playstation vue location error fix

Wondering what’s the best PlayStation Vue location error fix?

Well, there are plenty of things you can try that will refresh and possibly fix your PlayStation’s location error.

We’ve prepared only the most useful and up-to-date information on the issue so you can easily get rid of the unwanted error.

To fix the location on PlayStation Vue, head to your browser and sign in to your account.

Next, visit settings and simply select fix your location by following the provided by the browser prompts.

Let us learn the steps in details!

What Is PlayStation Vue Error “Fix My Location”?

playstation vue error fix my location

Before initiating the troubleshooting process, we figured it would be more appropriate to share with you the common causes for this issue.

After all, it is more likely to troubleshoot better if you know what the possible causes are.

Here are the most common causes for PlayStation Vue location errors.

  • Outdated app.
  • Not connected to the main router.
  • Enabled VPN software.
  • Enabled Firewall software.
  • Not used Fix Location option.

It is recommended to ensure there aren’t any applications within your PS4 that might interfere with your system’s location.

Similar problems could also be caused by an unmatching location of your PS4 device.

You must make sure that every PS Vue setting is matching your current location, so you don’t get any related errors.

How To Fix PlayStation Vue Error Fix My Location?

Now that you know what might cause this Vue location issue, it is time to discuss the possible troubleshooting methods that should resolve your problem in no time.

We recommend applying them in the order they are listed for best results and checking for the error after each of them.

Method #1 Update the App

First, ensure that your PS4 Vue app is fully updated before proceeding further in this post.

The next troubleshooting methods will not have an effect if your app is outdated so make sure to check for any updates available.

Users having this same issue, admit that some version of the app has bad data sectors when it comes down to navigation & location.

In that regard, if your app is fully updated, we suggest downgrading the version to see if that works.

To check for possible updates, open your PS4 Vue and open the OPTIONS.

Next, head to the FIRMWARE VERSION tab on your app and CHECK FOR UPDATES.

Then you would probably have to wait for a few minutes to let your app look for updates and if there are any available firmware updates, make sure to download and apply them.

Method #2 Use Fix Your Location Feature

There is a pretty handy option that will refresh your PS4 Vue’s location and could initially resolve your issue.

Your PlayStation Vue location error fix wifi hotspot could also be a present issue due to your location feature and now we’re going to resolve it.

Simply open your browser on a computer or mobile device and follow the steps we have provided, down below.

  1. Through your browser, log in to PS4 Vue.
  2. Select your Account name located at the top-right corner.
  3. Click on Manage subscription and head to the summary tab.
  4. Click on the Fix your location setting and follow the provided prompts.

When logging in to PlayStation Vue through your browser, make sure to use the same account profile as on your PlayStation.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to configure any settings on your PlayStation and the issue will persist.

Method #3 Check the FAQ

playstation vue location error

Another method of locating the fix your location feature is to use the frequently asked questions section.

Click on the FAQ link located under the questions section and click on the message saying:

“- I am seeing…error messages about…my location, what should…I do’

In this specific section, you will be granted plenty of information, related to the issue you are currently suffering from.

Simply look for the “TV Account” hyperlink, which should be located in the third paragraph of the post.

As soon as you locate it, click on it, and wait for the redirecting process.

You will be shown a new popup, which is a subscription summary.

From there, click on the Fix Location feature, which could also be able to fix the destination of PS Vue.

Method #4 Make Connection to Main Router

It is more likely to encounter PS4 Vue location errors if you are using secondary routers.

Such issues could also occur if your PS4 Vue detects the IP of an altered device that has a different location than your main router.

The easiest solution is to simply connect the PS4 device to your primary router.

This way your device will recognize and use only the original network location and hopefully resolve your issue.

Keep in mind that hotspots could also cause similar errors, so make sure that you’re not using one.

Method #5 Turn Off VPN or Firewall Software

Another PlayStation Vue location error fix would be to turn any VPN software of Firewall off.

It is well-known that these could occasionally interfere with your location and cause the error to appear.

VPN software is known to alter your location and that can disrupt access to the PS4 Vue.

In that regard, we suggest checking for any active software that has the function to alter your destination.

By disabling VPN services, PS4 Vue will be able to detect your real location, and this way you won’t get any errors regarding your location.

After letting the PS Vue acquire your real location, you will also receive access to the appropriate content, based on your watches & preferences.

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PlayStation Vue Fix Location Error Still There…

If nothing has helped you so far, you might have to contact Sony customer support.

After all, this issue could be based on malfunction with the servers, so before making any conclusions, make sure to give the issue a few hours to see if it will persist.

You have two general ways of getting in touch with Sony support. It can be either from their official website or going on social media.

If you are willing to use the official website, simply choose a contact option that is presented as a live chat, or a discussion with a support member.

They will inform you of the state of PS Vue and let you know if there are any critical issues with the servers.

Otherwise, they will grant you some helpful methods that we might have forgotten to include.

With a little luck, the issue will be quickly found and resolved so good luck!

Bottom Line

We hope that now you know everything about PlayStation Vue fix location error, and how to set it up rightfully.

If you think you’ve missed something important, we recommend going right back and doing it as we described.

If you’ve done everything as it should, and the issue is still there at least you’re one step closer to finding the true cause.

For more similar posts make sure to check our technical-related blog where you will find how to resolve the issues you’ve got in your smart home.

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