paramount network app not working on roku

Paramount Network App Not Working On Roku? That is very frustrating when you are rushing to watch your favorite shows. Fortunately, you can fix it in minutes.

You must ensure the app and Roku’s System are up to date. Also, check your internet connection and make sure you are trying to access the correct app.

The guide below will help you understand what is going on with your Roku device.

After that, you can finally put it back to work and watch anything on Paramount Network.

Why Is The Paramount Network App Not Working On Roku?

the paramount network app not working on roku

Is your Paramount Network not working on Roku? Many different reasons might cause that. Fortunately, it is not beyond help.

Check below the most common reasons that cause your Paramount Network app to fail on Roku:

You Are Using the Wrong App

Paramount has different dedicated services. If you have access to only one of them, it doesn’t grant you access to others.

Outdated Roku’s System

Perhaps your Roku failed to update automatically. That can cause plenty of apps to stop functioning altogether.

Outdated Paramount Network app

outdated paramount app

Similar to the above, if your app lacks an update, you might not be able to use it properly.

Error on the App’s Files

Sometimes, an app is not installed properly. Other times, an error on the device makes it unable to read the code/files.

Slow Wi-Fi

Streaming services take a heavy toll on your Wi-Fi. Thus, if your Wi-Fi is slow, you won’t be able to watch anything.

System Error

It might be that Roku’s System did not initialize correctly when you turned the device on. 

The App Is Not Supported in Your Region

Paramount Network is unavailable globally. Ensure you are trying to access it somewhere supported.

Getting The Paramount Network App To Work On Roku – Fix In Minutes!

fix the paramount app

You already know the most common causes of the Paramount Network on Roku not working. Then, it is time to head to the solutions. 

You can try multiple solutions until you find the one that fits your situation. Troubleshooting TV boxes are not always clear, but it is usually easy.

After you troubleshoot it once, it will be easier to fix further problems down the road.

Solution #1: Ensure You Have The Right App

Currently, Paramount has two apps you can download on Roku and other smart devices. Those are Paramount Network and Paramount+

Paramount Network is cable TV turned into a convenient app you can access from anywhere on the go.

But unfortunately, it requires a subscription and is not available globally. 

Paramount+ also requires a subscription but is available in more countries. Further, it has a different approach.

Paramount+ concurs with Netflix, HBOMax, etc. Thus, it is mainly a streaming service. 

We are trying to say that if you have only Paramount+, you cannot immediately access Paramount Network on your devices.

Instead, you will require a different subscription. 

Alert: Each app has a different target audience. If you are unsure which one to subscribe to, you must head to the Paramount site and check which catalog pleases you the most.

Solution #2: Update Roku’s System

update the roku system

Have you ever noticed how your phone’s or computer’s System becomes slower when an update is scheduled?

The same will happen with multiple devices, such as the Roku Box. Sometimes, however, the device might fail to update automatically.

Or you might have skipped the update because you just wanted to watch some show immediately.

You must check for updates within the Roku system and install them in any of those cases.

Here is how you can proceed:

  1. Press Home on the remote
  2. Find Settings and then System
  3. Choose System Update 
  4. Select Check Now
  5. If there is any update available, install it

When the device updates, it will restart automatically. After that, you can try using the Paramount Network app again.

Alert: Roku box should update itself automatically all the time. If that is not happening, it is worth contacting Roku to know what is happening.

Solution #3: Update The Paramount Network App

update the paramount app

Perhaps you are trying to access the Paramount Network app, but you are getting some sort of error along the way.

For example, suppose you have checked for updates on the Roku device but keep running into problems.

In that case, it is worth checking for updates on the Paramount Network app.

  1. Press Home
  2. Locate the Paramount Network app
  3. Press the * (star) button
  4. Scroll down
  5. Choose check for updates
  6. Install updates if available
Note: All apps are usually updated automatically. If that does not happen, some settings on your Roku box might be wrong.

Solution #4: Reinstall The Paramount Network App

If nothing of the above has worked so far, you might feel frustrated. However, there are still some methods you can try.

reinstall the paramount app

For example, the error might be in the Paramount Network app, not because of lacking updates but because of a file/code error.

In that case, you can simply reinstall the app to make it run smoothly again.

Here is how:

  1. Locate the Paramount Network app
  2. Press the * (star) button
  3. Select “remove channel/app.”
  4. Enter the Channel Store
  5. Find the Paramount Network app
  6. Download it
Tip: A clean installation is usually a safe way of making apps run properly again. You can try such a solution with all types of apps when they present errors.

Solution #5: Check Your Internet Connection

check the internet connection

Although it might sound silly, you must check if your Roku is connected to the internet.

If the device presents some sort of issue, perhaps it lost the connection to the internet without showing any notification. 

Is the device connected to the internet, and the Paramount Network app is still malfunctioning? Then you must attempt resetting your router. 

  1. Find the router in your house
  2. Locate the power button
  3. Turn the router off
  4. Wait a few moments
  5. Turn it back on

Is the app working now?

If not, it is worth checking if other apps work and if your other devices connected to the internet can access apps and sites. 

Alert: When you notice the internet is too slow or entirely unusable even after resetting the router, it is time to get in touch with your ISP.

Solution #6: Restart Your Roku Device

restart the roku device

Sometimes, an easy way to solve malfunctioning apps is restarting your Roku device.

You can do it via two methods.

The first method is this:

  1. Press the Home button
  2. Select Settings
  3. Now choose System
  4. Choose System Restart and confirm

Alternatively, you can simply unplug the Roku device and plug it back.

Unfortunately, older models don’t even have a System Restart option, so unplugging is the only way.

If you unplug the Roku device, wait about two minutes before plugging it back.

Note: Restarting your Roku will not erase any apps or settings. It will only offer a fresh start for the System if it cannot read files correctly.

Solution #7: Ensure You Are Somewhere Supported By Paramount Network

ensure country supported by paramount

Opposite to Paramount+, Paramount Network is not available in many countries.

Suppose you are traveling and using your Roku device to connect to a local network. In that case, it might be that the app detected your location and locked you out. 

If you want to access Paramount Network even when you are in a different country, you might have to rely solely on your phone or computer.

It is very easy to install a VPN on those devices and fool the service into thinking you are in an allowed area. 

Alert: If you don’t even live in a country where Paramount Network is available, subscribing to it and using it via Roku is not worth the trouble.

Solution #8: Contact The Companies

contact tcompany

Let’s say you tried everything we suggested, and still, your Paramount Network app does not work on your Roku device.

In that case, you must contact the companies. So first off, get in touch with Paramount. 

Paramount should be able to help you or tell you that nothing is wrong. If the latter happens, then reach Roku. 

If the problem is not within Paramount’s reach, it is probably Roku’s responsibility to help you. 

What We Learned

Paramount Network App Not Working On Roku? That is unfortunate but easily fixable. 

All you have to do is ensure the app and the Roku device are up to date. Also, check your internet connection (you might have to call your ISP). 

Further, you must ensure you have a subscription to Paramount Network instead of only Paramount+. Lastly, check that you are in a supported location.

Nicole B