philips smart tv apps not working

If your Philips smart TV apps not working and you cannot get them to work?

There is no point in struggling any further if you’re reading this.

In this post, we’ll explain exactly why your apps are unresponsive and many different ways to solve the problem.

First of all, make sure the app you’re trying to access is updated and your Philips TV’s firmware is the latest possible. Next, hard reset your TV, reinstall the apps, and then perform a clean memory cache.

Lastly, you can do a factory reset on your TV which will definitely make a difference.

Let’s first take a look at what might be causing the issue, before we move on to the troubleshooting solutions.

Why Are Apps Not Working On Philips Smart TV?

First of all, you must consider whether the problem appears on a group of applications or on ALL of them.

Depending on the outcome you’ll know if the problem is general with the TV OS or with that stand-alone application.

Having that in mind, here is what might have happened to affect ALL apps:

1. Outdated TV OS

Like with the app, if your TV remains un-updated, this might also cause restricted access with certain applications.

2. Full Memory

Sometimes full memory on your Philips Smart TV will also not allow you to open any or at least the most resource-consuming applications.

3. Corrupted Data

Any corrupted files within the TV OS or applications could be the reason why you cannot open them.

4. No Assigned IP Address

For specific online platforms, you must have an assigned IP address in order to gain access to them.

5. No Internet

Lastly, if your Samsung smart TV got disconnected from the WiFi, you will not be able to enter any apps.

Now that we have all of the information regarding the issue, let’s move on to the best troubleshooting solutions, brought to you by users that solved that problem in the past.

How To Fix Philips Smart TV Apps Not Working?

fix philips smart tv apps not working

If you haven’t tried yet, we suggest rebooting your Philips Smart TV through the remote first.

The reboot might quickly solve any minor issues and glitches so it’s worth trying.

If the reboot didn’t do anything and you’re still unable to access any of your apps, start with the first solution:

Solution #1 Reconnect TV To WiFi

First of all, you must reconnect your Philips TV with the WiFi.

During the time your TV remains offline, you will be restricted from any platforms that require an internet connection.

In that regard, you must reconnect your TV with WiFi, to continue using online apps.

Here is how to reconnect your Philips smart TV to the WiFi:

  1. Press the HOME button on your remote and go to SETUP.
  2. Choose “Connect with Network” and press OK.
  3. Select Wireless and scan with the “SCAN” button.
  4. Wait for the checker to finish and choose your network.
  5. Enter the WiFi passcode and click on “OK”.

If the password was correct, your TV will now connect with the WiFi.

However, if there are any issues with your network it won’t matter even if the TV is connected to the WiFi.

You must first solve any ongoing internet problems and make sure that the network is reliable and secure before you continue!

Solution #2 Hard Reset Your Philips TV

If the internet and WiFi were not the problems, we suggest hard resetting your Philips TV.

This will actively discharge your TV and let it cool down for a while, which can stop overheating and power problems.

Here is how to hard reset your Philips TV in a few simple steps:

  1. Turn OFF your TV using the POWER button on your remote.
  2. Wait for the TV to shut down and unplug its power adapter.
  3. Wait for another 5 minutes for your Philips TV to discharge.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter and test out some of your apps.

Tip: Lastly we suggest hooking up your TV’s power adapter into another (standalone) wall outlet to explore the possibility of power fluctuations or divider malfunctions.

Solution #3 Reinstall Applications

If the issue is occurring with one single app, then there is most likely an issue with the given app.

In that regard, we suggest testing out with multiple apps, if you haven’t done already to determine the type of the issue.

Try both online streaming platforms and some apps that may not require the internet.

If the issue is occurring with online apps only, then this means your Philips TV has trouble connecting with the server or hasn’t got an assigned IP address.

If the issue is occurring with a singular app, we suggest reinstalling it from the APP settings in your Philips TV.

Once the app has been deleted, go to the app store and download it again.

Solution #4 Clear TV’s Memory Cache

apps not working on philips smart tv

If the Philips smart TV apps are not working even after reinstallation, then the memory of your TV might be full.

This is why we suggest clearing your TV’s memory to exclude such possibilities from the issue.

To clear your TV’s memory cache, follow the steps down below:

  1. Go to the settings using your remote.
  2. Select Apps > See all apps and then choose to Show system apps.
  3. Under the system app, select the preferred app you want to clear the cache from.
  4. Tap on “OK” and wait.

Note: Unfortunately, that you must execute this process for each app individually to clear them ALL since Philips hasn’t provided an option that allows you to clean the entire cache.

Proceed to clear the cache of ALL apps you’re currently using.

Once done, restart the TV, re-install one application only and test if it will work.

If it does work, repeat the process for ALL non-working apps.

Solution #5 Update Apps & TV Firmware

In this solution, we suggest updating all of the apps you’re unable to access as well as the firmware of your Philips TV.

Users widely suggest enabling an automatic update function from the app store, but this, on the other hand, might fill your memory in a matter of days.

To manually update your apps and Philips’s software, follow these guidelines.

Update Philips TV Apps:

  1. Go to the app store of your Philips TV.
  2. Search in the desired app or go to the “Installed” section.
  3. Click on the app and instead of the download button, there should be an “Update”.
  4. Tap on the update and wait for it to finish.

Update Philips TV Firmware:

  1. Tap the “Home” button on your remote.
  2. Open the settings and select the “Update Now” button.
  3. Wait for ~5 minutes.

The update button should appear in blue color if an update is available.

It would usually sit on the top of the settings page, so you are unlikely to miss it.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Philips TV

Lastly, we suggest performing a factory reset on your Philips TV.

This will surely deal with any corrupted data and erase all of the apps already installed on your TV.

By reverting the TV to its default state, you can almost guarantee that the problem is not with the OS.

To perform a factory reset on your Philips TV, follow the steps we have provided:

  1. Press the MENU button and open the SETTINGS.
  2. Press the cursor right TWICE.
  4. Go to START NOW and confirm with the “OK” button.
  5. Press the MENU button to exit.

Your TV will now be sent into a factory reset state, where it will remain unresponsive for about 10-15 minutes, based on your TV’s performance.

In case the applications cannot be opened even after a factory reset, you should contact Philips and report your problem.

With a little luck, they will discover and help you resolve your problem as soon as possible.

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Bottom Line:

Thus to fix unresponsive apps on Philips TV, first hard reset the device and reconnect it with the WiFi. Next, re-install the not working apps and update their version as well as the TV’s firmware.

Lastly, perform a factory reset and if it doesn’t work, contact Philips’s customer service.

Now that you know why Philips smart TV apps not working, we hope that you will be able to fix the problem at home without any trouble.

After all, everything is connected to a simple operating system where a variety of bugs are always possible and sometimes it requires a human touch.

Nicole B