roomba i3 error 99

Wondering why Roomba i3 error 99 appears out of a sudden? We’re here to help you!

The Roomba robot vacuum is one of the most commonly used robot vacuum cleaners.

It cleans your home surface as well as all the dirt, hair, and other tiny materials that accumulate on your home surfaces.

However, some of the errors such as “99” prevent the cleaner’s work!

The Roomba appears to be having trouble predicting the space to be cleaned, then it displays the error 99. In most cases, the problem is related to the map or the navigation of the robot and requires human attention to resolve the problem. 

Let’s move toward discussing what actually causes “Error 99” in the first palace!

What Causes The Error 99 Roomba i3?

what causes the error

Whenever Roomba is unable to clean the place, or when the vacuum is not capable of predicting the location, then Roomba will automatically stop cleaning and show the navigation or mapping errors “99”. 

It displays the mission report as “cancel”, “cncl”, and “incomplete”.

Here are some frequently reported causes of this error:

1. Dirty Sensors

Cleaning, mapping, and navigating with Roomba are all supported by many sensors.

But due to smudges, sensors become dirty and not capable of mapping the place, therefore the robot stops cleaning and displays a navigation error on the screen.

2. Obsticles/Obstructions 

an obstructions

Due to a lot of clutters, and obstacles in the place where Roomba is cleaning, the cleaner can get dispositioned from the scheduled map.

That sometimes causes the cleaning failure.

3. Change in Location 

If the Roomba is running and you move it from current place to another, the robot can often get confused to understand where it is last time and how much the area is cleaned.

That’s why Roomba stops cleaning and sometimes shows “Error 99” until further notice!

4. Dock Station

When there is any obstacle between the Roomba and the dock station, the cleaner will be unable to locate the dock station.

That’s why the Roomba stops working and displays this error.

How to Fix Roomba i3 Error 99? – Ultimate Solutions!

Now we can discuss various solutions to the Roomba “Error 99” problem.

how to fix roomba error

We strongly suggest following the entirety of the guide and not skipping anything to be able not only to solve the problem but also discover what’s causing all that fuss!

Solution #1 Clean The Navigation Sensors!

Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner and works on the basis of sensors.

It has 6 total navigation sensor that helps it to scan and move from one place to another for cleaning.

But when these sensors become dirty due to dust and hair, the robot’s operation will be disrupted.

Follow the below steps to clean the navigation sensors:

  1. Turn OFF the Roomba.
  2. Separate the Bin from the Roomba Robot. 
  3. Then you can see the 6 x sensors on the bottom. 
  4. Clean the Front, Side, and Back Sensors using cotton or fiber cloth. 
  5. Place the bin back into its position.
  6. Turn On the robot.

With the sensors cleaned, resume the cleaning schedule and observe whether “Error 99” will appear again.

In case the issue is persistent, next we’ll attempt something more advanced.

Tip: You can also use compressed air for cleaning the Roomba’s hardware components! 

Solution #2 Power Cycle Your Roomba

power cycle the roomba

Here we came up with another solution, which is to Power Cycle your Roomba device!

Whenever anything is not working or shows errors, the best option is the power circulation which essentially refreshes the entire operating system as well as all services.

This might help!

Here is how to power cycle your Roomba Robot:

  1. Turn OFF the Roomba Cleaner.
  2. Disconnect the Base Station from the power.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds!
  4. Turn on both the Base Station and Roomba Robot.

After the power circulation, resume the cleaning schedule of your Roomba and check whether error 99 will appear again.

In case it does, then let’s proceed further into the guide!

Note: Keeping the setup disconnected for longer, discharges both devices completely!

Solution #3 Clear Obstructions!

clear some obstructions

Another reason for the Error 99 Roomba i3 is obstructions. One of the mistakes that users do is to place the Roomba in a cluttered place.

Whenever Roomba detects any obstacle, it tries to go around and when there is another obstruction, the robot sometimes can’t continue. 

Clear the space between the Roomba Robot and Base Station!

This will allow Roomba to reach back into the base station and dispose of a full bin, which is another potential reason why the cleaning schedule stops.

In addition, remove any larger obstacles from the room where Roomba is cleaning. This will help with the navigation!

Tip: Test Roomba on another smart map, thus in another room.

Solution #4 Factory Reset Your Roomba

After implementing all the above solutions, if you still have the “Error 99” on your Roomba, then the Factory Reset is the best next step.

This is the most powerful solution and with a bit of luck and patience, the problem will be gone in a matter of minutes.

Let’s learn how it’s done!

Factory Reset Using iRobot Home Application:

factory reset using app

Here are the steps to do a factory reset using the application:

  1. Make sure you have installed the iRobot Home App on your mobile device.
  2. Open the iRobot mobile application.
  3. Go to the Settings option. 
  4. Tap on the Factory Reset or Remove button from the menu. 
  5. Tap on your Roomba device Name and you are done. 
Note: Make sure that your Mobile phone and the Roomba vacuum are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, otherwise this step won't work. 

Factory Reset Using Wi-Fi Connected Roomba:

Here are the steps to do a factory reset using Roomba:

  1. Press and hold the Home, Spot Clean, and Clean buttons simultaneously.
  2. Release the buttons when the ring lights up.
  3. After the white light, the Roomba factory reset is complete.

After doing the factory reset, your account, all personal details, and settings will be removed from the Roomba.

But one thing that is saved in the Roomba is smart maps. Feel free to resume the cleaning schedule and check whether Roomba will show “Error 99” again!

Solution #5 Contact the Customer Support Team

contact support team

If you have followed all the above solutions and your Roomba is still with “Error 99”, then go for professional help.

They have a professional team and are always ready to help their users. 

Here is the way to contact the support team. 

  1. Go to the Official Roomba Help Page.
  2. Choose Contact Method.
  3. You can send an email or use their Live Line to call.

Their work hours are from Monday To Friday 9 AM to 9 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST.

During this time window, you can contact and inquire about what you’re experiencing with your Roomba Robot.

With a bit of luck, the problem will be discovered.

Tip: Don’t forget to share what you’ve already tried in this guide to save time!

Quick Recap:

Hence, to fix the Roomba “Error 99” you need to clean the navigation sensors and clear all the obstacles and clutters from the way where you want to use the robot. During the cleaning process, be careful not to rotate or move the dock station and avoid moving the Roomba around while it is cleaning. 

Wrapping Up:

We’ve learned that Roomba i3 Error 99 mainly indicates that the cleaning schedule has been interrupted for one reason or another.

However, by following the solutions above, you’ll address each possibility and there is no way for the problem to remain undiscovered.

In addition, make sure to thoroughly clean all the docking stations, sensors, and cameras of your Robot to keep the device fresh and away from errors!

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