pandora waiting for connection

If you don’t know why Pandora waiting for connection message appears, keep reading!

As the message suggests, the Pandora application most certainly doesn’t have connected to the internet.

In that set of thoughts, your source device (TV, smartphone, or computer) might have disconnected from the WiFi or your internet is experiencing downtime.

To fix the “waiting for connection” issue on Pandora, you would need to inspect whether your source device is connected to the internet. In case that’s not the problem, you should update the Pandora app and clear the cached data.

Now that we know what the solution includes, let’s proceed straight to the solutions and attempt to discover where the problem is coming from.

How To Fix When Pandora App Waiting For Connection?

fix pandora waiting for connection

To fix the “waiting for connection” problem on your Pandora, you should undergo a series of solutions to understand where the issue is coming from.

By following the order of our solutions you’ll localize the connection issue and solve it accordingly.

Solution #1 Force Restart The Pandora App

pandora app restart

The first thing you can try out to solve the Pandora app problem is to force close the platform.

Regardless of whether you’re viewing the app on the TV, mobile smartphone, tablet or laptop this solution can also help you solve any functionality bugs in the app.

Here’s how to force close the Pandora app on TVs and mobile devices:

  • To force close Pandora on TV, press the home button, wait for 1 minute and launch the Pandora app again.
  • To force close Pandora on mobile, use the home button to exit the app, clear Pandora from the memory stick, and relaunch it.
Tip: You should also restart your source device to reboot the operating system.

Solution #2 Connect Your Device To The Network

device connect wifi

One of the main reasons that Pandora is waiting for a network is that your device is actually not connected to the internet.

This often happens when your network/WiFi is down, therefore, no internet reaches your source device and Pandora application.

Here’s how to connect both TVs and mobile devices to the network:

  • To connect a TV to the network, go to Settings > Wireless > WiFi > Discover for available networks > Select your own WiFi network > Input password.
  • To connect a mobile device to the network, head to Settings > WiFi and choose your own household’s network as you write the password.
Tip: For smartphone Pandora users, feel free to use your cellular (3G/4G/5G).

Solution #3 Fix Internet Connection Problems

fix internet

In case Pandora does work when you’re using your cellular, regardless of whether you’ve used it on your phone or shared a hotspot, that would mean an internet problem.

Here are some steps to solve your network issues and renew access to your Pandora application:

  • Hard reset router – Unplug from the source for several minutes.
  • Shorten distance – Move closer to your router or vice versa.
  • Call your ISP – Your service provider would be able to help you solve internet issues.
Alert: Make sure that your Pandora source device is connected to a reliable WiFi before continuing any further.

Solution #4 Update Pandora App’s Version

One of the reasons that Pandora may be “waiting for connection” is an outdated platform version.

Pandora requires the latest version in order to let you in the platform and if left un-updated, it will keep checking for the new version on your phone without letting you in.

Here’s how to update the Pandora app on any device easily:

  1. Open the App Store of your TV, mobile device, laptop, or tablet.
  2. Using the search field, search for Pandora.
  3. Locate the original Pandora platform application result.
  4. Tap on it once.
  5. Search for an “Update” button on the info screen.
  6. Once you’ve found it, press the update button to initiate the update.
Alert: Don’t shut down your TV while the update is ongoing or you may accidentally form corrupted data within the Pandora app.

Solution #5 Clear Pandora App Cache

As you keep using the installed applications on your device an app cache will build up.

If not cleared for too long, it may slow down the performance of the given application and cause other issues, such as the “waiting for connection” issue.

You should clear the app cache of the Pandora app on your device and here’s how:

  1. Go over to the storage unit of your device.
  2. Navigate to the app section.
  3. Locate where the Pandora app is.
  4. Press the Info button.
  5. Select “Clear app cache”.
Notice: Clearing the cache is different with all TVs and mobile devices.

Solution #6 Reinstall The Pandora App

reinstall pandora app

A solution that will almost certainly solve the “Pandora waiting for connection” problem is a clean reinstall.

That will wipe out all logs made by the Pandora app and any left-over cache which might be the problem for this issue you’re experiencing.

Clean installation of Pandora is universal on all devices and here are the instructions:

  1. Head to the storage unit of your device.
  2. Launch the app section of the storage.
  3. Locate the Pandora application.
  4. Press on the info button to open the settings for the platform.
  5. Search for an uninstall button among the info settings.
  6. Once located the uninstall option, press it once.
  7. Confirm that you want to delete Pandora.
  8. Head to the app store of your device once Pandora is removed.
  9. Using the search field, locate and download the Pandora app on your device.
  10. Test.
Note: Reinstalling Pandora will cause you to log off your profile. Make sure that you remember your Pandora login credentials.

Pandora Is Still Waiting For Connection…

error pandora still

Whenever you’ve attempted everything but the same problem continues to appear, you know that something is wrong with your setup.

You should first determine whether the problem is related to your source device. In case you’re using a TV, take your smartphone and download Pandora.

The phone users can easily sit on their computers and determine if the problem appears there as well.

What’s important is that you would know that the problem is not with the Pandora application, instead it’s a device connection problem.

Note: On the secondary device use the same Pandora account that you were logged in to previously.

Quick Recap

When Pandora is waiting for a connection, you should first check whether everything with your WiFi/internet is OK and reconnect your source device. Further solutions include an application update, clearing cached data, and a clean installation.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you know why Pandora waiting for connection issue to appear and how to solve the problem quickly, it’s your turn.

Remember that sometimes, the Pandora team performs updates during which the application remains offline and, in turn, delivers the “waiting for connection” to all users.

The best way to find out would be to reach out to the official Pandora website to find out whether the problem is global or on your side.

Nicole B