pandora app not working on iphone

If you find your Pandora app not working on iPhone, you are not alone! Whether your problem is with it not opening, or you aren’t hearing any type of music from it, this guide will be the all-in-one solution you need!

You don’t need any other device to fix this issue! You can resolve it using your smartphone and by doing a couple of simple steps!

Without any delay, let’s start this troubleshooting guide!

Common Problems with the Pandora App

Pandora has been one of the more popular music, radio, and podcast streaming applications in the market. Amassing over 63 million users back in 2019, it sure is something that a lot of people use.

Due to its popularity, some Pandora users have reported experiencing a bit of trouble with it. These dilemmas stretch from basic ones to more complex and complicated ones.

Part of the most common problems users have been experiencing include:

  • Pandora app is not opening or connecting.
  • The app keeps crashing.
  • Music, radio, and podcast do not play.
  • Pandora app went missing.

These are some of the most common problems, and the most popular one is that it isn’t working.

So, in case you wanted to Google My Pandora app is not working after update on iPhone, take a few steps back and try this method out!

A lot of people reported that they were able to use their Pandora applications smoothly after doing this!

Without further ado, here are the step-by-step processes on how you can resolve it!

How to Fix Pandora App Not Working on iPhone?

We wouldn’t just be giving you one (1) solution, instead, we will try to help you by giving you instructions in a few different methods!

The best part about this is that it’s not just applicable to one problem.

In fact, you can use it for multiple problems like it’s not working or opening, if your app keeps on crashing, as well as if it isn’t playing any sound.

Force Closing and Offloading the App

force close pandora app

This method will involve force closing the application and offloading it. Offloading means that you are erasing all the data that’s been cached and stored on the device.

Step #1: Force Close the App

Force close the Pandora app by pressing the home button twice (2) and hit on the minus sign on the top-left part of the app box.

If you’re using an iPhone X and above, swipe up to reveal all opened apps and follow the same thing.

Step #2: Offload App

When it’s closed, head on to Settings and click General. From there, hit on iPhone Storage.

You should see the button that says Offload App. It’ll tell you that it will delete all data and cached memory on the app, press OK.

Step #3: Power Cycle Your Device

After that, power cycle or perform a reboot of your device.

Wait for it to boot back up again.

Step #4: Access the Pandora App Again

Access the Pandora app, but instead of taking you to the home screen, you’ll have to log back in again.

Enter your user ID and your password and it should be working perfectly.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling

reinstall pandora app

There is no written rule that you need to do the first process first.

But, in this process, we’ll give you the step-by-step guide on how to uninstall and reinstall the application to your device again!

You can perform two (2) different ways to delete or uninstall the app on your iPhone.

Long-Press Method

Step #1: Long Press the App You Want to Delete

To do the long-press method, head on over to All Apps or the part where you see all of your apps.

Then, proceed to long-press the Pandora app and wait for it to show you a few options.

Step #2: Delete App

After you long-press it, there are several options that will pop up. One of which will be asking you if you want to delete the app, click on it.

Wait for it to reinitialize and when it tells you that it’s removed from your phone, proceed.

Step #3: Reinstall the App

Go into App Store and re-download or reinstall the Pandora app back again. You will have to enter your Apple ID credentials to be able to complete the download.

Step #4: Reboot Your Phone

After the download is finished, reboot or perform a power cycle of your phone.

Log in to the Pandora app when it boots back up and be free from all the errors it’s giving you.

iPhone Settings Method

To delete it through Settings, follow these steps:

  • Access Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
  • Locate the Pandora App.
  • Hit on Delete App.
  • Power cycle or restart your iPhone.
  • When it boots back up, go to the App Store and download the Pandora app.
  • Log in and use it like how you used it the first time.

Install and Download Pending Updates For Pandora

download pandora app updates

In this method, we’ll teach you how you can update all the necessary data and updates that the Pandora app has.

This method will only be possible if you’ve set your applications not to undergo automatic update installation. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to do it.

Step #1: Go to App Store

Proceed to go to the App Store. At the bottom part, you’ll see the different categories; look at the tab that says Updates.

Step #2: Check Apps With Pending Updates

The updates tab is the tab that contains all of the apps that need an update.

If you see your Pandora app here, then the most likely reason why it’s not working is that it’s outdated.

Step #3: Update Apps

In this step, instead of updating just the Pandora app, update all of the apps.

This is because your Pandora app might be linked or connected to your other apps, and it can lessen the chances of errors, too.

Step #4: Power Cycle Your Device

After you update all the apps that need it, reboot or power cycle your device.

Wait for it to reboot completely then try accessing the Pandora app,

Reset Network Settings on Your Device

reset network settings

In this method, what you’ll do is perform a reset on all the network settings of your iPhone.

Resetting the network means everything will be forgotten from the WiFi passwords, the name of the Mobile Hotspot, all the saved Bluetooth devices, and so on.

Here’s how you can reset the network settings on your iPhone:

Step #1: Go to Settings

The first thing to do is to access Settings > General. This time, we would not navigate towards iPhone storage, instead, we’ll go to Reset.

Step #2: Navigate to Reset Network Settings

In the Reset tab, you’ll see two (2) options: (1) Reset All Settings, and (2) Reset Network Settings.

Click on Reset Network Settings to refresh all the links and the connectivity abilities of your iPhone.

Step #3: Wait For Your Phone to Reboot

When you reset the network settings, your phone will automatically undergo a power cycle or a reboot.

Wait for it to finish booting up and when it’s done, try accessing the Pandora app once again.

In case you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to your question of why is Pandora not working on my iPhone, follow these steps and you’ll surely be able to fix it!

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I Did All These but It’s Still Not Working, What Should I Do?

Should this be your situation, the next thing you want to do is to perform a factory reset of your iPhone.

Contrary to the reset network settings method, resetting your entire iPhone will bring your device back to its state when it went out of the factory.

Another term you can refer to this method would be Factory Reset.

Here’s how you can perform a factory reset:

  • Go to Settings > General.
  • Choose Reset > Reset All Settings
  • Click on OK, which is a prompt reminding you what resetting all settings would cost.
  • Download the Pandora App, as well as other programs back again.


Is your Pandora app not working on your iPhone? Can’t you find the single-best solution for this particular dilemma?

With this guide, you will be able to solve whatever errors or problems the app is giving you!

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