes cleaning the bin filter and ALL sensor/contact points. Further troubleshooting includes a hard reset, relocating the home base, and creating a new smart map to test with.

About Roomba Docking Issues

Such as any other device the Roomba robot docking station can malfunction and prevent the cleaning robot from maintaining its schedule.

When the Roomba robot undocks and shortly after returns to its base, or the robot won’t dock at all, there are quite a few possibilities.

Let’s jump in straight to the solutions and help you solve the docking problem in minutes!

Roomba Keeps Docking And Undocking – Fixed

fix roomba keeps docking and undocking

When your Roomba undocks and shortly after returns to its base, there could be multiple factors to inspect and eventually localize the problem.

We made sure to address each possibility and make sure to unwrap the problem into a few easy-to-follow solutions.

Let’s start with some cleaning:

Solution #1 Clean The iRobot Filter

The iRobot Roomba will not complete the schedule whenever the filters are full of dust and debris.

Perhaps this is the problem why the robot keeps returning to the base without fulfilling the cleaning session.

To clean the Roomba Robot filter, follow the steps below:

  1. On your iRobot, press the Bin-Release button.
  2. Remove the Bin from your Roomba Robot.
  3. Press and lift the filter door release button.
  4. Take out the filter by pulling the yellow tab.
  5. Clean the filter by tapping it against your trash container.
  6. Re-install the filter back into the iRobot Bin.
  7. Position the bin inside your Roomba.

When you’re ready with cleaning the filter, test whether your iRobot will return to the base after it has been released. In case the issue persists, proceed with the next step.

Note: The filter door will not close when the filter is not installed correctly.

Solution #2 Hard Reset Roomba

hard reset roomba

There are two general ways to power cycle your Roomba robot without losing any data and settings.

The power cycle process will actively discharge your cleaning robot and refresh ALL services, which in most cases turns out to be helpful against docking problems.

Here’s how:

To power cycle your Roomba robot press and hold the CLEAN button for 25 seconds.

When you release the button the LED will swirl in white color indicating the restart.

The process might take up to 2 minutes for your Roomba to get back on. Test for the docking problem.

Tip: The solid green color indicates that the device is turned ON.

Solution #3 Re-Insert/Replace Battery

A more harsh, yet effective approach is to re-insert the battery of your Roomba robot.

Keep in mind that your robot might be docking and undocking because of a battery problem in which case you’ll need a replacement.

Use the steps below to re-insert or replace the Roomba’s batteries:

  1. Turn your Roomba robot upside down.
  2. Using a screwdriver remove the side brush.
  3. Unscrew the 4 screws securing the bottom cover.
  4. Expose the battery by removing the cover.
  5. Remove the battery by pulling up the two black stripes.

With the battery out of the device, wait a few moments and re-insert the old unit or install a new battery. When ready, screw the bottom cover, install the side brush, and test.

Note: While your Robot is open, inspect the inside components for damage.

Solution #4 Remove Obstructions

remove obstruction

In case the docking and undocking issue persists, maybe there are obstructions preventing the Robot from fulfilling the schedule.

Open up the area by removing any objects that are on the Roomba robot’s path.

It’s important to check the docking station and whether something is preventing the robot from reaching in and out.

When your setup is free of obstructions, test whether the robot will continue to dock and undock.

Solution #5 Relocate The Home Base

The next step is to relocate the Home Base to another place. This is the best working method to identify whether the positioning of your docking base is not good, causing the problem.

We recommend choosing an entirely different place in the room next to a free wall outlet.

When you’ve repositioned the docking base test whether Roomba will continue to behave strangely.

Solution #6 Create A New Path

When your Roomba robot is only docking and undocking you’ll need to create a new path (new job) and test whether the issue will persist.

The Roomba robot is smart and makes its path automatically by scanning your household.

create new path

Here is how to re-do the smart mapping on your Roomba robot:

  1. Open the Roomba robot application.
  2. Press on Smart Mapping on the bottom.
  3. Choose New Map (tap to customize)
  4. Tap on Start Training.

Roomba will now use a low-power mode without cleaning the sensor and create a new map to follow when on schedule.

In case your robot does not dock immediately after undocking, then the problem was related to the smart mapping and you should wait for the new map.

Note: You can review the recently created map by selecting it in the Roomba’s application.

Solution #7 Clean Roomba’s Contact Points/Sensors

Another possibility for your Robot to keep docking and undocking is when the device’s sensors are dirty or obstructed.

Using a clean dry cloth, clean the following:

  1. The four front cliff sensors.
  2. The two rear cliff sensors.
  3. The two home base content points.
  4. The two robot contact points.
  5. The two bin sensors.
  6. The inner and outer sensor ports.

All of these components are necessary for the proper operation of your Roomba robot.

Tip: Clean ALL of the components listed above at least once a week.

Solution #8 Reset The Docking Station

The reset is one of the most effective methods against docking and undocking issues with the Roomba robot.

The factory reset process will erase everything such as smart maps, settings, schedules, and user settings in the application of the robot.

reset docking station

Note: You can save your smart maps for later retrieval (not recommended).

Here is how to factory reset the Roomba’s system:

  1. Open the Roomba Home App.
  2. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Choose Remove > Factory Reset (robot name).

The factory reset can take up to 3 minutes so be patient until the robot comes back on.

When ready you’ll need to set up the device and test whether the docking issue is still there.

How To Fix Roomba i7 Docking Issues?

There is a known docking issue related to the Roomba i7 model. When the robot picks up liquids and returns to the home base, the robot starts to dock and undock indefinitely.

Recent reports state that there are more than 200,000 devices affected by this problem.

The solution is simple. You’ll either need to locate and wipe dry the liquids in front of the Roomba components or allow the device to cool down and dry for a few hours.

Tip: Make sure to attempt the general solutions above, since the issue with your Roomba robot might not be related to liquids.

Quick Recap:

When the Roomba robot keeps docking and undocking you’ll need to clean the sensors and contact points and test by creating a new smart map. In case the problem persists, you would need to re-insert the battery and perform a factory reset on the home base.

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Last Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why the Roomba keeps docking and undocking you can solve the problem in no time.

It’s important to keep the Roomba robot clean so the device can keep your house tidy. We hope that this post helps and for more relevant content, check our blog.

Nicole B