ring network not showing up

If your Ring network not showing up, there are a few well-known bugs and glitches during the setup process that you should be aware of.

Luckily, they can easily be fixed so keep reading to learn how to connect to the temporary Ring network so you can complete the setup.

If you’re not able to connect with the Ring network, first reboot your iPhone/Android device and make sure that the device is fully charged. Next check if the WiFi on your smartphone is toggled ON and if the smart network switch is enabled.

Let’s review the potential causes which can prevent you from connecting to the temporal Ring network and then move on to the actual solutions.

Why Ring WiFi Network Not Showing Up?

The ring doorbell network is a temporal WiFi signal meant for the device that sets up the device.

When you have downloaded the Ring app and scanned the QR code on the back of your device, your next step is to connect to the Ring doorbell network to finalize the setup.

If the Ring doorbell network isn’t showing up on your phone, here are ALL potential causes:

1. Low Battery

Due to legal limitations the devices never arrive fully charged. In that regard, you should charge your device fully, before you attempt to set it up.

2. WiFi Problem

If the WiFi on your phone isn’t turned on, you won’t be able to scan for the network your Ring device has created.

3. The Network is Hidden

The network your Ring created, might be hidden from your phone and you will have to enable “hidden networks” from the options.

4. Insufficient Distance

It is possible that you’re standing too far away from your Ring device, and you’re not able to reach the WiFi signal.

5. Device Issue

Sometimes you’ll need to restart your WiFi device in order to see the Ring network. In addition, you must disconnect from any WiFi beforehand.

Now when you know what might be preventing you from seeing the WiFi that Ring emits, let’s proceed with the potential solutions you can use.

How To Fix Ring Network Not Showing Up?

fix ring network not showing up

Some users reported that iPhones and Apple devices, in general, have trouble connecting to the temporary Ring network.

However, that would not be a problem since a restart solves the issue immediately, but if you’ve got an Android phone to work with, we recommend using it until the rest of the guide.

With that being said let’s proceed with the first solution.

Solution #1 Reboot Device

Regardless of what device you’ve downloaded the app on, try rebooting the device and then scanning for the Ring network again.

Sometimes the problem could be in your device and some WiFi networks will not appear.

In addition, you should try to disconnect your device from the WiFi that you’re currently connected to.

For example, if you’re already connected to a certain network, the WiFi will not look or scan for any additional networks since it’s connected already.

Pro Tip: Once you restart the device, go to your WiFi settings and disconnect or forget the current WiFi connection.

Then scan for WiFi again and check if the Ring network will appear.

Solution #2 Change Device

Since we still cannot tell whether the problem is coming from the Ring doorbell or your receiver we suggest trying with another device.

Take another smartphone, perform solution #1 on that device as well and test.

If the network still does not appear you might need a different OS to proceed with.

Solution #3 Turn ON Smart Network Switch (Android)

smart network switch

If you’ve only tested with iOS devices since now, it’s time to grab an Android smartphone and test with it.

Since some users reported that they managed to overcome the problem using an Android due to the Smart Network Switch feature, you might need one as well.

Once you have an Android smartphone follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the WiFi Settings.
  2. Choose Advanced WiFi Settings.
  3. Turn ON the Smart Network Switch feature (it should be on top).
  4. Restart your Android smartphone.

Once restarted, disconnect from the WiFi if you’re connected and re-scan to determine whether your Ring network will appear or not.

Solution #4 Fully Charge Ring Device

charge ring device

If you have just received your device and the Ring Doorbell network not showing up, you should know that due to some legal limitations they never ship the device fully charged.

When the battery is low, the network may not appear regardless of what you do.

In that regard, we recommend fully charging your Ring device before you try to set it up.

Leave it charging for at least an hour so you can be confident that the battery is fully charged.

Once the device is charged take one Android device and one Apple device and connect to the network with both (if possible).

In case the network does not appear on either of them, well, the problem appears to be with the Ring device so let’s reset it.

Solution #5 Reset Ring Device

The problem with the Ring network could be a temporary software glitch or bug and the only solution that turned out to be effective for some users was a factory reset.

The factory reset can be easily performed even if your Ring doorbell is not still set up and the process will reset the device to its factory state.

Here is how to reset your Ring device regardless of your model:

  1. Locate an Orange button somewhere on the panel.
  2. Press and hold the orange button for about 20 seconds.
  3. Release the button.
  4. Wait for about 5 minutes for the reset to complete.

When the reset is over and your Ring device is up and running, check if the temporary network will now appear.

If it doesn’t then you would need to reach out to Ring customer service and report your problem.

Maybe you’ve been shipped a faulty unit and you might need to ask for a replacement.

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Bottom Line:

Thus to resolve a Ring network that is not showing up you’ll have to restart your device or try with another one. To identify the origin of the problem you can test with an Android device and enable the smart network switch feature.

Lastly, you should factory reset the Ring device to see if that will help.

Now when you know why the Ring network not showing up you should be able to solve the issue using one of our solutions.

Even if the problem turns out to be persistent and the solutions did not help you can always reach out to Ring and request a replacement.

Nicole B